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Where is this Program in Jamaica? The Transformational Experience in Jamaica Program, which is a student study abroad program, is located in the city of Treasure Beach.  All breakfasts and most dinners are eaten in the hotels where we are staying.  Back to Top 


Who is Sponsoring the Transformational Experience in Jamaica Program? The Department of Education, Washburn University  Back to Top


Who Do I contact for More Information? Contact Dr. Judith McConnell-Farmer, Professor of Education, Director and Instructor, The Transformational Experience in Jamaica Program. Email: Phone: 785-670-1472 and/or Fax: 785-670-1046 Back to Top

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Dates? The following nine day program is currently being planned: May 18-26, 2013  Back to Top


Why Study Abroad? Increasingly, teachers must be prepared to tutor diverse student populations. National teacher accreditation standards explicitly require that teacher candidates develop a knowledge base of theory, research, and effective instructional practices through direct experiences teaching/tutoring diverse populations of students. Consequently, teachers who develop such a knowledge base are better prepared to modify and adapt instruction for all learners. Tutoring in situations different from one’s own schooling experience has a transformative impact on both one’s personal and professional life. The Department of Education’s previous study abroad program in China was highly successful for several years and offered our students and others in the community an opportunity to tutor in a diverse setting. It is no longer logistically possible to offer the study abroad program in China. Jamaica offers our students the opportunity to tutor English speaking students in an impoverished area, who are culturally and racially diverse. Back to Top

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Why Jamaica? The Transformational Experience in Jamaica Program has the following advantages: 1. The Directors/Principals of the local Jamaican schools were anxious to develop a student study abroad program with the Washburn Department of Education. 2. It is a good locality in terms of costs for food and lodging. It is a short airplane ride from the United States. 3. The tutoring context in Jamaica addresses the Department of Education’s national teacher accreditation standards for diversity. 4. This program offers a transformational experience for Washburn University students. 5. Dr. Judith McConnell-Farmer conducted a fact-finding mission to Mandeville and Treasure Beach, Jamaica, in January, 2005. Based upon her contacts with the local school system, and hoteliers, she believed it was reasonable to offer a study abroad program in this foreign country. For the foregoing reasons it was desirable and practical to establish a student study abroad program in Jamaica. To date, eight successful Transformational Experience in Jamaica Programs have been conducted.Back to Top


Who Can Enroll? The Transformational Experience in Jamaica Program is appealing to many different types of students. Minimally, all participants are required to be second semester freshman students at Washburn University. This program is available to all students at Washburn University who are interested in tutoring children in diverse settings. In the past programs students from a variety of departments, including the Department of Education, have traveled with us to Jamaica. Back to Top


Enroll for Credit? Participants in this program are required to enroll for a 3 credit course, ED 474 (undergraduate) or ED 674 (graduate) at Washburn University. Back to Top


Who are the Instructors? Dr. Judith McConnell-Farmer, Professor of Education, is the Instructor and will be accompanying the participants to Jamaica. Back to Top


What Will I Be Doing in Jamaica? This is a nine day supervised student study abroad program tutoring experience in Jamaican early childhood “basic” and primary/elementary schools. It includes seminars exploring child curriculum issues. This program includes planning, tutoring and assessing developmentally appropriate activities for students from three- to twelve-years-of-age in a Treasure Beach school placements. Each participant will be teaching the same students, from the same classroom, while in Treasure Beach, Jamaica, during the entire Transformational Experience in Jamaica Program experience. During the program, each participant will observe, plan, and tutor, with Dr. McConnell-Farmer’s assistance, in two Jamaican classrooms. The participant will tutor small groups of students, 3-5 students in a group, rotating the small groups so all of the students in the classroom are instructed by the same participant each day and at other times each participant will tutor the complete classroom of students. Participants are required to spend approximately 5 hours a day engaged in on-site tutoring activities, Monday-Friday, in Treasure Beach, Jamaica. The participant will be observed by the cooperating teachers and Dr. McConnell-Farmer. Approximately ten, two-hour pre-departure orientation seminars are held during the spring semester, at Washburn University. After arriving in Jamaica, there is one, three-hour, on-site pre-orientation seminar. A two hour, instructional seminar will be conducted each evening in Jamaica. The instructional seminars are times to convey information, for professional reflection and to clarify assignments. Back to Top

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Are there any Group Excursions? There are several optional group excursions, such as a visit to The Jamaican Coffee Factory, Y.S. Falls, a Black River Cruise and a Sunset Ocean Cruise. Back to Top


What is the Transformational Experience in Jamaica Program Fee? In addition to tuition for ED 474 or ED 674 is the Transformational Experience in Jamaica Program fee. Partial scholarships are available through the Washburn University Transformational Experience International Fund. The amount of the individual student scholarship is based on the student’s GPA and expressed need for a scholarship. The scholarship documents are completed by the participants during several of our course meetings. Dr. McConnell-Farmer hand-delivers the hard copies of the individual student’s scholarship applications to the International House. The individual scholarship award will be credited to the student’s Washburn University Business account. 


What is Included in the Transformational Experience in Jamaica Program Fee? Transportation This program fee includes the round-trip airplane flights, Kansas City, Missouri (MCI) to/from Montego Bay, Jamaica. If we spend the pre-departure night in a motel at the MCI Airport this includes pre-departure travel from the motel to the airport proper. The program fee includes all ground transportation while in Jamaica. If there is a charge for luggage each student assumes this cost for luggage. Housing and Meals Included is the pre-departure motel room near the Kansas City, Missouri Airport (MCI), if we decide to stay near MCI, and all housing costs in Jamaica. Two meals a day, while in Jamaica, are included in the program fee. Students assume any costs for meals purchased at airports.


Who do I Contact to Sign-Up for the Program? Contact Dr. Judith McConnell-Farmer for information about study abroad experience in Jamaica. You may contact her as follows: and her office phone is: 670-1472. Dr. McConnell-Farmer's office is 301 Carnegie Hall, Department of Education, Washburn University. Back to Top