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Historic Bibliography of Kansas

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          1st Bison Book printing
                Log of a Cowboy continues to be used and cited by      
          historians of the west as the best and most reliable account
          of cowboy life on the trail ever written.
          SW Kansas

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          [this edition collected and published by Eva Ryan]
          A:  1835-1893, born in Centerville, NY in  1835,  came  with
          her  husband  to a homestead near Hamlin, KS in 1879.  Walls     

          was written in  1884  at  Padonia,  KS  and  translated  and
          distributed  over  Europe  as immigration advertising.  Died
          Aug. 31, 1893 at Padonia.
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          A:  Lived in New Haven.  Writes historical fiction about the
          Conn.  families  who  migrated to Ohio after the Revolution.
          She has taken the Field family almost up to the Civil War.
          Ch:  Lafayette Field (3rd generation Conn.)
          Eve-Alabama belle.
          Move from Southern clique in Cincinnati, using land warrants
          paid him for services in the Mixican War,  Field  takes  his
          wife  to  newly  opened Ks. territory where he plans to be a

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          Author:  Born in 1859, and lived in Council Grove, Kansas.
          Characters:  Some mention, at least, of both Scottish and
          Mexican peoples.

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          on the staff of the Menninger Foundation.
          Characters:  Book tells the story of a young Jewish girl,
          the daughter of eastern European immigrants after World War
          II, in Topeka around the time of the Brown vs. Topeka Board
          of Education decision.  It is appropriate to a high school

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          reprint  of  hardcover  edition  published  by  SRI  Bk  Co.
          Hardcover  ed.  was  published  simultaneously  in Canada by
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          An  historical  story  of the turbulent years, 1854-1865, in
          the Lincoln county and the Kansas-Missouri border of the Old
          Central  West,  based on contemporary records, documents and
          letters of Lewis Hanback, hitherto unpublished, includes  KS

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          A:   born  in Ksin 1948 and lived there through high school.
          Taught  in  Houston,  TX.   and   then   HongKong   at   the
          International school.

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          Author:  lived in Lawrence, Kansas, and taught at the
          University of Kansas.  She was a poet as well as a collector
          of Native American songs.
          Characters:  poems are at least based on some genuine
          attempt to collect Native American cultural artifacts.

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          Titles:   The  Wizard of Oz, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The      
          New Wizard of Oz.          

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          Woodcuts and linoleum blocks by Margaret Whittemore.

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          (unreliable source-check entry)

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          fictionelized history.
          not in NUL?

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          Poems about the prairie
          Born in Syracuse KS. in 1887, home in Garden City,  KS.
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          (stories and poetry)

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          nixe?:   "The  majority of these poems appeared first in the
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          Kansas Zephyrs.          
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          (a contemporary novel)

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          The Stormy Petrel:  An Historical Romance of the Civil War.      

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          Civil War.

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          psu. Cynthia Millburn
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          (39 books by Brooks)

	  Brooks, Janice Young
          New York:  Signet, 1981
          (historical novel)
          499 p.
          PA-to KS-to England
          Kansas setting of Seventrees-combination of Grinter's Ferry,
          crossing  the  Kaw  in Bonner Springs; the Shawnee Methodist
          Mission (located in the K.C. suburb of Fairway); and a  tiny
          trading settlement in K.C., KS called Choteau's Four Houses.
          Ch:  Maggie-German ancestory, raised among Amish of PA.
          NE Kansas

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          Lulu in Hollywood.          
          Intro. William Shawn.
          New York:  Alfred A. Knopf, 1982.
          109 p.
          7 autobio essays.

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          Several reprints listed by Scribner, latest one 1919.
          252 p.
          A:  1830-1903

	  Brosseau, Don A
          Mary and the Kansas Kid                  
          Philadelphia and  Ardmore,  Pa.:   Dorrance  and
          Co., 1978.
          Dorrance and Co, 35 Crichet Terr., Ardmore, PA 19003.
          subtitle:  A western love story-part fact, part fiction
          Post Civil War West.

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          The Townsman.          
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          published under the pseudonym of John Sedges.
          384 p.
          Ch. English.

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          A:  1899-
          Before   and   during  the  Civil  War,  KS-MO  border  war,
          Quantrill's Raid.

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          Let the Chips Fall.          
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          Aesop's Garden.          
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          A:  Born in West Plains, Mo. (1944)? attended KU with PhD in
          1968.  Now in SUNY at Albany.

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          published  also  under  the  name:   Mrs.  Dorothea  Frances
          (Canfield) Fisher or Dorothy Canfield Fisher.
          A:  1879.1958.
          with  introduction and notes by Marian W. Skinner, New York:
          H. Holt and Co., 1946.

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          371 p.

          Capote, Truman.
          In  Cold Blood:  A True Account of a Multiple Murder and Its     
          New York:  Random House, 1965.  Signet??
          343 p.
          A:  Native of New Orleans.  Born Sept. 30, 1914 or 1924.  
	  In Cold Blood, the author's ninth  published  book,  represents the  
	  culmination  of  his  long-standing  desire  to  make a
          contribution toward  the  establishment  of  a  serious  new
          literary form:  The Nonfiction Novel.  Died Aug. 1984.
          Holcomb, KS.

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          A Survey of Kansas Poetry.          
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          Chicago:  Chicago Review Press, 1977.
          154 p.
          Chicago Review Press Inc., 215 W Ohio St. Chicago, IL 60610
          "Honest  record  of  life at the turn of the 20th century in
          Flint Hills."
          A:   A  former  President  of  the St. Louis League of Women
          Voters, involved in  civic  affairs,  published  in  Harpers
          regularly.  Lived in St. Louis since 1943.

	  Carlson, Anna Matilda.
          The Heritage of the Blue Stem:  A Romance of the Prairie.
          Kansas City, MO.:  D. Burton Publishing Co., 1930.
          270 pp.
          Author:  resided for a significant period in Lindsborg,
          Characters:  This book is about "Pilgrim Valley" near
          Salina, beginning in the 1860s; a Swedish immigrant child
          becomes a great singer.

          Carman, J. Neale.
          On The Margin of a Scholarly Career.          
          Cover states:  Lawrence, KS 1967.
          inside verso--Printed in Spain, Artes Graffitas Soler, S.A.-
          -Javea, 30-Valencia (8)-1967.
          27 p.

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          (2 vol. anthology of fiction and poetry)
          listed in NUC as comp. not ed.

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          (college verse)
          A:  1859-1924.
          Benedictine has copy.

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          A:  1842.

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          background, but now lives in California.
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          wheat fields near WaKeeney.  This book pays particular
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          Science Fiction)
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          discovered a Spanish bit on his land and began to think
          about the origins and meaning of it.
          Characters:  A variety of cultures, particularly Native
          American and Spanish meet on the Great Plains, including
          Kansas.  These Western historical novels are appropriate for
          juveniles, and are historically and culturally well-

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          boxed set $35.00 hardcover or $10.00 each.
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          Satire of a "modern univ. pres., a man who  has  applied  to
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          American business the  greatest  achievement  of  the  human

	  Crawford, Nelson Antrim
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          The title Sun City is the name of a small town in the gypsum     
	  hills  of  Barber  County, KS.  But the words also suggest a
          state  of  mind,  or  way  of  feeling  into  life  and  our
          citizenshp in the living world."

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          This  epic  poem  is a dramatic reconstruction of The Marais
          Des Cygnes Massacre:  "On May 19, 1858,  a  party  of  slave
          owners  and  their  sympathizers rode without warning into a
          hamlet called Trading Post in KS  territory  and  seized  11
          Free  State  settlers.   They  then took them to an isolated
          spot near the MO-KS border where they  shot  them  down  and

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          (sci fi?)
          title or bk itself-The Savage Tarth:  Man Progenitor.            

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          A:   Graduate  of  KU  and Univer of Conn.  Taught in Social
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          in MO and in Grenada, West Indies.

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          Book is about KS River floods of 1951.

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          set  in Beecher, KS during the yrs. 1924-34. (imaginary town
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          miners, and has an abiding interest in the culture and
          folklore of Southeast Kansas.
          Characters:  Ethnic French and Italian, as well as a glimpse
          of the various ethnic groups that made up the coal mining
          camps of the Pittsburg, Kansas, area.

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          became  interested  in  printing,  developed   rapidly   and
          exhibited  in  various  local  artshows.   At  17 he stopped
          painting altogether and started writing poetry.  After  high
          school,  he  worked  briefly  at  a  local newspaper writing
          articles on  regional  artists.   Studied  at  KU  in  Amer.
          Humanities.   Attended  a poetry workshop in San Diego where
          he met Robert Creeley, Robert Duncan, etc.  On Oct. 8,  1970
          he  died  in his living room, apparently from on overdose of

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	  Home of the Famous William Allen White:  Which is Running  a     
	  Slow  Second  to  Abilene,  Home  of  the  Famous  Dwight D.     

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          A:  Born in Mitchell, SD in July of 1940.  He now  maintains
          in  Salina,  KS,  writing,  painting  and  illustrating.  He
          teaches art at Marymount College of  KS  and  works  in  the
          Poets in the Schools program.

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          of Elburn, IL and is employed as an editor  by  Northern  IL
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          Dodge City setting?

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          Fictionalized history

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          Indian children, principally from the Wichita and Cadde
          Characters:  Deals with court jurisdiction over government-
          owned lands and territories in the post-Civil War era on the
          Kansas border with the Indian Territory.  A Native American
          is the persecuted client of a young lawyer.

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          Graduated from Vassar College, lived in Lexington, MA.
          About life in the Mennonite settlements in Mormon Co..
          Characters:  Palevsky-Chimean, Mennonites come to Kansas to
          plant fields of hardy red wheat.  Kansas farmers appreciated
          the value of winter wheat, but these new immigrants are
          isolated by their Mennonite beliefs, clinging to their
          language and old-country ways of dress and absorbed in their

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               Artificial Traveler takes an unforgettable trip into  a     
          world  of  fiercely  perceived  reality,  bizarre comedy and
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          accomplishing  his  own  destruction.   Moves  into realm of
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          been occupied with writing.  Lives in Stockbridge, MA.   has
          written  verse  plays, poetry and short stories.  Won annual
          Poetry award.          
          Story  about  human  interrelatedness  and about real people
          responding to the  real  stuff  of  everyday  experience  in
          Castle House Medical Clinic.

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          Wichita setting
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          and  was  educated at Univ. of KS and Johns Hopkins.  Worked
          as a reporter, city editor, a bureau chief on a medium-sized
          newspaper,  and  has  edited  text  books.   Girard lives in

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          Characters:  about an elderly Negro woman with religious

          Note:  both of these books are by a white author, and the
          depiction of African-Americans is not flattering.

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          (unreliable source)

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          nsta? KS.

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          (science fiction)
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          A:   Born  in Kansas City, MO. U. S. Navy During WWII. BS in
          journalism 1947. MA in English 1951, both from  KU.   worked
          as  an editor of paperbacks reprints, also director of civil
          defense, managing editor of KU alumni publications, director
          of  KU  public  relations,  and professor of English.  Won a
          number of awards.
               American   campuses-one  senior  kidnaps  his  favorite
          professor  and  kills  him  for  his  knowledge,  dozens  of
          political  groups  compete  in  violence.   The  college  of
          tomorrow where yesterday's radicals  and  the  establishment
          and tomorrow's students invent the ultimate revolution.

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          (poetry chapbook)
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          He  has been a Woodrow Wilson Fellow,  a Bread Loaf Scholar,
          and a recipient of grants from The  National  Endowment  for
          the Arts and the National Endowment of the Humanities.

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          A:  Grew up in Yukon, OK, a small farm town 20 miles west of
          OK  City.   MFA  from  Bowling Green State Univ. in Ohio and
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          English at KSU.

