Applied Portfolio Management

The Applied Portfolio Management Alumni Board

Kari Bellinger is a native of Oskaloosa, Kansas. She graduated from Washburn University in May 2011 with a BBA in Finance and Management. While attending Washburn, Kari served as the Vice President and Treasurer of the Washburn Finance Society. Kari is a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma International Honor Society, as well as Fast Foward of the Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce. Kari is currently in US Banks’ Leadership Development Program, designed to recruit young professionals and prepare them for a career in branch management via a combination of hands-on experience and classroom training. Prior to beginning the program, Kari was employed as an Executive Assistant to US Bank’s Regional President Michael Orozco and his commercial banking team, which allowed her to use many of the skills she gained in Washburn’s Applied Portfolio Management Program. Kari credits APM with sharpening her spreadsheet modeling skills, improving her ability to analyze financial statements, and giving her experience in conducting industry research. These skills helped Kari be more effective on the job and earn credibility with the rest of the commercial banking team. Aside from improving her technical skills, Kari says that APM helped her learn to effectively manage her time and relationships with team members, which she is finding extremely valuable in the world of bank management. Kari greatly values APM and says she is proud to call herself a member of the Applied Portfolio Management Alumni Board.

Dentin Chapman graduated Summa Cum Laude from Washburn University in May 2010, where he earned his BBA degree in both Accounting and Finance. While at Washburn, Dentin served as a Senator for the Washburn Student Government Association, as President of the Top Hat Society, and as Treasurer for Beta Alpha Psi. Dentin was also inducted into both the Mortar Board and Phi Kappa Phi Honor Societies. In June 2010, Dentin began his career as a Corporate Management Trainee (CMT) in the Finance Department at BNSF Railway. Dentin received his first promotion to his current position as a Revenue Management Analyst in April 2011. When asked how Applied Portfolio Management influenced his development as a student and young professional, Dentin responded: “It’s not enough in today’s competitive job market to simply graduate with a business degree. I had to find ways to distinguish myself from the rest of the graduates, both regionally and nationally, and APM provided me with the vehicle to accomplish that. People in today’s business world excel when they learn how to analyze a business from the ground up, think critically on their feet, and make decisions based on solid reasoning. APM was the most critical component of my college career when it came to providing me with this knowledge base.” Dentin married Jamie Teal (B.S.N, R.N., Washburn School of Nursing) of Waverly, Kansas in June 2011. Dentin and Jamie are both natives of Waverly, Kansas, and currently reside in Topeka.


Bobby Florence is a native of Topeka, Kansas. He graduated Cum Laude from Washburn University in May 2014 with BBA degrees in Finance and Management. During his time at Washburn Bobby played 4 years of collegiate tennis and earned numerous awards, including first team MIAA honors and being elected most value player in 2011 and 2014. In 2014 Bobby also earned the NCAA Arthur Ashe national award for leadership and sportsmanship. In addition to completing a double major, Bobby participated in multiple study abroad programs, including Symbiosis University in India and the China Entrepreneurial Experience.  After graduation Bobby began his career as an analyst with Deutsche Bank Securities in Jacksonville, Florida. He credits Professor Weigand's Applied Portfolio Management class for motivating him to pursue a career as an investment analyst. Bobby says the course allowed him to gain valuable experience in fundamental analysis and how to conduct a thorough analysis of a company and its stock. He recommends the class as preparation for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exams.

Heather Gelsinger is originally from Lenexa, Kansas. She graduated from the Washburn University School of Business in 2010 with dual degrees in Economics and Finance. Heather is currently in her second year of Law School at the Washburn University School of Law. She also coaches the Washburn Undergraduate Mock Trial Team and competes on the Washburn School of Law Trial Advocacy Team. Heather describes her experience with Applied Portfolio Management as the most challenging -- and rewarding -- experience of her undergraduate career. APM taught Heather how to internalize constructive criticism to improve her output, and communicate clearly and concisely in a mentally stimulating and thought-provoking environment. Heather firmly believes that any student who truly wants to learn how to become a professional and improve their analytical and speaking skills should take APM, because the class helps students achieve their highest potential. After graduating from Law School, Heather plans to begin her career in Finance while utilizing her Law degree.

Billie Jean Graham is a native of Simpson, Kansas. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Washburn University in 2009 with a BBA in Finance and Accounting. Billie Jean began her professional career in June 2009 in the Corporate Management Trainee program at BNSF Railway. She is currently a Senior Analyst in the Finance Department at BNSF. Billie Jean is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma International Honor Society, Beta Alpha Psi, and Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. She also serves on the Board of Directors for the Washburn Alumni Association. Billie Jean says Applied Portfolio Management helped her develop the skills to analyze, evaluate and present information in an effective manner. On a personal note, Applied Portfolio Management inspired Billie Jean to establish a permanent endowed fund with the Washburn University Foundation. Billie Jean lives in Topeka, Kansas.


Brandon Holle is a native of Marysville, Kansas. He graduated from Washburn in May of 2010 with a BBA in Finance and Economics. He accepted a position with US Bank before graduation as a Credit Analyst within the Commercial Lending department. Brandon has subsequently transitioned into the Trust & Investment Management Division of US Bank.

