Inscape 2018

The latest edition of Inscape was published in May 2018 and features submissions from a diverse group of writers and artists from all over the world. Below is the table of contents and links for a few sample pieces. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, it can be found at the Ichabod Shop, located on the Washburn University campus.

Inscape Magazine cover image 2018

Table of Contents

Fear of Heights
by Ellen Birkett Morris
Life on the Death Panel
by Mike Tuohy
by Barbara Brady
The Walnut Concertos
by Rick Forbess
by Robert Rickelman
Irrelevant Thoughts Going Through My Head During an Intimate Moment
by Matthue Roth
The Things that Go Through My Head While I Pray
by Matthue Roth
by Jan Laperle
by Jan Laperle
by Jan Laperle
by Cara Rodriguez
Mimeo Paternity
by Roberta P. Feins
Russula Crenulata
by Dawn Hogue
Cosmic Questions
by Dianne Silvestri
by James Cagney
Orange Foam
by Richard King Perkins II
Storing the Dark
by KB Ballentine
Madelyn Without the Moonlight
by Lisa Marie Brodsky
That Time We First Smoked Pot
by Susana H. Case
News of a Friend’s Passing
by Kathy O’Fallon
by Kathy O’Fallon
Mama’s Recipe for Mujaddara
by Shahé Mankerian
If We Just Lollygag Around Here a Bit Longer
by Deborah Bacharach
Root Revealed
by Justin Marable
Fossil Fuel
by Justin Marable
Abducted Dr. Mario
by Ian Andrew Young
Guess Whos
by Ian Andrew Young
Downtown Kansas Ave.
by Harvey Flowers
Topeka Santa Fe Amtrak Station
by Harvey Flowers
The Kitchen Cat (for Stuart Davis)
by David Lee Quick
by David Lee Quick
He Blew It All to Hell
by David Lee Quick
The Optimist
by Tyler Quintin
Beauty of Life
Seize the Time
Actions Speak Louder than Words
by Yue Li
Rush Hour
by Michael Young
Trip to the Funny Farm
by Michael Young
Corner Sales
by Michael Young
Up, Up, and Away
by Michael Young
MMS: Odin
MWS: The Event Planners
by Barbara Waterman-Peters
Naili Teddy Bear
by Anna Bevitt