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Washburn University’s official enrollment statistics are based on the term census date, the 20th day of classes. Links to some of Washburn’s latest enrollment information as well as trend data are found here (e.g., enrollment by full-time/part-time status, enrollment by gender, nontraditional enrollment, and full-time equivalent (FTE) enrollment).

Fall 2016 Enrollment

Fall 2016 Enrollment Report

Fall 2016 Enrollment Summary

Spring 2016 Enrollment

Spring 2016 Enrollment Report

Trend Data

Headcount by Student Classification

Full-time/Part-time Enrollment

Enrollment by Gender

Enrollment by Resident/Nonresident

Nontraditional Enrollment

FTE Enrollment


Washburn University offers a wide variety of academic programs. Students can choose from approximately 200 majors leading to undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Fall 2016 Declared Majors by Department

Fall 2015 Declared Majors by Department

Fall 2014 Declared Majors by Department

Fall 2013 Declared Majors by Department

Fall 2012 Declared Majors by Department