Department of Music

2014 Vespers Concert

Welcome to Washburn's Award-Winning Department of Music!

The Department of Music is a unit of the College of Arts and Sciences in the Division of Creative and Performing Arts. As a department dedicated to presenting its accomplishments to the public, the Music Department plays a unique role in promoting and enhancing the image and prestige of the University.

Music courses in the Fine Arts are a vital part of the General Education program, which is the foundation for all undergraduate degrees. In addition, non-majors have the opportunity to experience music making through their participation in performance ensembles and/or private instruction. Students and members of the larger community may enhance their appreciation and enjoyment of music by attending live performances sponsored by the Department.

The Washburn University Department of Music is the perfect place for students whose aspirations are high, who desire to receive professional instruction from performing artists, and who are willing to dedicate their time and talents to achieve excellence.