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               Fourteen  stories tell about a KS family, with episodes
          covering 30 yrs.  It is a family dominated by the mother, an
          insatiable   and   flirtatious  woman  who  manipulates  her
          children, her husbands, and her  friends  in  her  desperate
          attempt  to  get  away  from  Ditch Valley and everything it
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          A:  1858.
          Look back at bios-if needed.

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          Check A-KS?

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          A:  Fourth generation KS. who grew up in the Flint Hills and
          was educated at Emporia State Univ.  Received MA from KU  in
          1970.   Teaches  English  and Speech at Hutchinson Community
          College.  Writes articles in teaching  lang.  arts  and  has
          served  as  poetry reviewer for Critic and as editor of KATE    
          magazine, Young KS. WRITERS.                    

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          A:  Hinger worked for  local  historical  societies  in  KS,
          where she was first inspired to write this novel.  She lives
          in Hoxie, KS. with her family and is at work on Book  II  of
          the KS trilogy.
          homesteading yrs.

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          Hinkle?  Tawny, A Dog of the Old West? Check title,
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          no other info.
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          About a boy who joins John Brown in KS.

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          Design won the Devins Award for Poetry for 1972.          

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          A:  Born in 1941 in New Jersey.  Taught at Stephens College,
          currently Associate Prof. of Eng. at KSU.

          Holden, Jonathon.
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          $10.95? $12.95.
          A:  Associate Prof of Eng. at KSU.  Born in 1941 in what was
          then  rural  New  Jersey.   After  graduating  from  Oberlin
          College, he worked in publishing and, later, pursuing one of
          his avocations, as a secondary school  mathematics  teacher.
          MA  in  Creative  Writing at San Francisco State and Ph.D in
          Eng. from Univ of CO.  While he was a  student  at  Boulder,
          his first poetry collection Design for a House, won the 1972     
          Devins Award.  Taught  at  Stephens  College  and  currently
          teaches at K State.

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               Story of a country town written from the  viewpoint  of
          the  country  editor.   Divided  into sections that tell the
          story of  the  country  preacher,  country  lawyer,  country
          doctor,  schoolteacher,  the  small  town  bum,  the society
          editor,  the  country  politician,  and   the   whole   long
          procession  of  common  characters  that  grow  only  in the
          American country town.l

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          A:  Editor and proprietor of the Atchison, KS. Globe.            


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          This  is  a  reissue  of  the  second   Vol.   of   Hughes's
               Langston Hughes looks into his life in the  1930's  and
          recalls  its  dramatic and intimate moments in this personal
          narrative of travel  and  adventure.   He  journeys  through
          Cuba,  Haiti,  Russia,  Soviet  Central  Asia,  Japan, Spain
          (during its Civil War); through democracies,  dictatorships,
          wars, revolutions.  He meets the famous and the humble, from
          Arthur Koestler to Emma, the Black Mammy of Moscow.

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          lst reissue of the 1st vol. of Hughes's autobiography.
               Hughes came of  age  early  in  the  1920's   He  lived
          through that decade in 2 great playgrounds-Paris and Harlem.
          In Paris he was a cook and waiter in nightclubs;  in  Harlem
          he  was  a  rising  young  poet--the  center  of  the "Black
          Renaissance"--when Negro  art  and  entertainment  were  the
          fads.   He  also  was  a  seaman on freighters to Europe and
          Africa, taught English in Mexico, was a busboy in Washington
          and all the while he was writing.

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          teaching economics, and writing and speaking all over the
          state and the nation.
          Characters:  Henry and Rosie were young Americans of German
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               The story of Elise Dubach Isely who was born at
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          southern slope of Montagned Orvin (Mount Bear Went), where
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          She landed at New Orleans, in the 1850's and pioneered the
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          where he received his BA in English in 1965.   Received  his
          MA in English at Stanford University in 1967 and his Ph.D in
          English at Rice in 1968.  Presently Associate  Professor  of
          English at KU.  Author of scholarly articles, reviews, poems
          and 2 books on technology and human values..

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               "This is the work of a young poet from Kansas who spent
          a  year  in England during 1962-63.  He presents an image of
          England with a vividness and a strangeness beyond the  reach
          of  any  English  poet.   Ronald  Johnson  has  unearthed an
          England  which  most  people  have  forgotten."--Christopher
          Middleton, British poet.

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          US and Europe and now lives in San Francisco.

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          Adirondack Mts.  Spent better part of 4 years in?? at Kenyon
          College  Central  Ohio where received BA. June 1971.  Spring
          ??Lawrence, KS which is gathered  here,  working  at  Lorien
          community  School  (K-4)  as  C.O. Service 1 year, living in
          Clinton Township, Douglas County on rented farm,  gardening,
          tending   animals.    Back   to   Boston   Oct.   72,  drove
          miserable???, then North Duxburg, VT Jan 73 teaching school.
          Living  beside  Camel's  Hump  until  summer.  Married, live
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          A:  Keith grew up near the Cherokee country he describes  in     
          Rifles.  A native Oklahoman, he was educated at Northwestern     
          Student Teachers College at AWa and  at  the  University  of
          Oklahoma.   While  traveling in eastern OK doing research on
          his master's thesis, in history, Keith found a great deal of
          fresh  material  about  the Civil War in the Indian country.
          He interviewed 22 Civil War veterans, then living  in Ok and
          ARK,  much  of the background for Rifles came from notebooks     
          he filled at the time.  The actual writing of this book took
          5  years.   Since 1930, the author has been sports publicity
          director at the University of OK.

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               Narrative  poem  'the  first  Kansas  poem'  about  the
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          (science fiction)
          A:  Lee Killough is a 5'7" redhead who began her love affair
          with words and tales very early  in  her  Kansas  childhood.
          She started on science fiction in Jr. High.  First published
          in 1970 in Analog, she has since appeared  in  a  number  of     
          sci-fi  magazines.   She  supplements  her writing income by
          moonlighting as a radiographer at KSU Veterinary Hospital in
          the  College  of  Vet.  Medicine, Kansas State University in
          Manhattan KS.

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          A:  Born on a farm in Cloud County, KS in 1907, The  son  of
          an  active Populist father and homesteading mother.  After a
          country schooling and several years  of  teaching  in  rural
          schools,  he  was  enabled to enter Kansas State University.
          Graduating in 1932, Lamen went to the  State  University  of
          Iowa  and  earned  a  MA  in  English and Philosophy, a year
          later.  In 1935, he was appointed to the faculty  of  Kansas
          State,  where  he  now  teaches narrative writing.  There he
          began fiction writing only to be called to duty in the  Army
          Air  Corps  for nearly four years.  Serious work on Manifest     

          Destiny was begun shortly after the War.          
               Homesteading  in  KS  in  1880's and Populist movement,
          moving through Spanish American War and WWI.

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          Midwestern women in the 1930's

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          A:  born 1900?   The  daughter  of  the  pioneer  midwestern
          educator  Marian  Wharton,  stepdaughter  of  the  socialist
          Arthur LeSueur, she has drawn from such divergent streams as
          the Industrial Workers of the World, her early companions in
          the Hollywood movie industry  of  the  20's,  work  of  D.H.
          Lawrence,  Willa  Cather, Sherwood Anderson, the radicals of
          the Writer's Congresses of the 30's, and  the  militants  of
          the  Communist  Party.   Her  social  writings  of  the 30's
          reflect a special concern for the situation of women, of all
          classes,   and  backgrounds  but  especially  the  poor  and
          This  book  includes  her  first story Harvest 1929 to We'll     
          Make ?????1946.          

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          includes bibliography of LeSueur's work.

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          English  instructor.  Lives in Santa Fe NM with his wife and
          2 children.

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          University where he was editor of "Watershed"  and  won  the
          Nicholson  Poetry  Award.   Groundskeeper in OR. for 4 years
          enrolled  in  Creative  Writing  Program  at  Johnson  County
          Community College and lives in KS City, MO.

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          A:   Recently  lived  in  Navajoland  for  2  years teaching
          MFA in Creative Writing from Bowling Green State University.
          He currently lives in Santa Fe, NM.

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          Author:  was born of Volga-German parents in Kindsvater
          Chutor on the Don Artchada in South Russia, near the Don
          Cossack border.  Her father, David Phillip Meisner was born
          in Tscherbokowka; her mother, Eva Elisabeth Dietz, in
          Podtschinnaja (Kratzke)  The family came to the US in the
          spring of 1905, after the Russo-Japanese War, in which her
          father served as a soldier of the czar.  They settled on a
          farm south of Wakeeney, Trego County, KS.
          Characters:  Story of Russian-German peasant girl in Russia,
          Evaliz, who wills her life to be different and longs for
          America.  She ends up, like the author's mother, in

          Lockard, Ray W.
          The Homesteader and Other Poems.          
          143 p.

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          (see Hattie Horner)

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          (anthology of contemporary KS poetry)
          Co press, Box J, KS. Union, Lawrence 66045

          Low, Denise
          Mid-America Trio-Dragon Kite          
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          B. Press, UMKC, 64110

          Low, Denise
          Lawrence, KS:  The Holiseventh Press, 1984
          H.P., 242 Concord Rd, Lawrence 66044
               This is loose leaf set of 6 poems in box,  handset  and
          printed  on a hand press by Linda Samson-Talleur.  The paper
          was made by Jennie Frederick of Kansas City Paperworks.

          Low, Denise
          Spring Geese and Other Poems          
          Lawrence,  KS:   University  of  Kansas  Museum  of  Natural
          History, 1984
          Museum, Department SPISA, University of Kansas 66045
          84 p.
          A:  teaches in the English Department of  KU  and  WU.   Has
          published poetry, reviews, articles, and interviews.  worked
          as editor of Cottonwood Review Press.  Her  degrees  include
          BA  and  MA  in  English from KU and MFA in Creative Writing
          from WSU.  Lives in Lawrence, KS.

          Low, Denise, ed.
          30 Kansas Poets          
          Lawrence, KS:  Cottonwood Review Press, 1979.
          (poetry on theology)
          80 p.

          Lowe, Lorenzo W.
          Into the Dawn of Peace.          
          Kansas City, MO:  Burton Publishing Co., 1951
          127 p
          religious poetry
          A:  The author was a successful businessman who gave up  his
          business  in order that he might devote himself to full time
          religious work.  The author has travelled in Europe and  has
          lectured  widely  on  the  European  situation.  He has also
          travelled through the Southwest and is an authority on  some
          conditions in such states as New Mexico and Arizona.

          Lowther, Charles C.
          A Tale of the Kansas Border          
          New York:  Vantage Press, 1950

          Lynn, Margaret
          Free Soil          
          New York:  MacMillan, 1920
          377 p.
          A:  Born in MO.  Professor of English Lit. at KU since 1901.
          Set in Lawrence ? in border war days.

          Lynn, Margaret
          Land of Promise          
          Boston:  Little, Brown, 1927
          280 p

          Lynn, Margaret
          The Step Daughter of the Prairie          
          New York:  MacMillan, 1914
          282 p
          1st copyright 1911 by The Atlantic Monthly
          (listed in KS. Hist. society as C-1918

          Maddux, Rachel
          The Green Kingdom          
          New York:  Avon books, 1957
          563 p

          Malcolm, Helen Christie
          Signal Smoke:  An Anthology of Poetry          
          Hays, KS:  Fort Hays KS State College, 1932
          179 p.

          Malin, James Claude
          A  Concern About Humanity:  Notes on Reform 1872-1912 at the     
          National and Kansas Levels of Thought          
          Lawrence:  The author, 1964.

