COVID-19 Move Out

Spring 2020 Closing Procedures 

To be cognizant of how Coronavirus (Covid-19) spreads, Residential Living will be incorporating social distancing into our final checkout process. To help create an adequate amount of distance between residents of our facilities, Residential Living is limiting the number of students and guests present on each wing at the Living Learning Center and Lincoln Hall and each building at the Washburn Village during checkoutEach student may also only have a maximum of two guests assisting during the checkout process as well.

Download Step-By-Step Procedure Here

Is the University going to refund me part of my housing/meal plan cost?  When?

  • Housing and meal plan credits, once determined, will be released to student accounts. The process for updating the accounts is manual and it will most likely take a week or more to work through the list of students.  We appreciate your patience while we work to get them applied correctly.

What happens to my $100 housing damage deposit?

  • When the housing and meal plan credits are applied, the damage deposits will be released to the student accounts.

How will the housing credit affect my student account balance?

  • Student with an account balance greater than the credit?
    • The housing credit will reduce the student’s account balance. Payment plans, if the student has one, will recalculate to reflect the credit.  Payment plans automatically recalculate around 1:00 a.m. each day.
  • Students with an account balance less than the credit?
    • The housing credit will pay off the balance and a refund will generate. Students are encouraged to set up direct deposit.  Refund checks will be send to the student. (A refund that originates from an excess in Parent Plus Loans, will likely result in the refund check being sent to the parent.) 
  • Students with no balance on their account?
    • The housing credit will generate a refund. Students are encouraged to set up direct deposit.  Refund checks will be sent to the student. (A refund that originates from an excess in Parent Plus Loans, will likely result in the refund check being sent to the parent.) 

How do I set up direct deposit?

  • Students can sign into their MyWashburn account and find the Business Office link under the Financial Services tab. Once students are on the Business Office page, look for the WU-View Billing/Payment link for information on signing into WU-View and setting up direct deposit.
  • There is also a link on the Business Office website that will provide instructions:

 If I had previously set up direct deposit because I work on campus, do I need to do it again to get my refund?

  • Yes. The system that does direct deposit for student employment is different than the system that issues refunds. Students are encouraged to set up direct deposit through WU-View, which can be accessed via MyWashburn. Detailed instructions can be found on the Business Office web page.

If I don’t set up direct deposit, how will I get my refund?

  • Until otherwise noted, the Business Office continues to process refunds on Mondays, with checks printed on Tuesday mornings. Checks are available for pickup at the cashier window from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. M-F.  If a refund check is not picked up, the Business Office will mail the check on the Friday after it prints. 

Where will refund checks be mailed?

  • The Residential Living Office will remove all of the residence hall addresses as the housing credits are processed. This means that the address on the refund check will be the student’s current address.  If no current address is on file, the address will be the permanent address. 

How do I change my current or permanent address in the system?

  • Students can change their address by signing into MyWashburn and going to the Financial Services tab. A link to “Update Your Address Information” is near the lower right corner of the page.

Can you tell me how the housing / meal plan credit was calculated?

  • The University officially closed housing on March 23 and will refund 100% of the remaining (unused) Spring portion of the housing contract from that date, less $200 that will be used to defray overhead expenses.

Can you tell me how my meal plan credit was calculated? 

  • For students in simple Spring Declining Balance meal plans, the unused Dining Dollars were removed from the iCard and credited back to the student account.
  • For students in Swipe Plans, there will be two separate calculations for meal plans. All students in Lincoln Hall have swipe plans, but students in other housing options may also have selected a Swipe Plan as part of their contract. Our two Swipe Plans each contain two meal plan parts: Swipes and a small amount of Declining Balance (or Dining Dollars).
    • Access 225 or All Access plans each have a daily rate charged for the Swipes portion of the plan. The meal plan credit calculation is similar to the one done for the housing portion of the contract, using the March 23 date the halls officially closed.
    • The Spring Declining Balance (Dining Dollars) portion of the Access 225 plan is $300, and it is $150 for the All Access plan. The unused Dining Dollars will be removed from the iCard and credited back to the student account.

Can you tell me about what happens to Bod Bucks?

  • No changes or credit will be applied for Bod Bucks. BodBucks will remain on the iCard as long as the student remains at the University.  Information about iCard terms and conditions can be found at this link, available on the Student Life website:
  • Graduating Students who have officially registered to graduate and who complete the Bod Bucks request form to will be refunded in full.

Can you tell me the status of my refund? 

  • Students can check their student account to see if their refund has been credited.
  • Refund processing for those residents whom have already checked out were finished by 4/24/2020. After the checkout freeze has been lifted, refunds will continue to be processed as students check out.

Who can I contact for more information about the housing and meal contracts?

  • Mindy Rendon, Director of Residential Living (Housing) 785-670-1065
  • Ichabod Service Center (Meal Plans) 785-670-1188

If circumstance does not allow you to retrieve your belongings on your own, you can register another individual to do so in your place (called a proxy).

Register A Proxy Individual Here


Application to Remain on Campus

Response to COVID-19:  Application to Remain Living on Campus

Following the closure of Residential Living Facilities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to live on campus will be restricted to a limited number of students, who have no other option other than to live on campus.  Students interested in remaining on campus should complete this application.

Applications are due by 9am on Monday, March 23, 2020.

We have developed the following criteria for students who will be allowed to continue living in the residence halls for the remainder of the semester.

  • The student's permanent residence is outside of the United States and the student is unable to travel to their home country.
  • The student's academic department has deemed and verified their internship, clinical or practicum will continue and requires the student’s on-site presence and the student has accepted that arrangement.
  • The student has personal circumstances preventing the student from returning home, some examples include:
    • The student is part of the foster care system.
    • The student/student's family does not have a permanent off-campus address.
    • The student's home community is quarantined.
    • Returning to home represents a health/safety threat to the student or those at home.

All other students should schedule a time to check out.

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