white concert hall

The Garvey Fine Arts Center is the hub for the arts in Topeka. This building not only houses the Department of Music, but is also home to the Theater Department, Art Department, and the Mulvane Art Museum. The centerpiece of the Garvey Fine Arts Center is the Elliot Hill White Concert Hall.

Elliot Hill White Concert Hall
White Concert Hall serves as the nucleus for the Arts in Topeka. It is home to all music department concerts, Topeka Symphony Orchestra, Community Concerts Series, Festival Singers, Sunflower Music Festival and countless university and civic events. It is considered to be one of the finest concert halls in the country.

Music Technology Lab
The Music Technology Lab is equipped with 17 Korg full-size electronic keyboards and Macintosh computers.  The Korg Group Education Controller III along with headsets at each station allows instructors to communicate with individual stations, groups and the entire class.  The large TV monitor connected to the instructor’s station projects instruction materials to keep classes running effectively.  The Lab serves as a dual-purpose for the instruction of Group Piano and music technology related classes. 

The music department has two classrooms and two large rehearsal halls. Each is equipped with a grand piano, audio playback and recording equipment, and data projectors.

two boys playing trumpets

girl playing harp