          Malin, James Claude
          Ironquill-Paint Creek Essays          
          Lawrence:  Coronado Press, 1972

          Maple, John.
          Song of Becoming.          
          Cambridge, MA:  West End Press, 1979.
          n.m. (poetry chapbook)
          A:  Native midwesterner  living  in  Wichita,  KS.  Attended
          Kansas  University,  1969-70  and  Wichita  State,  where he
          graduated in 1978.  Presently a layout  man  for  a  Wichita

          Markham, William Colfax
          The  First  Christmas  in  Palmyra;  Just  a Prelude to That     
          Stirring Kansas Story, "A Wall  of  Men"  By  Margaret  Hill     
          Baldwin KS:  The Baldwin Ledger Press, 1912
          11 p

          Marriott, Alice
          Saynday's People:  The Kiowa Indians and The Stories They
          Lincoln:  Univ. of Neb. Press, 1963

          Marshall, William Kennedy
          The Entering Wedge:  A Romance of the Heroic Days of Kansas      

          Cincinnati:  Jennings and Graham, 1904
          New York:  Eaton and Mains, 1904

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          The Machine in the Garden.          
          London:  Oxford Univ. Press, 1964

          Maskoff, George
          Last Follies; A Drama in Five Acts          
          Kansas City, MO:  Hudson-Kimberly Publishing Co., 1890
          72 p.
          (a temperance play)

          Mason, Walt
          Rippling  Rhymes  to  Suit  The  Times  All  Sorts of Themes     
          Embracin', some gay, some sad, some not so bad,  as  written     
          by Walt Mason          
          176 p.

          Mason, Walt
          Uncle Walt:  The Poet Philosopher          
          Chicago:  G.M. Adams, 1910
          189 p.

          Mathews, Mabel Butterfield.
          Anneta:  A Christmas Story.          
          Topeka:  School of Psychology Press, n.d.
          22 p.
          meant to be read  aloud-with  illuminations  by  the  author
          bound w/string

          Matthews, Greg.
          Heart of the Country          
          New York:  Norton, 1985
          532 p.
          A:   Lives  in  San  Bernadino,  CA,  Author  of The Further     
          Adventures of Huckleberry Finn          
          CH:   White settler of KS plains in 1854 shares his bed with
          an Indian squaw.  Their child is raised by Dr. Cobden of St.
          Louis.   This  is  the story of a half-breed, hunchback.  He
          builds his reputation as a bufflao hunter.

          May, Celeste
          Sounds of the Prairie          
          Topeka, 1886

          McAlmon, Robert
          A Hasty Bunch          
          Carbondale and Ed Wardsville:   Southern  Illinois  Univ.  Press,
          Afterward by Kay Boyle (short stories)
          299 p
          This is a reprint of a Contact Press edition privately printed by
          the author in Dijon, 1922.
          Lost American Fiction Series
          A:  Best known as a "writer's writer" and the  publisher  of  the
          influential  avant-garde Contact Editions in Paris in the 1920's.
          1896-1956 born in Clifton KS  (Washington  Co.)  was  a  leading
          figure  in  The Paris expatriate literary scene in the 1920's and
          had a reputation of being perhaps the  most  significant  of  the
          Young American Short story writers of the time.
          His  life  typifies  what  has  been  described   as   the   lost
          generation."  He died in Desert Hot Springs, CA.

          McCall, Edith S.
          Pioneering on the Plains          
          Chicago:  Childrens Press, 1962
          Adaptations  for young readers of Boy Life on the Prairie by     
          Hamline Garland and Sod House Days by Howard Ruede.              

          McCall, Edith
          Wagons Over the Mountains          
          Chicago: Children's Press, 1961

          McCarter, Margaret Hill
          The Candle in the Window          
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          71 p.
          A:  1860-1938, born in Indiana in  1860.   Educated  in  the
          State  Normal School at Terre Haute. Taught in Indiana until
          1888, when she came to KS.  Head of  English  Department  at
          Topeka High School.

          McCarter, Margaret Hill
          The Overflowing Waters          
          Topeka, KS:  Crane and Co., 1903
          published  under  the  auspices  of The Topeka Federation of
          Women's Clubs.
          93 p.

          McCarter, Margaret Hill
          Paying Mother:  The Beautiful Tribute          
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          72 p.

          McCarter, Margaret Hill
          The Peace of the Solomon Valley          
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          91 p.

          McCarter, Margaret Hill
          The Price of the Prairie in Story of Kansas          
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          489 p

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          The Reclaimers          
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          362 p.

          McCarter, Margaret Hill
          Vanguards of the Plains:  A Romance of the Santa Fe Trail        
          Chicago:  Harper and Brothers, 1917
          397 p.
          listed as 380 on KSH.so.

          McCarter, Margaret Hill
          A Wall of Men          
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          494 p.
          New York:  A.L. Burt co., 1912

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          100 p.

          McCarter, Margaret Hill
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          45 p.

          McCarter, Margaret Hill
          Cuddy, and Other Stories          
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          95 p.

          McCarter, Margaret Hill
          Cuddy's Baby:  A Story of Kansas Folks          
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          McCarter, Margaret Hill
          Homeland:  A Present-Day Love Story          
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          433 p.

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          In Old Quivira          
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          139 p.

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          297 p.

          McClain, Violet.
          Oklahoma Heritage          
          Jericho, NY:  Exposition Press, 1968
          218 p.
          Vanity Press?
               Educated  in  Kansas,  B.S.  at Kansas State College at
               Post-civil war story set in Oklahoma.

          McClure, Michael.
          Meat Science Essays.          
          San Francisco:  City Lights, 1963.

          McClure, Michael.
          99 Theses.          
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          Rare Angel.          
          Los Angeles:  Rare Angel, 1974.

          McClure, Michael
          Jaguar Skies          
          New York:  New Directions Books, 1973
          87 p.
          (though  McClure was born in Marysville and lived for a time
          in Wichita, he uses almost no local  image  in  his  poetry.
          Still,  with  at least six other books in print, he might be
          of  interest  to  anyone  for  reasons  other  than  his  KS

          McClure, Michael
          September Blackberries          
          New York:  New Directions Books, 1968
          151 p.

          McDowell, Lillie Gilliland.
          Stories I Told Louise.          
          Topeka:  The Kansas Farmer Co, 1915.
          illus. by Albert T. Reid.
          poetry and stories for children

          McGrath, Maura.
          Out of the Sunset.          
          New York:  Pageant Press, Inc., 1957.
          272 p.
          immigrant story 1828 era

          McGurn, Larry
          The Printer and Other Stories          
          Topeka, KS:  Woodley Memorial Press, 1981
          WM Press, Washburn University, 66621
          68 P.
          A:   BA form Washburn University in English in 1975.  Writes
          short stories, dramatic monologues, and radio plays.

          McKay, R.H.
          Little Pills          
          Pittsburg, KS:  Pittsburg Headlight, 1918

          McKeever, William A.
          The Pioneer:  A Story of the Making of Kansas          
          Topeka, KS:  Crane and Co., 1911
          101 p.
          A:   Prof.  of  Philosophy  in the Kansas State Agricultural

          McKernan, Thomas Aloysius
          The  Poet Priest of Kansas, Father Thomas Aloysius McKernan.      
          W.W. Graves, ed. St. Paul, KS:  The Journal Press, 1937
          118 p.
          A:   (bio  in  book)   St.  Louis,  Mo.  June 16, 1881.  St.
          Francis Institute  at  Osage  Mission  for  education,  then
          attended St. Benedict's College, Atchison, KS.  then Kenrick
          Seminary in St. Louis.  Appointed to asst. pastor St. Mary's
          Church  at  Ft.  Scott,  few days later called to Wichita to
          become chaplain of new Chapel Car.  Then  Greenbush  parish,
          then return to Wichita.

          McMahon, Thomas
          McKay's Bees          
          New York:  Harper and Row, 1979
          198 p
          A:  Prof of Applied Mechanics and Biology at Harvard
               1855,  The McKays travel via steamboat to KS where they
          plan to make a fortune keeping bees.

          McNeal, Thomas Allen
          Stories by Truthful James          
          Topeka, KS:  Capper Publications, 193--
          34 p
          A:  1853-1942
          American  wit and humor, Kansas-anecdotes, facetiae, satire,

          McNeal, Thomas Allen
          Tom McNeal's Fables          
          Topeka, KS:  Crane and Co., 1900
          228 p.

          McNeal, T.A.
          When Kansas Was Young          
          New York:  The Macmillan Co., 1922

          McNeely, M.H.
          Rusty Ruston          
          New York:  Longmans, 1929

          McVey, Jim.
          Pioneering in the West.          
          Hill City Ks: 1973. Graham Co. Library (?) 91 p. $2.65.
               Born  and  reared  on  a  farm  in Graham Co. lawyer by
          profession, graduate of Hays State  and  W.W.   "a  book  of
          sketches, portraits, etc. of the pioneers"

          Mechem, Kirke
          John Brown:  A Play in Three Acts          
          Manhattan, KS:  Kansas State College, 1939
          The Kansas Magazine?
          113 p.
          Manhattan:  The Kansas Magazine, 1939.

          Menninger, Flo. V.
          Days of My Life:  Memories of a Kansas Mother and Teacher        
          New York:  Richard R. Smith, 1940
          310 p.
          Stuart, Fla:  Horticultural Books, 1981, revised edition
          P.O. Box 107, Stuart, Fla. 33495
          313 p.
          Tom's book

          Mills, Harry Edward
          Select Sunflowers          
          Fort Scott, KS:  The Sunflower Press, 1901
          110 p.

          Mills, Harry E.
          The Sod House in Heaven and Other Poems          
          Topeka, 1892

          Mills, Robert E.
          Kansan:  The Cheyenne's Woman          
          New York:  Leisure Books, 1983
          208 p
          The Kansan Series #9

          Minckley, Loren Stiles.
          From  Arrowhead  to  Airplane:   An American Epic of Joy and     
          Topeka, KS:  Crane and Co., 1921.
          (poetry) 226 p.
          A:   Iola,  KS.  Minckley  was  superintendent of schools in
          Frontenac for a numbeer of years.
               The  volume of verse describes Sharon Springs (50 miles
          west of Albany NY) where the author spent boyhood days  with
          his  grandfather.   In  this  glen  lay  the  center  of the
          Revolutionary field where the Iroquois Indian played an  im-
          portant  role;  nearby  Cherry  Valley  was wiped out by the
          Indians and 12 miles from Cherry Valley is Otsego Lake where
          J.F. Cooper lived and wrote.

          Miner, Virginia Scott.
          Many-Angel River.          
          The Slender Screen.          
          "A Blue Heron," Four Bookmark Poets.          
          Kansas City, Mo.:  BkMk Press, 1976.
          79 p.
          A:  Wrote and taught for more than  50  yrs.  in  K.C.,  Mo.
          before  returning  to  her  hometown,  Warsaw, Indiana.  Has
          published more than 2,300 poems, reviews and articles.

          Molek, Mary
          Immigrant Woman          
          Dover, Delaware:  M. Molek Inc., 1976
          (fictionalized biography of author's mother)
          167 p.
          A:   Born  of Slovene immigrant parents, Frank and Lucy Yug,
          in Chicopee, KS.  June 9, 1909.  At the age of 2, her family
          moved to another mining town, Mineral, KS where she attended
          grade school and high school.   From  her  parents  she  had
          learned  to read in the Slovene language before the age of 6
          when she was exposed to English for the first time.  She was
          one  of  the  earliest  immigrant girls to attend college in
          that part of the state.  At the prsent KS State  College  in
          Pittsburg,  KS  she  completed  a  4  year degree.  Moved to
          Chicago, M.A. at University of Chicago.   Worked  as  school
          psychologist,  social  worker, college teacher.  She was the
          first curator of the Immigrant Archives, Univ. of  Minn  and
          of  the  Eldridge  Reeves  Johnson  Memorial Building, State
          Museum, Dover, Del.

          Molk, Sophia
          A Flame Still Burning          
          New York:  Empire books, 1935
          96 p.
          A:  1898 El Dorado poet.