Applied Portfolio Management provided me with the skillset required to perform an in-depth analysis of a company, as well as the ability to think critically and objectively about financial statements, which helps me uncover relevant information and draw conclusions as an analyst. I also benefited greatly from Dr. Weigand’s clear, succinct presentations and our conversations, which have had a considerable positive impact as I grow in my professional career. To this day I credit Applied Portfolio Management with providing me the resources I needed to be successful in my career in finance.

Alyse Jackson is a native of Stafford, Kansas. She graduated from Washburn University in May 2010 with a BBA in Finance. Alyse is also working on an MBA at Washburn, with an expected graduation date of December 2011. She began her career in the Economics and Rate Design department at the Kansas Corporation Commission, where she evaluated various aspects of utility rates billed to Kansas ratepayers. Alyse accepted her current position as Portfolio Analyst at Clayton Financial Services in July 2011. As a member of the Investment Team, Alyse is responsible for conducting research and analysis, in-depth report development, and the performance of trading activities. In her role as a Portfolio Analyst, Alyse utilizes many skills learned in Applied Portfolio Management, including conducting financial research, analyzing financial securities based on fundamentals, and giving quality presentations.

Ryan Johnson is a native of Hesston, Kansas. He graduated from Washburn University in 2009 with a BBA in Finance and Economics. Ryan began his career as a Bank Examiner for the Missouri Division of Finance, where he analyzed and evaluated state-chartered financial institutions. In September 2011 Ryan joined US Bank, where he currently holds a Credit Analyst position in Commercial Lending. Ryan says Applied Portfolio Management provided him a unique opportunity to progress academically while interacting with professors and fellow students in a professionally-oriented environment. APM helped Ryan to further develop the skills necessary to effectively perform an in-depth financial analysis of a company. He also gained the capacity to be critical of market sentiment and corresponding valuations by learning to determine whether a publicly-traded company was under- or over-valued from a fundamental standpoint.

J.D. Kaad is a native and lifelong resident of Topeka, Kansas. He received both a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Economics and an MBA from Washburn University. After college, J.D. accepted a position as Portfolio Analyst with Clayton Financial Services, where he is responsible for both investment due diligence and trade execution. J.D. says that the Applied Portfolio Management Program at Washburn helped establish the framework on which his career is built. He says that the course introduced him to the principles on which all forms of financial analysis are based, and how financial markets actually work.

Janel Warmington is a native of Coffeyville, Kansas. Janel earned a BBA in Finance and Marketing in 2009 and an MBA in 2011, both from the Washburn School of Business. Janel currently resides in Oslo, Norway with her husband Sheldon Warmington, a fellow Washburn alum. Prior to moving Norway, Janel worked as a Senior Credit Analyst in the Small Business Lending Center of US Bank in Portland, Oregon. Janel spent the prior three years working with the Commercial Lending Group of US Bank as both a Credit Analyst and Relationship Manager in Topeka, Kansas. Janel took Applied Portfolio Management while attending Washburn University, which helped her gain confidence in analyzing and researching industries and companies. Janel credits APM, and the experience of conveying her research findings to a panel of finance professionals, for helping fine-tune her presentation skills. Janel says APM led her to pursue a career as a financial analyst. She utilized the skills learned in APM as a Credit Analyst at US Bank and to make educated investment decisions on a personal level.

David Packard is a native of Topeka, Kansas. He graduated with a BBA in Finance and Economics from Washburn University in Spring 2010. He currently holds the position of Financial Analyst at Capitol Federal Savings Bank. David says that Applied Portfolio Management was the most crucial aspect of his undergraduate education: “The class served as the setting for the greatest amount of academic learning I ever experienced. It provided me with a sound understanding of what it means to be a professional. As I transitioned from academia to my professional position, I found that I was (and still am) consistently utilizing the concepts developed from the practical instruction I received from Dr. Weigand. APM was the primary foundation for the manner in which I conduct myself, and it is clearly evident that my professional behavior is recognized by senior management at my company, with whom I interact on a daily basis.”

Kevin Reinecke is a native of Axtell, Kansas. He holds two degrees from Washburn University, a BBA in Marketing and Finance (2001), and an MBA (2005). Kevin has held positions as a Merchandise Analyst, Corporate Planner, and International Merchandise Planner with Payless Shoe Source, and is currently the Director of Planning and Allocation for Helzberg Diamonds. Kevin says that APM provided him with insight into the world of finance, and allowed him to gain valuable experience analyzing the financial statements of publicly-traded companies -- skills he uses in his professional life. On a personal level, APM gave him the confidence to research his own investment decisions.

Amanda Repp is a native of Salina, Kansas. She graduated from Washburn University with a BBA in Finance in 2009 and an MBA in 2010. Amanda is a Strategic Sourcing and Expense Management Associate at Guggenheim Partners, where she analyzes spending across the firm’s various expense categories and identifies and evaluates cost savings opportunities for the firm. She previously worked as a credit analyst at US Bank, specializing in commercial lending. Amanda remains a strong supporter of Washburn’s Applied Portfolio Management Program. Amanda says APM prepared her to evaluate the performance of individual companies and the overall economic environment in both a quantitative and qualitative manner. The top-down and bottom-up approaches emphasized in the course further developed her analytical and critical thinking skills, which prepared Amanda for her career in finance. Amanda also supports community-based organizations including the United Way, and enjoys serving as a Junior Achievement volunteer.

