Washburn strives to provide enriching educational opportunities that prepare students for a diverse world. To support that goal, we encourage students to learn about, appreciate, and value a variety of cultures, life experiences, and perspectives other than their own. This list contains courses (self-identified by their instructors) that increase awareness of diversity, equity, and social justice issues both domestically and globally. Please note that certain courses may require prerequisites other than the general University requirements and may also have additional restrictions.

These courses are offered in Spring 2021.

Introduction to Race and Ethnic Studies (Marisa Gonzales) T/TR 11–12:15, CRN: 13521 (counts as general education social science class). What is Critical Race Theory? How can we use this framework to better understand interracial relations and conflicts?
Sustainable Development (Lindsey Ibañez), W 12–12:50, CRN: 11521. This one-hour course on sustainable development is organized around the three “e”s of sustainability: economy, equity and ecology. We will examine how economic development effects the environment as well as how development impacts poverty and inequality. We will also study movements that aim to make development more equitable and less environmentally destructive.
Social Class in the U.S. (Sangyoub Park), TR 1:00-2:15 pm, CRN 11807. Students will get an in-depth understanding of social class in the U.S. by examining the research literature on the relationships of social class and social stratification within our daily lives. Students will explore how social class affects personal choices, including educational achievement, parenting, marriage, and even friendships.

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