          Monroe, Kirk.
          Campmates:  A Story of the Plains.          
          New York:  Harper and Brothers, 1891.
          (juvenile fiction)
          333 p
          A:  Girard.
          Also by Kirk Monroe
          The Flamingo Feather          
          Derrick Sterling          
          Chrystal, Jack and Co.          
          The Copper Princess          
          Forward March!          
          The Blue Dragon          
          For the Mikado          
          Under the Great Bear          
          The Fur-Seal's Tooth          
          Snow-Shoes and Sledges          
          Rick Dale          
          The Painted Desert          

          Moody, Joel
          Song of Kansas and Other Poems          
          Topeka, KS:  Crane, 1890
          189 p.
          A:  1834-1914

          Moody, Ralph
          Horse  of  a  Different  Color:   Reminiscenses  of a Kansas     

          New York:  Norton, 1968
          272 p.
          A:   Ralph  Owen Moody born Dec. 16, 1868, in Rochester, NH.
          His father was a farmer whose illness forced the  family  to
          move to Colo. when Ralph was 8.  The farm failed, his father
          died, Mrs. Moody took 6  children  back  to  Medford,  Mass.
          where  Ralph completed his formal education, through the 8th
          grades.  Farmed with his grandfather in Maine.  Now lives in
          Calif.  Started writing when he was 50 years old.

          Morgan, Lewis H.
          The Indian Journals, 1859-1862          
          Ann Arbor:  Univ. of Michigan Press, 1959
          Morgan visited the Indians of KS and Neb.

          Moritz, John.
          For Hart Crane.          
          Dade City, Florida:  The Zelot Press, 1982.
          (poetry chapbook) n.p.

          Moritz, John.
          From The Heart Too Is A Flower, A Leaf.               
          Lawrence, KS:  Tansy Press, 1978. n.p.
          Tansy Press, Rt. 4, Box 279, Lawrence, KS 66044.
          25 cents
          Was  born  in Gary, Ind. and grew up on the Southern reaches
          of  Cook  Co.,  Illinois.   He  attended  various   military
          academies  and public schools until coming to Lawrence KS in

          Moses, Edwin
          Astonishment of Heart          
          New York:  Macmillan, 1984
          302 p.
          A:  Born in Washington, D.C. raised  in  KS,  and  currently
          lives with his wife and son in Williamsport, PA.
               At fifty, Martin Troyer is complacent  except  for  his
          worries   about  growing  old.   His  wife,  Barbara,  is  a
          beautiful and talented artist.  His son, Paul, is  finishing
          law  school.   His  teaching  job  is secure.  And then, one
          bleak Feb. afternoon, he is summoned to the KS farm where he
          grew  up and where his mother now lies dying.  She tells him
          a secret (she murdered a stranger) and his comfortable  life
          lies shatter at his feet.

          Moses, Edwin
          One Smart Kid          
          New York:  Macmillan, 1982
          245 p.
          New York:  Berkley Books, 1983,
          A:  born in Washington, D.C. but moved to Manhattan,  KS.  7
          years  later.  After serving 3 years in the army, (including
          1  year  in  Vietnam),  he  received  a  BA  from  KS  State
          University  and  a PhD from the State University of New York
          (Binghamton), both in  English  taught  at  K  State,  North
          Central  Technical  Institute,  and the University of Akron.
          Has contributed Stories to Ellery Queen's  Mystery  Magazine     
          and  academic  articles  to  various  literary journals.  He
          lives with his wife and son in Lawrence, KS where he teaches
          at KU.

          Moses, W.R.
          Double View          
          LaCrosse, Wisc:  Juniper Press, 19--
          J.Press, 1310 Shorewood Dr. 54601

          Moses, W.R.
          Middletown, CT:  Wesleyan Univ. Press, 1965
          W.U. Press, 110 Mt. Vernon St. 06457
          77 p.
          A:   Prof  of  English  at Kansas State University.  born in
          Minnesota and educated at Vanderbile (BA, MA,  PhD.)   Since
          then,  with  the  exception  for 4 years in the Navy, he has
          been a teacher--at Hendrix, Washington State, and Illinois.

          Moses, W.R.
          Not Native          
          LaCrosse, Wis:  Juniper Press, 1979
          J. Press, 1310 Shorewood Dr. 54601
          Juniper book 29

          Moses, W.R.
          Middletown, CT:  Wesleyan University Press, 1976
          WU Press, 110 Mt. Vernon St. 06457
          70 p.

          Moses, W.R.
          The Fireweed          
          Manhattan, KS:  Kansas Quarterly, 1973
          (poetry chapbook)
          not listed as publisher exactly??
          no prize

          Munger, Dell H.
          The Wind Before the Dawn.          
          Garden City, New York:  Doubleday, Page, 1912
          564 p.

          Murdock, Victor
          New York:  Macmillan, 1921
          220 p.

          Murphy, Eva Morley
          Lois Morton's Investment          
          Topeka, KS:  Crane and Co., 1912

          Murphy, Eva Morley
          The Miracle of the Smoky and Other Stories          
          Topeka, KS:  Crane and Co., 1908

          Nathan, Leonard
          A Wind Like a Bugle          
          New York:  Macmillan, 1954
          282 p.
          A:  Born in Omaha, Neb. in 1915.  BA from Univ of Chicago in
          1936.   did  newspaper  work  in  Omaga, studied at Syracuse
          University.  Spent 4 years in the Army.  In  1946-47  Nathan
          worked  for  Esquire  and  Coronet.   At  present  he  is an     
          Advertising Director for a textile co. in Chicago.
               At Fort Scott, stronghold of pro-slavery faction, widow
          Susan Orr risks the gallows to help one of her slaves escape
          with  the assistance of Neal Geddes, a Scotsman (enlisted in
          the cause of John Brown).  Geddes assumes the task of taking
          the  terrified  slave to Canada via the perilous Underground

          Nelles, Anna
          Ravenia, or the Outcast Redeemed          
          Topeka, KS:  Commonwealth Co., 1872

          Nelson, John
          Little River:  A Poetry of Place          
          North Newton, KS:  Mennonite Press, 1980
          56 p.
          North Newton 67117
          A:   born in 1953 in Little River, KS.  Graduated from KU in
          1975 with a degree in English.  Taught for  2  and  one-half
          years in Sapporo, Japan before travelling across Asia, India
          and Europe enroute to North America.  Currently at work on a
          book  about  the Orient.  Presently at home in the vortex of
          this continent.

          Nelson, Truman
          The Sin of the Prophet          
          Boston:  Little, Brown, 1952
          450 p.
          A:  Born in Lynn, Mass. in 1912.  He  attended  high  school
          but  has no diplomas-"no passorts whatsoever to the academic
          world," as he puts it.  He  is  a  graduate  of  the  public
          library,  with  Joyce,  Shaw,  O'Neill,  and  O'Casey as his
          literary heroes.
               Anthony  Burns, a Negro with a badly maimed right hand,
          was the last runaway slave returned from  Boston  under  the
          Fugitive Slave Act.  Theodore Parker, the great Abolitionist
          preacher, was his champion.

          Nelson, Truman
          The Old Man:  John Brown at Harper's Ferry          
          New York, 1973

          Novak, Michael Paul
          Sailing by the Whirlpool          
          Kansas City, MO:  BookMark Press, 1978
          (poetry)  $2.75
          63 p.
          A:   has taught at St. Mary College in Leavenworth, KS since
          1963.  His poems won Kansas City Star Awards in 1969 and  70
          and  the  Kansas  Poets'  Prize  from  KQ  in 1973.  Regular     
          reviewer for the Kansas City Star and his work has  appeared     
          in more that 50 literary magazines.

          Novak, Michael Paul
          The Leavenworth Poems          
          Shawnee Mission KS:  Book Mark Press, 1922
          (poetry chapbook)
          20 p.

          Ogden, George Washington
          New York:  William Morrow, 1929

          Ogden, Geroge Washington
          White Roads          
          Chicago:  A.L. Burt, 1932

          Ogden, George Washington
          Cherokee Trails          
          New York:  Dodd, Mead, 1928

          Ogden, George Washington
          The Cow Jerry          
          New York:  Dodd, Mead, 1925, check date 1927?

          Ogden, George Washington
          Short Grass          
          New York:  Dodd, Mead, 1927 1926?

          Ogden, George Washington
          There  Were  No  Heroes:   A  Personal  Record  of  a  Man's     
          New York:  Dodd, Mead and Co., 1940
          263 p.

          Ogden, George Washington
          Trail Rider          
          New York:  Dodd, Mead, 1924
          Listed  on  KHS  as  Trail  Rider:   A Romance of the Kansas     
          Range, New York:  Grosset, 1918-1924
          365 p.

          Ogden, George Washington
          Trail's End          
          Chicago:  A.C. McClurg, 1921
          check publisher-listed on another bib as Grossett and Dunlap

          Ogden, George Washington
          Wasted Salt          
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          Ogden, George Washington
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          A:  1871-

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          A:  a native of New Orleans living in Lawrence, KS.   He  is
               Motorman is Moldenke, a man living in the City  of  one
          possible  future-a  man  of little strength, few feelings, 4
          implanted sheep's hearts ticking away inside his chest,  and
          a  need  to seek out the point where the square of existence
          becomes  round.   Of  course  it  can't  be  done,  but  his
          imagination   sets   out  anyway  on  a  voyage  across  the
          "bottoms"--the border lands of his consciousness--to give it
          a several-hearted try.

          Oldroyd, Alice (Wilson)
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          A:   Father-Irish,  Mother, Virginian.  6 year-old Adela and
          her father came from VA. to KS in 1862.  At age 12, she  and
          her father returned to hills of Tipperary.

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          Owen, Jennie Small.  Fodder.                               
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          Intro. W.A. White
                A  reporter from KS State Teacher's College, she wrote
          Normal Notes.  Worked with W.A.  White  on  Emporia  Gazette     
                Sketches of homely Western  farm  life,  Chiefly  farm
          life  on  the  high  plateau  that  rises from the Mo. River
          toward the Rocky Mts.

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          The  Arkansaw  Bear:   A  Tale of Fanciful Adventure Told in     
          Song and Story          
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          Paine, Albert Bigelow and William Allen White
          Rhymes by Two Friends          
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          228 p.
          cross-reference under White

          Pankey, Eric.
          For the New Year.          
          New York:  Atheneum, 1984.
          65 p.
          (1984 Walt Whitman Award of the Academy of American Poets)
          A:   Born  in  1959  in  Kansas  City and attended School in
          Raytown, MO, University of MO BA.  M.F.A. in 1983 University
          of Iowa.

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          Boston:  Little, Brown and Co., 1981.
          397 p. (?)
          New York setting.

          Parks, gordon
          The Learning Tree          
          New York:  Harper and Row, 1963
          240 p.
          In Print-Fawcett Crest (paperback)
               Young black boy growing up in a KS town.

          Parks, Gordon
          A Choice of Weapons
          New York:  Harper and Row, 1965
          275 pp.
          Perennial Library edition 1973 (paperback)
          Author:  born in Fort Scott, KS in 1912.  Migrated to St.
          Paul, MN, when he was 16.  worked as a busboy, piano player,
          lumberjack, dining-car waiter, professional basketball
          player, etc.  In 1937 he chose photography as a career.  won
          Julius Rosenwald Fellowship, went to work for the Farm
          Security Administration.  In 1943 joined Office of War
          Informations as a correspondent.  After war, became member
          of photographic team which made documentaries for Standard
          Oil Co. joined Life magazine in 1949.  Has written 6 musical
          compositions.  Has written and photographed award-winning
          stories on black Muslims, Ernest Hemingway's Paris and
          plight of Brazilian boy Flavio.
          Characters:  This autobiography covers Parks' difficult
          years from 1928, when he left Kansas, to 1944.  Moving to
          St. Paul, Minnesota, Parks fought to educate himself, took
          on a variety of jobs, and moved on to Chicago and New York.
          Parks taught himself photography, and in time became a
          distinguished photojournalist.

