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Ph.D., 1982, Indiana University , Bloomington , Indiana


M.A., 1975, Indiana University , Bloomington , Indiana


A.B., 1968, Oberlin College , Oberlin , Ohio

Current Title:
Professor of History Emerita, Washburn University, 2009 -

Academic Positions Held: Department of History, Washburn University, 1975-2009

Current Status

As of May 2009, I officially retired from full-time, tenured faculty status at Washburn. I then immediately began my part-time career as online adjunct emerita faculty. This lets me keep on doing something I love - online history teaching - at a much slower, enjoyable pace. A good deal all around.

Awards & Grants:

2005 (author) Kansas Humanities Council We The People: Better Together grant for Far Travelers oral history project

2003-6 (Co-author) Washburn University $300,000 Innovation Grant for The DART Project (Digitally Accessible Resources for Teaching) - extended for a 4th year, 2006-7

2003 Innovation in Teaching Award, College Teaching and Learning International Conference, Jacksonville , Florida , April 2003.

2000 Washburn University Ned N. Fleming Excellence in Teaching Award

1998 Washburn University Herrick Award for Outstanding Faculty Service

1997 Kansas Humanities Council Horizon Award

Washburn University Major Research Grant Awards, 1984, 1985, 1990, 1992, 1995

Washburn University Minor Research Grant Awards; summer 2000 Curriculum Development Grant

Washburn University Academic Sabbatical Leave Grant Awards Fall 1987, Spring 1995 and Spring 2002


"Bases of Online Excellence," Poster session, College Teaching and Learning International Conference, Jacksonville, Florida , April 2003.

"Teaching World History With Computers: Why I Do It, and What's Involved," History Computer Review, Fall 2002, Vol 18, No 2 , pp 15-38.

"Map Power: Using Computers to Make and Teach with Maps," American Historical Association Annual Meeting in San Francisco , January 2002.

"Digital World History Teaching Methods & Resources: What I Use, How it Works, and Where I Get It," American Historical Association Annual Meeting in Boston , January 2001.

Review of Waiting on the Bounty: The Dust Bowl Diary of Mary Knackstedt Dyck, Pamela Riney-Kehrberg, editor; forthcoming in Kansas History , Winter 2000.

Review of One Degree West: Reflections of a Plainsdaughter, Julene Bair, Speaking of Kansas , Fall 2000.

"Kansas Characters Live and on the Web: Report on an Evolving Student Website and Performance Class," American Historical Association Annual Meeting in Chicago , January 2000.

"Book Selection for History Collections in Libraries: Who Develops the Collection? - At Washburn, Historians Do - In Partnership with Librarians," Association for the Bibliography of History Session, American Historical Association Annual Meeting, Chicago , Illinois , January 2000.

"And A Trail Connected Them: Women's Experience Along the Sante Fe Trail," Sante Fe Trail Symposium, Council Grove, October, 1999

"Kansas Characters: What We Set Out to Do and How it Turned Out in a Team-Taught Student Performance and Web Project Class," April 1999 Kansas History Teachers Association Annual Meeting, Emporia, Kansas.

"A WWW History 'Lab' - Developing Student Internet Assignments," American Historical Association Meeting, Seattle, Washington, January 1998

"Oral History and the Internet," published on a cd-rom entitled Multimedia Renaissance in Social Science Computing, edited by Vernon Burton, Terence Finnegan & David Herr, University of Illinois Press (January 1998); previously presented in paper form at the 1997 American Historical Association Meeting, New York, New York.

"Building a Cyberspace Reference Shelf: The H-Net Teaching Resources Archive," 1996 American Historical Association Annual Meeting, Atlanta , Georgia . [Also on a CD-ROM, published "H-Net, the Internet, and Teaching University-level History, " Kansas History Association Annual Meeting, Spring 1995, Manhattan , Kansas .

Review of Mary Canaga Rowland, As Long As Life: The Memoirs of a Frontier Woman Doctor , in Kansas History, Fall, 1995.

Instructor's Guide for Hunt, et al., The Challenge of the West: Peoples and Cultures from the Stone Age to the Global Age , D.C. Heath, 1995. (314 pages)

"A Woman's Place....is in the Legislature: An Analysis of Kansas Women Legislators, 1918-1992," Summer 1992, Women and the West Conference, University of Nebraska , Lincoln , Nebraska . Co-author: Barbara Burgess

"Forty-four and Counting: A Brief Survey of Kansas Women Lawmakers, 1918-1991," The Law and Lawyers in Kansas History (Topeka, Kansas: Kansas State Historical Society, 1991) 117-29. Co-author: Barbara Burgess. ( based in good part on oral history interviews collected, 1990-91 from Kansas women legislators )

"Opportunities for Women: The Development of Professional Women's Medicine at Canton, China , 1879-1901," Women's Studies International Forum, 13 (Fall 1990): 357-368.

