The University Diversity and Inclusion office is responsible for assisting in arranging reasonable accommodations and for identifying resources on campus for students with disabilities.  Qualified students with disabilities must register with the office to be eligible for services.  The office MUST have current documentation on file in order to provide services.  Documentation includes a diagnosis of a specific disability by a professional qualified in the area of the disability, states how the disability substantially limits a major life activity and explains how the disability affects the student’s academic performance. Services are identified to meet the needs of individuals based on their specific disabilities, e.g. depression, physical or learning disability, and may include note takers, test readers/scribes, adaptive technology training, brailled materials, or other necessary accommodations.  Requests for accommodations should be submitted at least TWO MONTHS before services should begin; however, if you have a current accommodation need, please contact the University Diversity and Inclusion staff immediately.

Students may voluntarily identify themselves to the instructor for a referral to the University Diversity and Inclusion office.

 Disability Services: 

  • Provides a range of services and accommodations to allow persons with disabilities to participate in educational programs and activities.  Reasonable accommodations are modifications or alterations intended to provide equal access or improve accessibility to physical, programmatic, and academic areas of the University. 
  • We are also available to the University community (faculty, staff, parents and all students) for consultation on a broad range of disability issues and to manage the needs of students with temporary disabilities (e.g., mobility limitations and transient but severe illnesses).

 If you desire support services, contact the University Diversity and Inclusion office at (voice) 785-670-1629 or contact Danielle, Kim, or Tisha via email.

The University Diversity and Inclusion office is located in Morgan Hall, Suite 105, at the northeast corner of the building.


In order to provide appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities, individuals must complete a Service Request Form each semester. 

 Below are the forms for upcoming semesters:

Student and Faculty Resources

Multiple resources are available.  If you are a student and have questions about accommodations or if you are a faculty member and have questions about providing accommodations to students, feel free to contact the University Diversity and Inclusion staff for assistance or explore the links on our student resources or faculty resources pages. 

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