          The Learning Tree
          New York:  Harper and Row, 1963
          240 pp.
          Currently in print as a Fawcett-Crest paperback.
          Characters:  Concerns the growing up years, post-World War
          I, of Newt Winger (Gordon Parks--the book is called a novel
          from life), a black boy experiencing a racially prejudiced
          Kansas town called Cherokee Flats (Fort Scott).

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          Molly McDonald          
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          (poetry) 200 p.

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          Our Boy and Girl.          
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          238 p.
          A: Atchison.

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          Peacock, Thomas Brower
          Poems of the Plains and Songs of the Solitudes          
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          329 P.
          A:  born April 16, 1852 at Cambridge, Guernsey County, Ohio.
          Father  was  a  newspaper  editor,  moved  his   family   to
          Zanesville,  Ohio.  In Texas, Peacock taught school and kept
          a hotel that entertained 'Cole Younger, Wild bill and  jesse
          James.'   In  an  encounter between some Union soldier and a
          force of so-called "Ku Klux," he was wounded  and  laid  up.
          In  1872  moved  to  KS-first  Independence for 2 years then
          Topeka.  worked as editor of the Kansas Democrat.               
          3rd edition
          336 p.
          letters, etc. added

          Peacock, Thomas Brower
          The Rhyme of the Border War          
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          162 p.
          A:  from Independence, KS moved to Topeka , newspaperman.

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          Pearson, Peter Henry
          Prairie Vikings
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          (Published by Karl J. Olson)
          Characters:  Swedish settlements in Smoky River Valley.

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          Pennell, Joseph Stanley
          The History of Rome Hanks          
          New York:  Charles Scribner's Sons, 1944
          Sag Harbor, New York:  Second Chance Press, 1982
          RD2 Noyac Rd, 1963
          363 p.
          A:   Born and raised in Junction City, KS, in 1903.  The son
          of pioneer stock.  His mother "did a lot  of  travelling  in
          covered  wagons"  while  his  father  came  to KS from North
          Carolina  when  he  was  16.   There  were   an   array   of
          grandfathers, great-grandfathers, and great uncles among his
          antecedents who fought-some for the Union and some  for  the
          Confederacy-in  the  Civil War.  Pennell entered KU in 1922,
          and, impressed with English literature, went to Britain, was
          accepted  at  Oxford and studied there for three more years.
          Returning to US he worked as a newspaperman.   In  the  mid-
          1930's,  he  abruptly  returned  home  to  Junction  City to
          reflect on "what it was I wanted."  He read all the books he
          could  get  about  the Civil War.  He took copious notes for
          two years and spent the next five writing.  In 1942  Pennell
          went  into  US  Army  gaining rank of lieutenant in an anti-
          aircraft batallion.  Junction City librarian  submitted  his
          manuscript.   Accepted  by Maxwell Perkins at Scribners, its
          publication, was the  literary  event  of  1944.   In  1947,
          Pennell moved to Oregon, living there for 16 years until his
          death, at the age of 60, in 1963.

          Perkins, Marlin. My Wild Kingdom. An Autobiography               
          New York: E.P. Dutton, Inc.
          1982.  264 p.  $15.95.
                Born  in  1905  in  Carthage,  MO.  In  1912  sent  to
          Pittsburg, KS to live with relatives and go to school at the
          Pittsburg   Normal   School  until  1919  when  returned  to
          Missouri.  Includes  stories  about  boyhood  activities  in

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          (verse and prose)
          ?Phifer, Charles Lincoln.
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          A:  1860

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          Mission Flower          
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          Pickard, Nancy
          Generous Death          

          Pickard, Nancy
          No Body          

          Pickard, Nancy
          Say No to Murder          

          Plymell, Charles D.
          Are You A Kid?          
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          (poetry) 53 p.
          CV-Box 303 13320
          A: Born 26 April 1935
          Wichita State Univer. 1955-61
          Johns Hopkins University. M.A. 1970
          Works as poets in the schools and lives  in  Cherry  Valley,

          Porter, Kenneth W.
          Christ  in  The  Breadline:   A Book of Poems for Christmas,     

          Lent and Other Holy Days          
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          A:  Sterling.

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          A:  born Wichita, KS

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          comp. Some Emporia verse.                
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          includes W.A. White

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          (old bib. self-published)

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          (Scot Bib.)

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          A:  Wichita, KS

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          Coronado Comes          

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          The  Maid  of  the  Mississippi:   A Poetical Romance of the     

          Prop, Wayne
          Kanza Hippie          
          self-published:  Lawrence, KS:  Process News c/o City  Moon,

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          (poetry) 39 p.
          The work of 3 Poets-Elizabeth McKay Anderson,  Grace  Pearce
          Davis, Marguerite Mitchell Marshall

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          (The Hero Series, No.1)
          A:  Bishop Quayle at Baker University 1860-1925.
          A  literary  essay-dealing  with   Victor   Hugo   and   Les     

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          Quayle, William Alfred.
          The Poet's Poet and Other Essays.          
          13 essays on heros.

          Radd, David
          Cantos of the Leaves          
          (no other info in bk)

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          Worchester, Mass. 1915, psychology. 1916, teaches at
          Pittsburg, KS.  1917, worked for Appeal to Reason.  Died
          1980 in Fayetteville, Ark.  Vance Randolph wrote over 265
          books and articles and a fiction writer and folklorist of
          the Ozark region.
          Characters:  Sociological novel of a Russian-German girl's
          painful life and tribulations during the 1910s, partly set
          in a Kansas locale and also in the Ozarks.

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          setting Ozark, mt. in MO.

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          Gathering  Fireweed:   New  Poems  and  Selected:   Wesleyan     

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          Orphans"  Pancake Press, 1981.          

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          A:  Grew up on a farm in Sussex,  England.   Graduated  from
          University  of  Southampton,  now  lives in Kansas City, MO.
          with her husband David Ray.

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          Poems By Richard Realf          
          New York:  funk and Wagnalls Co., 1898
          (with a memoir by Richard J. Hinton)
          232 p.
          A:  born at Framfield, Sussex County, England June 14,  1834
          (long bio)

          Realf, Richard
          Richard  Realf's  Free  State  Poems:   With Personal Lyrics     

          Written in Kansas          
          Richard J. Hinton, ed. with historical notes
          Topeka, KS:  Crane and Co., 1900
          135 p.
          A:  1834-1878, Born in Sussex County, England  1855 came  to
          NYC  and  1856,  attracted  by  John  Brown's  fight against
          slavery, he came to KS and joined  Brown's  forces.   Served
          four years in Civil War.  Committed suicide in San Francisco
          in 1878.

          Redpath, Jason
          Public Life of Captain John Brown          
          Boston:  Thayer and Eldridge, 1860

          Redpath, Jason
          The Roving Editor          
          New York:  1859

          Rees, gilbert
          Respectable LWomen          
          New York:  Random House, 1954
          342 p
          A:   Born in Kansas City, KS in 1923  His great-grandparents
          on both sides were early KS settlers.  His  father's  people
          came  from  Wales and England and followed the steel rolling
          mills west with  the  railroads,  and  his  mother's  family
          formed  in  western  KS.   received  A.B.  in  English  from
          university of Kansas City  in  1944  and  has  worked  in  a
          defense plant, in offices, and as an asst. science teacher.
               Kansas in the 1890's, Tessie Barnes brought her  family
          out  to Kansas to protect her husband from women and liquor.
          But the town of Pike, where they ended up, had  12  saloons,
          no side walks and a lot more scope for a man's weakness than
          for a woman's dreams of  respectability.   Tessie's  tragic-
          comic  struggles are told by her daughter Clara, who, in the
          course of the  novel,  grows  up  and  tries  improving  her     
          husband until, one day, she learns that she loves him.

          Reiter, Lora D,
          From the North Slope of the Solomon:  A Collection of Essays        
          and Poems          
          :  Coronado Press, 1967
          172 p.
          A:   Began her career as a newspaper columnist in 1935 in an
          effort to verbalize the feelings of the  often  inarticulate
          (small)  farmer with regard to his ill-starred future.  Wife
          of a Kansas farmer and mother of five active  children,  she
          had  innumerable  responsibilities,  including  attending to
          several hundred chickens, a big garden, canning, and cooking
          for  extra  men, not to mention the routine of housework and
          motherhood.  With the exception of some of the  poetry,  all
          of  the  work  in  this book has been published as newspaper
          columns entitled "Medley" in the Beloit Gazette and  in  the     
          Beloit  Call  Gazette.  Mrs. Reiter has written "Medley" for     
          well over a quarter of a century.  She continues to make her
          home  in  Kansas.   She and her husband live on a farm which
          overlooks the Solomon River Valley.

          Rhodes, Richard
          Holy Secrets          
          Garden City, NY:  Doubleday, 1978
          279 p.
          A:   Has  written  extensively  for major national magazines
          including Playboy, Harper's, Atlantic Monthy,  Esquire,  and     
          Redbook.   His  first  novel,  The  Ungodly:  A Novel of the     
          Donner Party, won high praise.  A Yale graduate and  a  1974     
          Guggenheim  Fellowship,  he is also the author of The Inland     
          Ground:  An Evocation of the American Middle West, which The     
          New  York Times cited as one of the best books of 1970.  Mr.     
          Rhodes is a native and resident of Kansas  City,  MO,  where     
          Holy Secrets is set.          
               Novel about a failing marriage and love and the  secret
          worlds  that  men  and women create out of the most intimate
          moments of their lives.

          Ringler, Laurel O.
          Dark Grows the Night          
          New York:  Pageant Press, 1961
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          (Quantrill's raid in Lawrence)

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          Looking Within          
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          Grandpa Weatherby          
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          The Brash American          
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          under the Pseud. Samantha Lester
          A:  1931-

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          Death--as in Matador          
          New York:  Popular Library, 1975
          176 p.

          Roper, Lester Virgil
          Hookers don't Go to Heaven          
          New York:  Popular Library, 1976
          174 p.

          Roger, Lester Virgil
          The Lady Rothschild          
          New York:  Dell, 1978
          pseud. Samantha Lester
          188 p.

          Roper, Lester Virgil
          The Overlord          
          New York:  Jove/Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1978
          384 p.
               Dave Roberts rose from the dust of a coal town to forge
          a mining empire, determined to avenge his father's murder.

          Roper, Lester Virgil
          New York:  Curtis Books, 1973
          160 p.

          Roper, Lester Virgil
          Renegade Roe:  The Emerald Chicks Caper          
          New York:  Popular Library, 1976
          175 p.

          Roper, Lester Virgil
          Renegade Roe:  The Red Horse Caper          
          New York:  Popular Library, 1975
          172 p.

          Roper, Lester Virgil
          The Reunion          
          New York:  Dell, 1981
          284 p.

          Bible  Belt  Oasis:   The  Story of Rosalea's Hotel     
          Harper, KS:  Sweet-Art Publications, 1981
          188 p.
          This is a true story of a young woman who  returned  to  her
          hometown  at  Harper, KS (pop 1800) to operate a century-old
          hotel in a unique and creative manner.  It begins during the
          "hippie"  revolution  and continues through the birth of the
          women's movement.  Her struggles for emotional and financial
          survival,  and  efforts  to  maintain her identity and self-
          esteem in a community where  conformity  is  the  motto  and
          exposure  to  the outside world is limited, will inspire and
          challenge you.  It will also  dispel  any  romantic  notions
          that  life  is  lovely  in peaceful, church-going America-at
          least for those who dare to be different.

