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Bridge Loan Information

Loans can help you bridge the gap between first and second disbursement

Washburn makes bridge loans available for students with approved Subsidized, Unsubsidized and Graduate Plus Loans that the Financial Aid Office will release to the student account in two parts.

The purpose of the bridge loan is to bridge the gap between the first release of financial aid and the second disbursement, which takes place at approximately mid-semester.

Complete the application and submit it in person to the Business Office in Morgan Hall 103, or you can scan the form and email to us.

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First-time freshmen and first-time borrowers may also experience a delay of 30 days before receiving their first financial aid disbursement. These students may qualify for a bridge loan prior to their delayed disbursement, but not before the initial financial aid disbursement date for the semester.

Bridge loans can be issued for up to the amount of the refund expected to be received after the second or 30-day delayed financial aid disbursement is applied. The amount of the bridge loan is added to the student’s balance and is paid in full when the financial aid disbursement occurs.  

Note:  A reduction in term credit hours may result in a reduction of expected financial aid.  If this happens, a bridge loan may not be fully repaid from financial aid and cause holds to be applied that prevent release of transcripts or future enrollment.

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  • Bridge loans are not issued to students who have not completed all requirements for financial aid disbursement.
  • Bridge loans are not issued to students with no financial aid pending (or “memoed”).
  • Bridge loans are not issued prior to the first published financial aid disbursement date each semester.

  • You must be currently enrolled in the term for which you are requesting a bridge loan.
  • You cannot apply for a bridge loan until after the first financial aid disbursement has occurred for the term.
  • You must have pending (or “memoed”) financial aid that will disburse later in the term. The pending aid considered for bridge loans includes Subsidized Loans, Unsubsidized Loans and Graduate Plus Loans. Pending scholarships are not considered.
  • Pending Parent Plus Loans will not be considered for bridge loans unless the parent has directed, in their loan application, that excess funds can be refunded to the student.
  • If the application is scanned and sent to the Business Office via email, the image received must be clear when printed or viewed electronically. Poor quality images must be resubmitted or the paperwork delivered in person to the Business Office, Morgan 103.
  • A reduction in enrolled hours may reduce the amount of your second disbursement of financial aid, thereby making you ineligible for a bridge loan.
  • The full amount of the bridge loan will become immediately due and payable to Washburn University in the event you withdraw from the Institution.

Bridge loan applications must be approved by the Bursar for all undergraduate, graduate and law students. Bridge loan checks are printed twice a week and cannot be direct deposited to the student’s bank account. Students who receive a bridge loan must pick up their check at the Cashier window in Morgan 103-O.

If the amount of the second financial aid disbursement is not sufficient to pay the student's outstanding balance (including the bridge loan), the remaining balance is immediately payable to Washburn. If the remaining balance is not paid within five business days, a late payment fee of $25 will be charged.

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