Economics 200
Principles of Microeconomics

Homework assignments

“Is it not a pleasure, having learned something,
to try it out at due intervals?"

Confucius (552 – 479 BC), The Analects

Homework #1 - Due Wed, Aug 19.
1. Read the Appendix to Chapter 1 and take the online quiz .
2. Problems 3.9 and 4.2 on p.23 in the text. (No explanations required.) This part can be either turned in on paper or completed online.

Homework #2 - Due Mon, Aug 24.
Problems 1.8 and 1.9 on p.59 in the text.

Homework #3 - Due Wed, Aug 26 (MW 1pm) or Fri, Aug 28 (MWF 9am).
Click here to print the assignment out.
The assignment has to be turned in on paper.

Homework #4 - Due Wed, Sep 2.

The assignment has to be completed online.

Homework #5 - Due Wed, Sep 9.
- Problem 4.12 on p.94 (make sure you include the explanations!).
- Problem 4.15 on p.95 (keep in mind all four graphs represent PEPSI, not Coke!).
- A page with questions from a past Midterm One, see here.

Homework #6 - Due Fri, Sep 11 (MWF 9am) or Mon, Sep 14 (MWF 1pm).
Read the case on gasoline in Hawaii (four pages long, handed out in class) and write or type a one-page summary of it. If you missed class, a scanned copy of the case is also available on D2L.

Homework #7 - Due Wed, Sep 16.
- Problem 3.14 on pp.123-124. (Don't miss parts c and d on the back side!!!)
- Problem 3.23 on p.125.

Homework #8 - EC200B (MWF) - Due Mon, Sep 28.
EC200C (MW) - due Wed, Sep 30.
Problems 2.2, 2.4, and 2.5 on p.196 in the text.

Homework #9 - Due Wed, Oct 7.

Problem 3.4 on p.197 in the text. For the last question, state the size of the change in the revenue in dollars.

Homework #10 (200B) - Due Fri, Oct 9th.
- Problem 4.4 on p.126 in the text.
- Your word choices for the blanks on slide 151 in the course notes.

Homework #11 - Due Mon, Oct 12th or Wed, Oct 14th.
Check your section!

Problems 3.3 and 3.4 on p.350 in the text.

Homework #12 - Due date depends on the course section.
The assignment has to be completed online.

Homework #13 - Due Wed, Oct 21st.
Problems 5.3, 5.6, and 5.8 on pp.351-352 in the text.

Homework #14 - EC200B (MWF) - Due Mon, Oct 26.
EC200C (MW) - Due Wed, Oct 28.

Problem 3.3 on pp.395-6 in the textbook.
Graphs mentioned in part a are optional but will earn you extra credit if you choose to do them.
For each of the scenarios (a-c), look for the best point first using the "marginal' approach (using the comparison of MR to MC) and then using the "aggregate" approach (calculating the actual profit). Your answers from two approaches should be similar. Any discrepancies will be discussed in class.

Homework #16 - Due ...
Problem 1.4 on p.422 in the text.
Problem 2.5 on p.423.

Homework #17 - Due ...