To apply and establish entitlement for Veterans Administration (VA) educational benefit programs, the applicant should contact the University Diversity and Inclusion office at Washburn, or call the VA at 1-888-442-4551.  Program eligibility generally ceases ten years from the date of the veteran’s release from active duty or 15 years under the Post-9/11 GI Bill.

Eligible recipients of educational assistance must certify their enrollment each semester through the University Diversity and Inclusion office to assure continuous benefits.  When changes in enrollment occur, such as dropping courses, not attending class, or not formally withdrawing from the University, the student must submit a report of mitigating circumstances.  The VA expects veterans to pursue an educational objective, file a degree plan with the University Diversity and Inclusion office, regularly attend classes, and make satisfactory progress.

Veterans wishing to receive full monthly benefits must be enrolled fulltime (12 or more hours) FOR THE ENTIRE TERM.  Enrollment in short-term classes results in payment only for the duration of those courses.  Persons entitled to a Monthly Housing Allowance under the Post-9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33) must be enrolled in more than half time each semester; allowance is prorated based on rate of pursuit, e.g. ¾ or fulltime. 

Reminder:  Independent study courses must not exceed one-half of the total hours attempted for the semester.  

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Getting started at Washburn University

Download the printable New Military-Student Checklist

Official Joint Services Transcripts

Interested in learning about requesting credit at Washburn for your military training/experience?  The link below directs you to the Joint Services Transcipt website where you can request an official transcript to submit to Washburn to request credit.  The process takes about 5 minutes to complete, so what are you waiting for?  Begin the process now...

Joint Services Trancript request

Military Deployment Withdrawal

Students who are called to active duty and must withdraw from classes as a result need to contact the University Diversity and Inclusion office, Morgan Hall, Suite 105 or call 785-670-1629.


Each semester a Veterans Information Sheet is required to determine hours the veteran is attending during the semester as well as to request that the University Diversity and Inclusion office submit information to the VA.  A degree plan must be on file with the University Diversity and Inclusion office before certification for each semester can be processed. 

Below are the forms for current and upcoming semesters:

  • Spring Veterans Information Sheet and Benefit Utilization Memorandum of Understanding
  • Summer Veterans Information Sheet and Benefit Utilization Memorandum of Understanding
  • Fall Veterans Information Sheet and Benefit Utilization Memorandum of Understanding

Multiple resources are available if you have questions about any topic pertaining to educational benefits such as applying for benefits or transferring your entitlement to a spouse or dependent.

Feel free to contact the staff in the University Diversity and Inclusion office for assistance or explore the links on our resources page.

Forms Deadline

Contact the Office of Uniersity Diversity & Inclusion for all deadline dates. You can call 785-670-1629 or you can email

Forms Deadline

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