Faculty and Staff

Chemistry Faculty and Staff Photo

Front row from left to right: Dr. Lisa Sharpe Elles, Dr. Stephen Angel, and Ms. Joyce Hutchins. Back row from left to right: Dr. Sue Salem, Ms. DeAnn Leach, Dr. Shaun Schmidt, Dr. Seid Adem, and Dr. Sam Leung


Full-Time Faculty

Seid Adem, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor 785-670-3242

Stephen Angel, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair 785-670-2266

Sam Leung, Ph.D.

Professor 785-670-2375

Sue Salem, Ph.D.

Lecturer 785-670-2271

Shaun Schmidt, Ph.D.


Shaun Schmidt's web page

Lisa Sharpe Elles, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor 785-670-3255


Adjunct Faculty

Stephen Davidson, M.S.

Patrick Porubsky, M.S.

Alan Shaver, Ph.D.


Emeritus Faculty

Janice Barton, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus

Janice Barton's web page

Sheldon Cohen, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus



Joyce Hutchins

Secretary 785-670-2270

DeAnn Leach

Lab Supervisor 785-670-2272