Learning in the Community (LinC)


In addition to providing community service opportunities for students Learning in the Community offers academic programming that not only compliments the service experiences of students but also focuses on the issues related to poverty and the needs of the larger community.

Academic Programs 

Community Service WTE

The WTE is a program that was created to provide Washburn University students with amazing opportunities and experiences. The main objective of the WTE program is to transform students into a new kind of individual (e.g., more worldly, more knowledgeable). The Community Service WTE involves students in the community at a variety of different partner organizations. Student will complete 150 hours of service and participate in regularly scheduled seminars to discuss the issues related to the service they are providing. Students will earn from one to three credit hours depending on how long they participate.

Policy Options

Students work together in teams to develop policy briefs addressing major social and political issues. The policy briefs are disseminated nationally through the PolicyOptions.org web page.

Nicaragua Service Experience

Each year a delegation of students along with a faculty member travels to Nicaragua for a two-week service and educational experience. Students learn about the history, culture and political issues facing the country. In addition students will participate in service projects in both urban and rural Nicaragua. The highlight of the experience is the week spent living in rural Nicaragua with families. Read about the 2014 experience.

Poverty Studies Minor

Students who choose to complete the Civic Engagement - Poverty Studies Minor will have the opportunity to combine their passion, curiosity, knowledge, and skills to understand and be a part of the world as civically engaged citizens who are aware of and can ethically and humanely address the complexities that emerge in their field as a result of poverty and inequality.