Careers in Education

What can I do with a degree in Education?

  • TEACH!
  • Curriculum Developer
  • Teacher Training
  • Sales (School/Curriculum related sales)
  • Technical Writer
  • Adult Education
  • Human Resources – Employee Training
  • Grant Writer
  • After School Programs
  • Youth Organizations
  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Museum Educator
  • Corporate Training

Why Teach?

  • Young people are amazing to work with!
  • Teachers make a difference
  • Shaping the minds of tomorrow’s innovators
  • Something to laugh about every day
  • Help build the foundation for young people to build the rest of their lives
  • Giving back to society and the community
  • Lifelong learning and professional development
  • Variety – No two days are ever the same

Kelli Hoffman

“I truly enjoyed my Masters experience at Washburn University. Professors were helpful and knowledgeable. I felt the faculty took time to build a relationship with me and were flexible with my work schedule. The graduate classes were of high quality and directly prepared me for a position as a building administrator. Working in a cohort was also very beneficial and the network of fellow education professionals I was able to establish, continues to be utilized today.” --Kelli Hoffman, Principal, French Middle School