Brady Rothrock is a native of Topeka, Kansas. He graduated from Washburn University in 2011 with a BBA in Accounting and Finance. While attending Washburn, Brady served as the President of Professional Business Leaders and as a member of the Dean’s Student Advisory Council for the School of Business. Brady was also a member of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, Beta Alpha Psi, Top Hat Society, Sagamore Society, Mortar Board and the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. In 2012 Brady obtained his CPA license and joined Sprint Nextel Corporation in Overland Park, where he holds the position of an Internal Auditor. Brady says that Applied Portfolio Management helped him become skilled at analyzing the economic environment and hone his professional writing skills, which proved to be particularly helpful when taking the Environment and Concepts section of the CPA Exam. Additionally, Brady believes that traveling to the R.I.S.E. Finance Conference at the University of Dayton was a great opportunity to exchange knowledge with professionals from around the world and make valuable lifelong connections.


Brea Schmidt is a native of Hesston, Kansas. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Washburn University in May 2013 with BBA degrees in both Accounting and Finance. While at Washburn, Brea actively participated on campus. She was the President of Beta Alpha Psi, President of the Honors Student Council, and a member of the Dean’s Student Advisory Council. Additionally, Brea was a member of the Mortar Board, Beta Gamma Sigma and Phi Kappa Phi honor societies. In September 2013, Brea began her professional career as a junior analyst in the Investment division of Tortoise Capital Advisors in Kansas City. Brea says that she was able to further sharpen her analytical skills and become accustomed to a top-down approach to fundamental analysis while in APM. More specifically, she credits APM with developing her qualitative research skills, which was a driving force in her decision to purse a career in the finance profession.

Cory Tuck is a native of Meriden, Kansas. He graduated from Washburn University in May 2007 with a BBA in Finance. While at Washburn, Cory served as Vice President and Treasurer of the Washburn Finance Society. Cory was one of the inaugural members of the Applied Portfolio Management Program. Cory is currently employed as Portfolio Manager of Shadow Capital, a locally-based investment fund. He is a member of Topeka Active 20-30 and sits on the boards of Belmont Management Company and the Kansas Non-Profit Association. Cory also consults with numerous regional businesses. When asked about the impact of Applied Portfolio Management on his professional life, Cory said “APM helped me establish the holistic framework in which to view not only investment analysis, but also management decisions. The course provided practical tools and concepts that I continue to use on a daily basis. It was the most challenging course I took during my time at Washburn. It was also the most rewarding.” Cory is proud to be a member of the Applied Portfolio Management Alumni Board.

Zachary Wilson is a native of Topeka, Kansas. He has a B.S. in information technology and an MBA, both from Washburn University. Zach joined the Federal Home Loan Bank-Topeka, a GSE (government-sponsored enterprise) financial institution, in September 2007, and is currently the Networks and Operations Manager and a Corporate Officer. Zach has over 10 years of experience architecting, implementing and managing IT projects, including data storage projects, Citrix implementations and server visualization initiatives. In his current role at the FHLBank, Zach oversees the technical infrastructure, security, computer operations and database administration functions within the IT department. Zach is a Microsoft Certified Professional, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, past Executive Vice President of the Washburn University MBA Association (2008-2009), and member of Phi Theta Kappa, an international collegiate honors society. Since taking APM in the Fall of 2009, Zach has leveraged the speaking and presentation skills learned in the course to dabble in public speaking by presenting at the 11th Annual Kansas City IT Symposium. APM motivated him to open a trading account for access to research, and he enjoys analyzing new opportunities beyond his investments in indexed mutual funds.

Zhan Zhang is an international student from Lanzhou, China, who completed the one-year exchange program at Washburn University in May 2013. Zhan graduated with honors from the Central University of Finance and Economics in 2010 with a B.M. in Accounting, and graduated from Lanzhou University in 2014 with an M.S. in Finance. She has three academic articles published in a variety of finance periodicals in China and attended a research program in internal controls in municipal commercial banks during her first year of graduate school. Zhan completed internships at various financial institutions, including securities and fund companies, and her latest internship was the PA with Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. Zhan was a long-term volunteer of the NCPA and the 1st violinist in WUSO. She found that her study experiences at Washburn helped her decide to start a career in the financial field. Her greatest inspiration came from the Applied Portfolio Management class and R.I.S.E. forum that she attended, which showed her how business analytics are applied in real investment cases and how tools and techniques are used to conduct research efficiently. Zhan says: “APM taught me analytical skills, trained me to think critically, and emphasized the need to coordinate individual efforts with the rest of your team. The course is challenging, enlightening and rewarding.” Zhan earned a certificate of securities in China after graduation and is preparing for the CFA exams. To further develop both academically and practically, she plans to pursue a Finance-related Masters/Ph.D. degree in the U.S.