Washburn Summer Orientation Counselors and peer educators walk across campus

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation FAQs

What is orientation?

The college experience at Washburn University begins with New Student Orientation.  During your first year at Washburn, you will meet with many new challenges and opportunities, so we encourage you to register for a one-day orientation session. New Student Orientation has been designed to assist you in developing an understanding about the transition you will make to college and to enable your success at Washburn.

Who may attend?

All new students who have been admitted for the Summer and Fall 2018 semester are welcome to attend New Student Orientation. All students attending Washburn directly after graduating from high school are required to attend an orientation session.

If I am a transfer student, should I attend orientation?

Yes, we strongly encourage you to attend our Transfer Student Orientation in March. If you are unable to attend this session, you are welcome to come to one of the other orientation sessions to meet Washburn faculty, staff and students. Orientation will give you opportunities for one-on-one interaction with current students, and you will gain valuable knowledge which will help make your time at Washburn more successful.

What is an adult learner?

An adult learner is someone who is starting college for the first time after taking time off after high school, returning to complete a degree or professional certificate, exploring interests for personal growth, and/or re-entering college life after military service.

Am I required to stay throughout the entire program?

Yes, students are expected to participate in the entire day in order to register for classes.

Is there any cost to attend orientation?

No, but registration is required.  Fill out a registration form, or if you are already on campus, stop by the New Student Orientation Office in Morgan Hall, Room 103H.  You can also call the Office of New Student Orientation at (785) 670-2034 or email us at orientation@washburn.edu.

Is there an orientation program for parents/guests?

Yes, orientation to college is as important for parents/guests as it is to students. We have designed a program specifically for parents/guests.   Sessions are designed to address questions and concerns about the transition to college.

Are special accommodations available for individuals with disabilities?

Yes, if you or someone attending with you has a disability which requires special accommodations for full participation in the orientation program, please call Student Services at 785.670.1629.

What if I need to arrive early?

All of the New Student Orientation sessions are one day and do not require an overnight stay. However, if you are traveling a great distance and need to stay overnight, Topeka has a number of lodging options.

What if I need to change the day I am scheduled to attend orientation?

Call the Office of New Student Orientation at (785) 670-2034 or stop by their office in Morgan Hall room 103H.

What if I have other questions?

If you have questions concerning Washburn New Student Orientation please contact the Office of New Student Orientation at (785) 670-2034, or by email at orientation@washburn.edu.