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Faculty Profile

Chris Hamilton

Political Science
College of Arts and Sciences
Henderson Learning Resources Center
Room 222
1700 SW College Ave
Topeka, KS 66621-1117
Degrees & Certifications
Wichita State University, Bachelor of Arts
Univ of Missouri-Columbia, Master of Arts
The University of Kansas, Doctor of Philosophy
Academic History

Two time Fulbright Scholar, 1979-80, 1985-86 Poland.  Chair of Washburn Political Science  1997 to 2004.  Taught & held posts previously at Western Kentucky University, Graduate Studies Director;   State University of West Georgia;   Warsaw national School of Economics;   Norwich University, Vermont;   University of Kansas and Missouri graduate teaching assistant.

American Presidency, US Contemporary Politics, European Politics, Peace Studies, Politics of the 60s to Now, American Extremist & Hate Groups, Religions and Politics, Public Policies, Public Management, Non-Profit Management, Science and Policies of Climate Change & Global Warming, Intro to Am Government & Politics, Intro to Comparative Politics, State & Local Government   

Scholarly Interests/Activities
On-going research on:  Non-Profit & Public Management;   Interfaith work;  Religions & US politics;   Interfaith organizations in US & International affairs;   Extremist Groups in US.   Kansas track & field history, esp. high schools.   Climate change.  Evaluation research & statistics & consulting.
Service Interests/Activities
Volunteer for Non-Profit Boards, Non-Profit consulting.   Boy Scouts,  mountain climbing & wilderness skills.   Jazz musician   (drums, clarinet).
Career Accomplishments

3 books  (1988, 1990, 1996),   1 historical novel (2009),  30 conference papers and articles.

Publication of Kansas historical novel,  The House Rules,  2009.

Presentation at World Parliament of Religions, Barcelona, Spain.  July 2004.

Sabbatical Leave, July 2004 to January 2005, to do research on the interfaith relations and politics of world religions.

Peace Studies Minor at Washburn University,  2003 with Dr. Rachel Goossen & History Department.

Started the nation’s first undergraduate for credit BPA degree emphasis  & certificate in Non Profit Management at Washburn University, 1999, shared with Dr. Rick Ellis & Human Services. Sabbatical Leave, 1995, to finish book manuscript.

Summer Research Fellow, Western Kentucky University, 1991.

1991 Western Kentucky Univ. Outstanding Faculty Research Award.

Univ. of Illinois, Summer Research Associate,  Russian and Soviet Area Studies Program, l989.

Summer Research Fellow, Western Kentucky University, 1989.

Senior Lectureship, Fulbright Fellow, 1985-86.  Senior lectureship at the Central School of Planning and Statistics, in Warsaw, Poland, which is Poland's largest university of the socio-economic sciences. The lectureship was for policy evaluation, theory, U.S. policy and federalism.

Fulbright Research Fellow, 1979-80.  Student Doctoral research, Warsaw Univ., Poland.

Litchfield Fellow in Public Administration, Department of Political Science, Univ. of Kansas, 1979-80.  Awarded by the faculty to the "outstanding graduate student" in Public Administration and Political Science.

Fellow, Foreign Language Area Studies (U.S. Department of Education) at the University of Kansas, 1977-79, and 1980-82. Polish language and cultural studies.

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