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Know Your Exec Staff

Executive Staff

Zac Surritt profile photo

President Zac Surritt

Major: Public Administration / Pre-Law

Interesting Fact: Used to be a City Councilman in Meriden, KS and am a future President of the United States. 

Jim Henry Jr profile photo

Vice-President Jim Henry Jr

Major: Management & Finance

Interesting Fact: I am related to Elvis Presley if you couldn't tell by the obvious good looks and phenomenal hair. 

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Chief of Staff Tristan Weinbrenner

Major: Political Science / Sociology

Interesting Fact: I was homeschooled through high school, and used to watch birds. 

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Budget Director Victoria Smith

Major: Violin and Voice Double Performance 

Interesting Fact: I was born in California

Michael Guerrero profile image

Administrative Assistant / Technology Director Michael Guerrero

Major: Computer Information Science with a concentration in Digital Forensics, Psychology 

Interesting Fact: I am a lord, I went to space camp, I ride a longboard and penny board, my cats name is Pope Mittens, I usually look mad but I'm not. 

Bayley Baker profile image

Marketing Director Bayley Baker

Major: Mass Media

Interesting Fact: My dream job is White House Press Secretary

Sydney Fox profile photo

Campus Affairs Director Fox

Major: Elementary Education

Interesting Fact: I've watched Grey's Anatomy all the way through almost 5 times

Trace Tobin profile photo

Public Relations Director Tobin

Major: Political Science

Interesting Fact: I've run social media accounts for everything from 501(c)(3), to campus orgs, and even legislators. 

Temporary image

Legislative Research / Diversity Director Hodge

Major: Math

Interesting Fact: I bike a lot and compete in competitive biking tournament on the weekend. 

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Community Affairs Director Rodriguez

Major: Marketing

Interesting Fact: I either sleep for three days at a time, or I don't sleep for three days at a time, but there is no in-between. 

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