	  Rose, Oscar Joel.
          Just Ridin' `Round Stories.          
          Lyndon, KS: ?, 1932.
          72 p.
          Tales of visiting places in Kansas.

          Royster, Philip M.
          The Back Door          
          Chicago:  Third World Press, 1971
          (poetry chapbook)
          29 p.
          TWP-7850 S. Ellis 60619

          Royster, Philip M.
          Songs and Dances:  Selected Poems          
          Detroit:  Lotus Press, 1981
          61 p.
          L.P.--P.O. Box 21607
          Detroit, MI 48221
          A:  Born July 31, 1943 Chicago, Ill.  BA and  MA  at  DePaul
          University.   PhD at Loyola Univ. taught Afro-Am, Caribbean,
          African, American and  British  Lit  at  Fisk  Univ.,  State
          University  of  NY  at Albany, and Syracuse Univ.  Currently
          teaching in the English department at KS State University.

          Ryus, William, H.
          The Second William Penn:  Treating with Indians on the Santa     

          Fe Trail 1860-66          
          Kansas City, MO:  Frank T. Riley Publishing Co., 1913
          Softbound; pic. cover.
          A:  Ryus was a  young  stage  coach  driver  on  the  trail.

          Santos, Bienvenido
          Distances:  In Time Selected Poems          
          Detroit, MI:  The Cellar Bookshop, 19--
          C. Bookshop, 18090 Wyoming, 48221

          Santos, Bienvenido
          The Man Who Thought He Looked Like Robert Taylor          
          Detroit, MI:  The Cellar Bookshop, 19--
          C. Bookshop 18090 Wyoming, 48090

          Santos, Bienvenido
          The Praying Man          
          Detroit, MI:  The Cellar Bookshop, 19--
          C. Bookshop, 18090 Wyoming, 48221

          Santos, Bienvenido N.
          The Scent of Apples:  A Collection of Stories          
          Seattle, Wash:  University of Washington Press, 1979
          U of W Press, P.O. Box 85569, 98145
          178 p.
          A:   born  in  the Philippines, Mr. Santos first came to the
          U.S. in 1941.  Since them he  has  lived  intermittently  in
          each  country,  writing in English about his experiences and
          those of  his  countrymen.   Although  six  volumes  of  his
          writings have been published in the Phillippines this is his
          first  collection  in  the  U.S.   Santos  is  currently   a
          professor of English and Distingished Writer-in-Residence at
          Wichita State University, KS.  (more bio in Preface)
          Beacon articles
          16 short stories which deal with the lives of  Filipinos  in
          America,  stories  are set during WWII when the Philippines-
          the homeland-was a battlefront as well as more recent tales.
          Born 1911 in the slums of Manila
          University of the Philippines, wrote and won every  literary
          prize his country offered
          1941-scholarship to study in America.

          Saunders, Whitelaw
          What Laughing God          
          Muscatine, Iowa:  Prairie Press, 1936
          90 p.
          Born in Wamego, KS, in  1979,  Died  in  Lawrence  in  1934.
          Pianist and teacher of music

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          The Sun Shines West          
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          under the penname-Princess Lahomita

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          Life's Overtones.          
          Boston, Mass:  The Stratford Co., 1921.
          (poems) 40 p.

          Sears, Ethel M.
          Los Angeles:  Suttonhouse, 1939
          251 p.
          A:  born in West Union, IL, Ethel M. Sears was taken  at  an
          early  age  to  KS, wehre she participated in the pioneering
          life  she  so  vividly  describes   in   this   book.    Her
          descriptions  of  the Philippines are also drawn from first-
          hand experience, gained during her stay in the Islands as an
          army nurse.  Upon her return to the U.S., Mrs. Sears came to
          CAlif., and has remained there since.  She is at  present  a
          member  of  the home economics department of the Los Angeles
          Public Schools.

          Sedgwick, Rae
          The White Frame House         

          Seifert, Shirley
          Farewell My General          
          Philadelphia:  Lippincott, 1954

          Sell, William B.
          A Voice From Prison.          
          convicted  of  murdering  his  family  (near   Erie)   later

          Sheldon, Charles M.
          Howard Chase, Red Hill, Kansas          
          New York:  George H. Doran and Co., 1918

          Sheldon, Charles M.
          In His Steps:  "What Would Jesus Do?"          
          Chicago:  Advance Publishing, 1899
          1st copyright 1897
          283 p.
          A:   Pastor  of  the Central Congressional Church in Topeka,
          KS.  In the fall of  1896,  Sheldon  began  writing  In  His                                                        
          Steps,   reading  a  chapter  each  Sunday  evening  in  the
          Christian Endeavor Society of  his  church.   Because  of  a
          legal  error  by  the  publisher, the copyright was declared
          defective and Sheldon lost all rights to the book.  By  June
          1897, over 100,000 copies had been sold.

          Sheldon, Charles M.
          His Life Story          
          New York:  George H. Doran, 1925
          309 p.
          A: Scotch-Irish, see ix-xi for more.

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          For the Time Being          
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          219 p.

          Siebel, Julia Ferguson
          The Narrow Covering          
          New York:  Harcourt, Brace, 1956
          214 p.
          A:  Born in Colby, KS where her family has lived since 1886,
          when the town was founded.  She graduated from  Northwestern
          Univ.  with  a  BA.   From  1947-1950  Siebel  worked on the
          editorial staff of Poetry.  In 1953 she began to write and 
          a year later attended Malcolm Cowley's class at the Conters?'
          Conference at the Univ. of Conn.  She now lives in Chicago's
          North Shore suburbs.

          Sikes, William H.
          Life  Begins  at Ninety.  Book I:  Life Story, Book II:  The     

          Golden Mean.          
          Girard, KS.:  Haldeman-Julius Publications, 1949.
          Big Blue Bk #B-197.
          A:  1858-1957.

          Skeen, Anita
          Each Hand a Map          
          Naid Press,

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          Intro. Gwendolyn Brooks.
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          Smith, Carol E.
          Country Riches:  A Selection Of Poetry          
          self-published, 1978
          (poetry chapbooks)
          A:   Resides  in  Cimarron, KS, 17 miles west of Dodge City,
          KS.  She has published poetry in literary magazines and  has
          had  two  short  stories published.  Owns registered Quarter

          Smith, Henry Nash
          Virgin Land          
          Cambridge:  Harvard University Press, 1950

          Snider, Karen A.
          Aunty Em is a Prisoner in Kansas          
          self-published, 198-
          published by Wicked Witch of the Midwest
          c/o Mudlark, 800 East Clarke, Milwaukee, WI 53212
          (poetry chapbook)
          20 p.
          (preface gives some background)

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          The Lamp of Gold          
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          Snow, Florence Lydia
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          Sincerely Yours          
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          137 p.

          Sobin, Anthony (Tony)
          The Sunday Naturalist          
          Athens, Ohio:  Ohio University Press, 1982
          OU Press, Scott Quadrangle, Rm. 144, 45701
          A:  teaches in the Graduate Writing Program of Wichita State
          Univ. and was editor of Ark River Review.                        

          Solner, William J.
          The Menshune Scrolls.          
          Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii:  Solfilm Int'l, 1975.
          65 p.
          A:  Born and Raised in Arma, KS.

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          The Prosy Romance          
          Topeka:  self-published, 1911

          Stafford, William
          All About Light                  
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          Stafford, William
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          Stafford, William
          Sometimes Like a Legend                  
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          Stafford, William
          Stories That Could Be True                  
          NY:  Harper and Row, 1977
          A collection  of  all  of  Stafford's  previous  volumes  of
          poetry.   (Traveling  through  the  Dark,  The Rescued Year,     

          Allegiances, Someday, Maybe and West of Your City)          
          267 p.
          $7.25 paper
          $10.95 hard back

          Stafford, William
          Travelling Through the Dark                  
          New York:  Harper and Row, 1962
          94 p.

          Stafford, William
          West of Your City                  
          Harper and Row

          Stafford, William
          Listening Deep                  
          Great Barrington, MA:  Penmaen Press, 1984
          P. Press, R.D. 2, P.O. Box 145, 01230
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          Stafford, William
          I Would Also Like to Mention Aluminum:  Poems and a     

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          Stafford, William
          Roving   Across   Fields:    A   Conversation  and     
          Uncollected Poems 1942-1982          
          Thom Tammaro, ed.
          Daleville,   Indiana:    The   Barnwood   Press
          Cooperative, 1983.
          51 p.
          Xerox the Chronology          
          (pg. 50)

          Stafford, William
          Smoke's Way                  
          Port Townsend, Washington:  The Graywolf  Press,
          (poetry chapbook)

          Stafford, William
          Smoke's Way:  Poems From Limited Editions 1968-1981      
	  Port Townsend, Washington:  Graywolf Press, 1983
          $14.00 (hardbook?)
          $6.00 paper
          112 p.
          G. Press, P.O. Box 142, 98368
          Smoke's Way publishes for the first time in a trade  edition     
	  nearly  100  poems  selected  from 14 limited edition books.
          The  poems  included  in  Smoke's  Way   are   arranged   in     
	  chronological  sequence, by date of original composition, so
          we see the poet's work develop over a 30  year  span,  1947-

          Stanley, Caroline Abbot
          Order No. 11:  A Tale of the Border          
          New York:  Century, 1904
          420 p.
          ?not a KS

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          (chapbook poetry)

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          251 p.
          A:  Born 1853 in Moravia, NY.  Educated at KU and in schools
          in  Cambridge,  Mass.,  and  in  Germany.   From  1878-1885,
          Stephens was a Prof. of Greek at KU.

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          A Sunflower Sheaf          
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          wholesale  orders:   Women  In  Distribution, P.O. Box 8858,
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          The Passionate Journey          
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          A:  Seneca

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          Includes Burce Cutler,  William  Stafford,  James  Tate  and
          Gwendolyn Brooks

          Suderman, Elmer F.
          What Can WE Do Here?          
          St. Peter, MN:  Daguerreotype Publishers, 1974
          40 p.
          D. Press, 717 West Traverse, 56082
          A:  Born in Isabella, OK, Sept, 19, 1920.   His  father  was
          one  of  the  Mennonite  immigrants to the US from Russia in
          1879.  Suderman graduated from The Mennonite Brethern  Bible
          School  in  Fairview,  OK,  Tabor College (MA 1944), KU, (MA
          1948 PhD 1961).  A professor of English at Gustavus Adolphus
          college  since  1960,  he has also taught at Bethel College,
          Baker University, Kansas State Teachers College.  Since 1949
          he has served Methodist Churches in KS and MN as a regularly
          appointed lay pastor, serving  presently  at  LaFayette  and
          Brighton, MN.

          Suggs, Jon Christian
          The Quick-Change Artist          
          Lawrence, KS:  Cottonwood Review, 1971
          (poetry chapbook)
          A:  Born Dec. 28, 1940 in Shreveport, LA.  He is married and
          has two daughters.  The entire family is attempting to adopt
          a  boy.   Mr. Suggs teaches Freshman-Sophomore English at KU
          where he is a graduate student.

          Sullivan, Chester.
          The Horse in the Bedroom.          
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          22 p
          (short story chapbook)

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          128 p.
          A:  Meade.

          Sullivan, Chester, ed.
          Shinola:  A Collection of Stories          
          Lawrence, KS:  Lantana Press, 1980
          108 p.
          Stories by Gary T. Brown, Melissa Nolte, William Sharp,  and
          Chester Sullivan

          Sullivan, Chester, ed.
          Volunteer Periwinkles:  A Collection of Stories          
          Lawrence, KS:  Lantana Press, 1976
          L.P., 509 E 12th St. 66044
          116 p.

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          Hands Up          
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          Swaim, Lawrence
          Waiting for the Earthquake          
          Atlantic-Little, Brown

          Swayze, J.C.(?MB)
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          A Drama in Three Acts          
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          27 p.

