Washburn University offers electronic payment of tuition and fees. The Business Office recognizes you may play an active role in providing financial support and we want to assist you in this undertaking. Please understand that while we are eager to assist, we need to abide by the rules that govern our operations. We encourage you to read through the pages on the Business Office website so that you more completely understand the financial side of student life at Washburn University.


If you have not yet encountered this acronym, you will. FERPA is short for the Federal Educational Rights And Privacy Act of 1974. The intention of this federal law is to protect and preserve the privacy of almost all student information, including financial information. With very limited exceptions, student information maintained at Washburn University cannot be released to any person, including parents, without the express consent of the student. While our office has seen many examples of how our students have been protected by this law, we are also familiar with the frustration that parents feel when they contact our office concerning their student(s) and we cannot give them the information they desire. Even if a parent is the one who pays the bill, we are still bound by the provisions of FERPA. Please understand that our desire is to be helpful, but we must abide by federal law.


While our staff will always be happy to explain university policies regarding student accounts, in order to speak with you directly about your student, we will need his/her consent, as required by FERPA. At Washburn, the student's consent to release financial information is recorded when s/he registers the parent as an authorized user. The student creates an authorized user in WU-View, which is the online Business Office portal. If the student is uncertain how to set up a parent as an authorized user, we will be happy to walk him/her through the process. The parent will need to have a valid e-mail address in order to be set up as an authorized user. Once the parent has been recorded as an authorized user, we will be happy to tell the parent any financial information that s/he would like to know. In addition, authorized users receive e-mail notification when e-bills are generated and have the ability to set up a payment plan on behalf of the student.

Although it is a poor idea for security reasons, students will sometimes give their personal login information to a parent so that s/he can view student information. Please know that this does not create the parent as an authorized user. Likewise, a student may give a parent verbal permission to speak with our office, but this also does not make the parent an authorized user. Only parents who are recorded in WU-View are authorized users, and our staff can only speak with authorized users about a particular student.


It is important for you to know that Washburn University does not send out paper bills to students or parents. Students may access information concerning their accounts on the Financial Services tab of MyWashburn. Authorized users may access financial information through WU-View. Electronic bills (E-bills) are generated periodically and are available for viewing and/or printing in WU-View. When an e-bill is generated an e-mail notification is sent to the student's Washburn e-mail account, as well as to recorded e-mail addresses for authorized users.Our office is happy to speak with students and authorized users concerning any charge that appears on an e-bill, although certain questions may need to be directed to the office where the charge originates. Likewise, many questions concerning the amount and timing of financial aid awards may need to be referred to the Financial Aid office.


Payments on student accounts may be made by cash, check, credit card or online (webchecks and credit cards). We have wire transfer information available upon request. Our office also facilitates payments made by the military, employers, third parties and 529 plans  (such as Learning Quest). Please contact our office for assistance with any of these payments. Authorized users may set up a payment plan on behalf of the student. Authorized users can set up scheduled payments to have the installments automatically paid from a bank account or credit card.

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