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          Sykes, Velma West
          Kansas Collection ??at KU

          Tate, James
          Boston:  Little, Brown and Co., 1972 or 1970?
          109 p.
          A:   Born  in Kansas City in 1943.  His first collection The     
	  Lost Pilot won the Yale Series of Younger  Poets  award  for     
          1966.   Has  taught  at  Iow,  Berkeley,  Columbia  and  the
          University of Massachusetts.

          Tate, James
          Wrong Songs          
          Cambridge, Ma:  Halty Ferguson, 19--
          H.F., 376 Harvard St., 0213

          Tate, James
          Amnesia People          
          Girard, KS:  The Little Balkans Press, 1970
          (poetry chapbook)

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          Hints to Pilgrims          
          Amherst, MA:  University of Massachusetts Press, 19--
          University of Massachusetts Press, P.O. box 429, 01004

          Tate, James
          Hottenton Ossuary          
          Cambridge, MA:  Temple Bar Bookshop, 19--
          $3.50 T.B., 9 Boylston St. 02138

          Tate, James
          Land of Little Sticks          
          Worcester, MA:  Metacom Press, 19--
          M.P., 31 Beaver St., 01603

          Tate, James and Bill Knott
          Lucky Darry          
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          52 p.

          Tate, James
          The Oblivion Ha-Ha          
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          U. Press, Box 118, 05768

          Tate, James
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          A History of The Kansas Crusade          
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          ("A true narrative that reads like fiction")

          Thompson, Earl
          Caldo Largo          
          New York:  G.P. Putman's Sons, 1976
          New:  Signet, 1977
          281 p.
          A:   Is  currently  teaching  a  novelist  workshop  at  the
          University of California at Berkeley.

          Thompson, Earl
          The Devil to Pay          
          New York:  The New American Library, 1981
          405 p.
          New York:  Signet, 1982
          A:   died suddenly Nov. 9, 1978 in Sausalito, Calif.  He was
          47 years old.  The Devil to Pay is his last completed novel.     

          Thompson, Earl
          A Garden of Sand          
          New York:  G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1970
          A:   Has  studied  writing  under  William  Peden   at   the
          University of Missoiuri and Martha Foley at Columbia.  He is
          married, the father of three children  and  lives  with  his
          family  in  Brooklyn  where  he  and his wife run a graphics
          studio.  A Garden of Sand is, amazingly  enough,  his  first     
          published work.
          New York: signet, 1972.
          544 p.

          Thompson, Earl
          New York:  Signet, 1975
          687 p.
          Wichita setting
          A:   born  in Kansas, served in the armed forces, has held a
          wide variety of manual jobs, attended the University of  MO,
          and for the past several years has been living in Europe
          New York:  G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1974

          Tilghman, Zoe A
          The Dugout          
          Oklahoma City:  Harlow Publishing, 1925
          (short stories)
          107 p.

          Traxler, Patricia
          Blood Calendar          

          Traxler, Patricia
          The Glass Woman          
          Brooklyn, NY:  Hanging Loose Press, 1983
          95 p.
          Hanging Loose Press, 231 Wyckoff St., Brooklyn, NY 11217
          A:   Native  of San Diego who currently lives in Salina, KS,
          where she teaches crative writing at KS Wesleyan University.
          She  also  teaches  writing  to  younger students, including
          special classes for the deaf.

          Trump, Fred
          Uphill into the Sun          
          San Antonio, TX:  The Naylor Co., 1973
          (pioneer  novel based on the life of Sarah Ann Donnelly, the
          author's great-grandmother)
          Ch:  English, Manchester, Eng.
          A:  After three years service in the Army Air  Force,  Trump
          earned a BS degree at Cornell University where he majored in
          agricultural journalism.  For the following 17 years he  was
          assistant  editor  of Michigan Farmer magazine.  Since early     
          1967 he  has  been  information  specialist  for  Kansas  in
          the Soil Conservation Service, U.S. Dept of Agriculture.  He
          has written several hundred articles and is  author  of  two
          books,  Buyer  Beware!  and The Grange in Michigan?.  He and     
          his family are living in Salina, KS.

          Turnbull, Roderick
          Maple Hill Stories          
          Lowell Publishing

          Turnbull, Roderick
          More Maple Hill Stories          
          Lowell Publishing

          Underwood, Edna Worthley.
          Maine Summers:  Sonnets to My Mother.          
          Portland, Maine:  The Mosher Press, 1940.
          26 p.

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          Vale, Ella Littler
          Between Two Fires          

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          Wild Oats          
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          More Trouble With the Obvious          
          Champaign, IL:  University of Illinois Press, 19--
          I. Press, 54 E Gregory Dr. 61820

          Van Walleghen, Michael
          The Wichita Poems          
          (Urbana?)Champaign, IL:  University of Illinois Press, 1975
          University of Illinois Press 54 E. Gregory Dr., 61820
          46 p.
          $2.95 paper
          $6.95 casebound
          A:  Teaches English at the University of Illinois at Urbana-
          Champaign; he was formerly at Wichita State University.   he
          won  first  prize  in  the  Borestone  Mountain Poetry Award
          competition in 1967.

          Vaughn, Emma Upton
          The Cresap Pension          
          Kansas City, MO:  Burton Publishing Co., 1915

          Vee, Jay.
          Wild Oats.          
          Topeka, KS.:  Crane and Co., Printers, 1914.
          117 p.
          short stories, essays and anecdotes
          "lives down by the Wakarusa river"

          Vernon, John Benson, comp.
          The Heart of Hope, Health, and Happiness.          
          Parsons, Ks.:  Commercial Publishers, 1935.
          126 p.
          (anthology of inspirational verse and prose)
          A:  Pastoral churches in Eastern KS for 35 yrs.  Later, when
          called to the Chaplaincy of Bethany Hospital in Kansas City,
          KS.  author  spent  2  1/2  years visiting the ill.  This on
          theology is an outgrowth of that activity.

          Vogt, Esther Loewen.
          The Sky Is Falling.
          Scottsdale, PA.:  Herald Press, 1968.
          286 pp.
          Author:  Born at Collinsville, OK.  At age of 8 with parents
          moved to Kansas farm.  Still lives in Kansas.  Graduated
          from Tabor College, Hillsboro, KS. in 1939.  Taught,
          married, children, now live in Hillsboro and are members of
          the Hillsboro Mennonite Brethren Church.
          Characters:  Mennonite, circa 1875.

          Turkey Red
          Cook Publishing Co.
          Pub? Date?

          Vogt, Esther
          Turkey Red          
          Cook Publishing Co.

          Wakeman, Frederic
          The Fabulous Train          

          Walker, Robert H.
          The  Poet  and  The Guilded Age:  Social Themes in Late 19th     
          Century American Verse          
          Philadelphia:  Univ of Pennsylvania Press, 1963

          Ward, May Williams and Dorothy Harvel
          Approach  to  Social Studies Through Choral Speaking:  Poems     
          Correlating Group Speaking With Social Studies in the Grades     
          Boston, MA:  Expression Co., 1945

          Ward, May Williams
          From Christmastime to April          
          Dallas, TX:  The Kaleidograph Press, 1938
          78 p.

          Ward, May Williams
          In Double Rhythm.          
          Poems and  block  prints  by  M.W.  Ward.   This  book  made
          entirely by my own hands, except for binding, especially for
          Harriet Monroe, 1929
          Some of the poems in block prints; some in manuscript.

          Ward, May Williams
          In That Day          
          Lawrence, KS:  The University Press of Kansas, 1969
          Foreward by Bruce Cutler
          80 p.
          A:  Born in 1882 in Holden, MO.  Her mother was the daughter
          of Capt. Reuben Smith, a naturalized British citizen who had
          come to the KS Territory in 1857 to  help  the  abolitionist
          cause  during the era of Border Warfare.  Her father, George
          Williams, soon moved his family from Mo. to Osawatomie,  KS.
          1905  graduated from KU with a major in mathematics.  Editor
          of The Harp and published in Poetry in 1927, member  of  The     
          Poetry  Society  of  American and won 1937 Poetry society of
          American Award for Dust Bowl (a group of poems)                  

          Ward, May Williams
          No Two Years Alike          
          Dallas:  Triangle, 1960
          72 p.

          Ward, May Williams
          Atlanta:  E. Hartsock-The Bozart Press, 1929
          60 p.

          Ward, May Williams (Mrs. Merle C.)
          Wellington KS:  self-published, 1954
          64 p.
          poems and block prints
          illu. 24 cm.

          Ware, Eugene
          The Kansas Bandit, or the Fall of Ingalls          
          Fort Scott:  James A. Moulton, 1891
          A:   born   May  29, 1841 at Hartford, Conn.  Moved to KS in
          1868, staking a  claim  on  a  section  near  Cherokee,  KS.
          Admitted  to KS Bar in 1871 and moved to Fort Scott where he
          began submitting poetry to  newspapers  under  the  name  of
          "Ironquill".   later  practiced  law  in  Topeka.  Worked as
          commissioner of the Pension Bureau in Washington.  Moved  to
          KC  in  1907.  Died of a heart attack at a summer retreat in
          Cascade, Colo. July 1, 1911, buried in the National Cemetery
          at Fort Scott.

          Ware, Eugene Fitch
          Selections From Ironquill          
          Editor W.M. Davidson
          Topeka, KS:  Crane, 1899
          A  condensed  version  of Ware's Rhymes of Ironquill (1885),     
          which was published in thirteen editions.  Ware  did  revise
          some  poems,  and  there  are  variant readings in different
          (ask DeGruson)

          Ware, Eugene
          Some of the Rhymes of Ironquill:  A Book of Moods          
          Topeka, KS:  Crane and Co., 1896 or 1895?
          334 p.

          Warner, Sharon and Melanie Farley, eds.
          19 Stories          
          Lawrence, KS:  Cottonwood Press, 1982
          (anthology of contemporary KS stories)

          Warren, Eugene.
          Rumors of Light.          
          Christographia 1-32          
          Geometrics of Light          

          Warren, Eugene and Elias Chiasson.
          "Fishing at Easter,"          
          Kansas City, MO.:  BkMk press, 1980.
          27 p. out of 60
          A:  Grew up on a  farm  in  KS.   Lived  in  San  Francisco.
          Teaches English at the University of Missouri at Rolla.
          A:   Born  in  Cape  Breton, Nova Scotia in 1918.  Taught at
          Rochhurst college in Kansas City, has taught  at  St.  Louis
          University since 1953.

          Wattles, Willard Austin
          The Funston Double Track and Other Verses          
          Manhattan, KS:  N.A. Crawford, 1919
          34 p.
          Wattles is a private at Camp Funston, KS in the 10th Div.

          Wattles, Willard
          Iron Anvil          
          Manchester MA:  Falmouth Publishing House, 1952
          64 p.

          Wattles, Willard
          Lanterns in Gethsemane          
          New York:  E.P. Dutton and Co., 1918
          152 p.

          Wattles, Willard, ed.
          Sunflowers:  A book of Kansas Poems          
          Lawrence, KS:  World Company, 1914
          Sunflowers went through at least three editions, the  latter     
          ones,  revised and with additions, were published by McClurg
          Publishing in Chicago.
          208 p.

          Waugh, Maurice C.
          Wichita, KS:  The Travis Press, 1932
          48 p.
          A Plea for Peace and Other Poems          
          California and Other Poems          
          Flights of Fancy          
          Hearthside Musings          

          Wayland, Walter Harry Bevin
          As I Pass By:  Poem Stories          
          n.p. 1966
          143 p.
          A:  born  Pueblo, Colo. came to Girard, Ks in Dec. 1896 as a
          child.  Attended business College in Parsons, KS as well  as
          colleges  in Ann Arbor, MI and Bloomington, IN.  Involved in
          real estate in Girard and  was  cashier  of  The  Appeal  to     

          Webb, Walter Prescott
          The Great Plains          
          New York:  Ginn and Co., 1931

          Weeks, Ida Ahlborn
          Sabula, Iowa:  self-published, 1910
          (unreliable source)

          Weeks, Raymond
          The Houndtuner of Callaway and Other Stories          
          New York:  Columbia Univ. Press, 1927

          Weiler, Rose Ziegler
          Day Dreams and Other Verse          
          Topeka, KS:  Crane and Co., 1914
          63 p.
          A:  from Galena, KS

          Wellman, Manly W.
          Candle of The Wicked          
          New York:  Putnam, 1960
               A story of the notorious Benders of South eastern KS.

          Wellman, Paul I.
          The Bowl of Brass          
          Philadelphia:  J.B. Lippincott, 1944
          319 p.

          Wellman, Paul I
          The Chain          
          Garden City, NF:  Doubleday, 1949
          368 p.
          A:  Born in Enid, OK and spent most of his first 10 years in
          West Africa, where his  father  was  a  medical  missionary.
          After  graduation  from  Fairmont  College  in  Wichita  and
          service in WW I, Wellman became  a  newspaperman,  first  in
          Wichita  and  later on the Kansas City Star, where he was an
          editorial and feature  writer.   Now  lives  near  the  UCLA
          campus  in  Westwood, Los Angeles, where he is devoting full
          time to the writing of novels.

          Wellman, Paul
          Jericho's Daughters          
          Garden City NF:  Doubleday, 1956
          380 p.

          Wellamn, Paul I.
          The Walls of Jericho          
          Philadelphia:  J.B. Lippincott, 1947
          371 p.
          A:   His  grandfather  was  a  missionary  to  the  cheyenne
          Indians.  Born in OK in 1898.  Schooling  in  KS  and  Utah,
          graduated   from   Fairmount  College  in  1918.   Became  a
          cowpuncher in Western KS.

          Wells, William M.
          The Desert's Hidden Wealth          
          Los Angeles:  William Wells, 1934

          Westervelt, Josephine (Hope)
          The Lure of the Leopard Skin          
          New York:  Revell, 1921
          240 p.

          Wheeler, Sylvia
          City Limits.          
          Kansas City, MO.:  BkMk Press, 1973.

          Wheeler, Sylvia Griffith, ed.
          In the Middle.          
          Kansas City, Mo.:  BkMk Press, 1985.
          116 p.
          A:  Wheeler was teaching UMKC, now in SD?
          Essay  and  poems  by  ten  middle-American   women   poets.
          Includes bibliography of KS. poet Diane Hueter.

          Wheeler, Sylvia.
          This Can't go On Forever.          
          Independence, MO.:  Raindust Press, 1978.
          44 p.
          Raindust Press, P.O. Box 1823, Independence, MO 64055.

          Whitcomb, Edna Osborn
          Five Little Jayhawkers on The Farm          
          A:  1892

          Whitcomb,  Edna  Osborne,  Helen  Rhoda  Hoopes,  and   R.R.
          Troubadour, Kansas          
          San Diego, Calif:  Troubadour Press, 1929
          41 p.
          (Vol. 2, No. 5 Dec. 1929 issue of Troubadour)                    

          Whitcomb, Jessie Wright
          His Best Friend          
          Boston:  Pilgrim Press, 1898
          295 p.

          White, William Allen
          The Autobiography of William Allen White          
          New York:  Macmillan, 1946
          669 p.
          2nd printing, 1966 with Foreword by Burton W. Marvin.

          White, William Allen and Robert Bigelow Paine
          Rhymes by Two Friends          
          Fort Scott, KS:  Izor and Sons, 1893

          White, William Allen
          Stratagems and Spoils:  Stories of Love and Politics          
          New York:  Charles Scribner's Sons, 1901
          291 p.

          White, William Allen
          Boys-Then and Now          
          New York:  Macmillan, 1926
          68 p.

          White, William Allen
          A Certain Rich Man          
          New York:  Macmillan, 1909
          in Print-University Press of Kentucky
          Lexington:  University Press of Kentucky, 1920
          Introduction by John D. Hicks.

          White, William Allen
          The Court of Boyville          
          New York:  McClure, Phillips, 1899
          358 p..

          White, William Allen
          The  Editor  and  His  People:  Editorials Selected From the     
          Emporia Gazette          
          New York:  Macmillan, 1924
          380 p

          White, William Allen
          God's Puppets          
          New York:  MacMillan, 1916
          309 p.
          Curtis Publishing Co. 1914, 1915
          Colliers Weekly 1916
          (short stories)

          White, William Allen
          In Our Town          
          New York:  Grosset and Dunlap, 1906
          369 p..

          White, William Allen
          In The Heart of a Fool          
          New York:  Macmillan, 1918
          65 p..

          White, William Allen
          The Real Issue: A Book of Kansas Stories          
          Chicago:  Way and Williams, 1896
          (short Stories)
          212 p.
          Freeport Books for Libraries Press, 1969

          White, William Lindsay
          What People Said          
          New York:  Viking Press, 1938
          614 p.

          Whitehead, Fred.
          Steel Destiny.          
          Cambridge, MA:  West End Press,
          32 p.

          Whitson, John H.
          With Fremont the Pathfinder          
          Boston: Wilde Co., 1903

          Wiebe, Dallas
          Skyblue the Badass          
          (Paris Review Editions)

          Wiebe, Dallas
          The Transparent Eye-ball and Other Stories          
          Providence RI:  Burning Deck, 1982
          114 p.
          (short stories)
          B. Deck, 71 Elmgrove Ave. 02906

          Wilcox, Don.
          Joe Sunpool.
          Boston:  Little, Brown, and Co., 1956.
          261 pp.
          Juvenile(?) fiction
          Story of Navajo youth's  first year at Haskell Institute in
          Lawrence, Kansas.
          Author:  Born in Lucas, KS., raised in Bonner Springs, a
          graduate of KU and resident, or former resident of Lawrence.

          Wilcox, Don.
          Basketball Star.          
          David's Ranch.          

          Wilder, Charlotte Frances
          Polly Button's New Year          
          New York:  Crowell, 1892
          137 p.

          Wilder, Daniel Webster
          Annals of Kansas          
          Topeka, KS:  G.W. Martin, 1875

          Wilder, Laura Ingalls
          The Little House on  The Prairie          
          New York:  Harper and Row 1953, 1957?
          (text copyright 1935, illustration 1935)
          335 p.

          Wilder, Thornton
          Heaven's My Destination          
          Garden City, NY:  Anchor Bks (Doubleday) 1960
          Intro by John Henry Raleigh
          186 p.
          New York:  Harper and Brothers, 1934
          A:  Won the Pulitzer Prize three  times-for  his  novel  The     
          Bridge  of  San  Luis  Rey in 1928, for his play Out Town in    
          1938 and for his play The Skin of Our Teeth in 1943.  He was                              
          born  in Madison, WI, and educated partly in America, partly
          in Germany and  partly  in  an  English  mission  school  in
          Cherfoo while his father was Consul General at Shanghai.  He
          attended Oberlin College, took a year out in 1918  to  serve
          in the Coast Artillery Corps, and was graduated from Yale in
          1920.  In 1925 he received his MA from Princeton.   In  1942
          he joined the Air Force as a Captain and served in N. Africa
          and Italy, rising to the rank of lieutenant colonel.  He has
          taught at the University of Chicago and Harvard and has held
          seminars and given lectures at many foreign universities.
               Textbook  salesman  covering middle South and the Lower
          Middle  West  in  the  1930's,  a   literal-minded,   Bible-
          intoxicated  Baptist  traveling  through a less than perfect

          Williams, Jeanne
          Freedom Trail          
          New York:  Putnam, 1973
          Young boy caught in the conflict in territorial KS.

          Williams, Jeanne
          Winter Wheat          
          New York:  Putnam, 1975
          about Mennonites and Turkey Red wheat.

          Wilson, Ira G. comp.
          One  Hundred  Familiar  Quotations  with  an  Outline of the      
          Literary Reading Course.          
          Pittsburg, KS.:  Kansas State Teachers College,
          38 p.

          Weltner, Eunice Stevesn.
          The Red Calico Petticoat.          
          no other infor.

          Wolfe, Edgar
          Widow Man
          Boston:  Little, Brown and Co., 1953
          178 pp.
          Author:  Wolfe lived in Lawrence and Kansas City, taught
          creative writing at the University of Kansas.
          Characters:  Novel is about a white man who courts a black
          woman in a low-income Kansas City, Kansas, neighborhood.

          Wolfe, Edgar
          To All The Islands Now          
          Topeka, KS:  Woodley Memorial Press, 1986
          W.M. Press, Washburn University, 66621

          Woman's Club of Topeka
          Quiet Moments in Prose and Verse.          
          Topeka, KS.  Woman's Club of Topeka, 1948.

          Woodward, Brinton W.
          Old Wine in New Bottles.
          Lawrence, KS.:  Journal Publishering Co., 1890.
          312 p.
          "Observations on people and places, and pictures and books."
          Many  first  published  as  a column in the Lawrence Journal     
          under the pseudonym of The Lounger.

          Wright, Harold Bell
          The Calling of Dan Matthews          
          New York:  A.L. Burt, 1909
          364 p.

          Wright, Harold Bell
          The Eyes of the World          
          Chicago:  The Book Supply Company, 1914
          464 p.

          Wright, Harold Bell
          The Shepherd of the Hills          
          New York:  A.L. Burt Co., 1907
          352 p.

          Wright, Harold Bell
          That Printer of Udell's          
          Chicago:  The Book Supply Co., 1903

          Wright, Harold Bell
          Their Yesterdays         

          Wright, Harold Bell
          The Uncrowned King          

          Wright, Harold Bell
          When A Man's A Man          

          Wright, Harold Bell
          The Winning of Barbara Worth          
          New York:  A.L. Burt, 1911
          511 p.

          Wright, Harold Bell
          The Mine with the Iron Door          
          New York, 1923

          Wright, Julia McNair
          Philadelphia:  Presbyterian Board of Publications, 1870

          Wyatt, Geraldine
          Buffalo Gold          
          New York:  Longmans, 1948

          Yeagley, Joan. The Blue Hole, Four Bookmark Poets                        
          Kansas City, Mo.: BkMk Press, 1976.  79 p.
                Read her poems throughout MO. and KS.  Was  consultant
          for Northeast KS. Library System and was involved in getting
          library services for the American Indian.  Acted as  liaison
          for  the  KS  Employment  Security  Division, setting up job
          placement centers in local libraries.

          Young, Jim.
          Colored Water          
          Topeka, Ks
          Gonine Associates, 1976.
          Gonine-P.O. Box 736, Topeka, Ks. 66601 237 p.
               Born in Iowa. His mother was from an Iowa farm and  his
          father was a Missionary Baptist Minister.  Planning to study
          law, the depression intervened.  He cut logs in Oregon for a
          stake  to  buy  an  Ozark  farm in the Bounty River country.
          From this experience came the background for his first novel
          Colored  Water.   Jim  gravitated  to  highway construction,    
          truck driving, locomotive fireman, shipyards,  beet  fields,
          nightschool,  and the air craft industry. Working his way up
          from shop steward through the ranks, he was elected in  1943
          to  a  state-wide  leadership  position  in  the trade union
          movement.  For over 20  years  he  has  served  as  a  vnion
          legislative  agent in the Kansas legislature and in Congress
          in Washington, DC.

          Youngman, (Rev) W.E.
          Gleanings from Western Prairies          
          London:  A.R. Mowbray, 1882

          Zumwalt, Imri
          The Call of the Open Fields and Other Poems          
          Bonner Springs:  self-published, 1916
          illus.-Abe Godon, Kansas City Journal newspaperman
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