"A Mission for Change in China : The Hackett Women's Medical Center of Canton , China , 1900-1930," Chapter 7 in Leslie A. Flemming, ed., Women's Work for Women: Missionaries and Social Change in Asia (Westview Press: Boulder, San Francisco & London, 1989), 137-157.

Review of Western Women: Their Land, Their Lives , by Lillian Schlissel, Vicki L. Ruiz, Janice Monk, eds.: Kansas History : A Journal of the Central Plains, 12 (Autumn 1989), 188-189.

"Women's Lives Expanding: Topeka and the Women of the YWCA, 1887-1920s," Fall 1988 Tenth Annual Mid-America History Conference, University of Kansas , Lawrence , Kansas .

"One Grassroot in Emerging Women's Power: the Early Years of the Topeka YWCA,

1887-1900s" Spring 1988 Kansas History Teachers Association Annual Meeting, Kansas State Historical Society, Topeka , Kansas .

"Presbyterian Medicine at Canton : The Struggle to Change and Survive, 1910s-1930s," January 15-17, 1987 Annual Southeast Conference of the Association for Asian Studies, University of Tennessee , Chattanooga , Tennessee .

"A Mission for Change in China : the Hackett Women's Medical Center of Canton , China , 1900-1920," Spring 1986 National Women's Studies Association Annual Meeting, University of Illinois , Champaign-Urbana , Illinois .

"Go East Young Woman: American Women's Medicine as Practiced at the Presbyterian Mission to Canton , China , 1882-1937," Fall 1985 Working Papers Session II, History of Science Society Annual Meeting, Indiana University , Bloomington , Indiana .

"Changing Medical Technology and the Evolution of the Canton Medical Missionary Hospital , Canton , China , 1835-1900," Spring 1985 Annual Meeting of the American Association for the History of Medicine, Duke University , Durham , North Carolina .

"A Dual Calling: John Glasgow Kerr, M.D. and the Changing Patterns of His Presbyterian Missionary Medicine at Canton, 1854-1901," Spring 1984 American Society of Church History Spring Meeting, The Iliff School of Theology, The University of Denver, Denver, Colorado.

"A Community of Women: An Introductory Survey of American and Chinese Medical Women in Canton , China , 1879-1937," Fall 1983 Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs, The University of Kansas , Lawrence , Kansas .

"Emerging Women's Medicine in Late Nineteenth Century South China ," Spring 1983 Missouri Valley History Conference, Omaha , Nebraska .

"Ladies, Christians, Physicians: The Lives and Missions of Drs. Mary Fulton, M.D. and Mary West Niles , M. D., 1880s-1910s," Spring 1982 Kansas Teachers of History Association Annual Meeting, West Newton , Kansas.

Dissertation: The Canton Hospital and Medicine in Nineteenth Century China 1835-1900 (Indiana University, 1982)

Courses Taught:

Early World History - online and in the classroom
Changing World History - online and in the classroom
US History II survey
Modern Middle East - online and in the classroom
China I
China II
Women in World History
Sex and Gender in History and Psychology (team taught, online)
Western Civilization, c. 1200-1815
Western Civilization, c. 1815-present
Modern Revolutions

Professional Organization Offices/Responsibilities:

H-Net (Humanities-on-Line)

President, 2005
Member, Executive Council, 1995 to present
Senior Co-Editor, H-Teach (University-level history teaching), summer 1994 to present
Editor, H-Net Staff Discussion List, spring 1996-2004

Cengage Learning History Advisory Board, 2009 -

Houghton Mifflin History Board, 2006 - 2007

Kansas Summer Seminars for School Teachers, 1992-2000

Served as a Scholar in Residence at Kansas Summer Seminars for Schoolteachers (these are jointly sponsored by the Kansas State Historical Society and Washburn University and supported with grants from the Kansas Humanities Council). Most recent focus: providing materials/workshop on internet/web resources for teachers

National Endowment for the Humanities 1999-2001 Outside Grant Evaluator for Advancing the Humanities through Technology at Community Colleges

Topeka and Kansas Public Activities:

TALK (Talking About Literature in Kansas) Book Discussion Series Humanist Presenter/Facilitator, 1988-present

Organizer & Humanist for Topeka YWCA Book Series 1988-1996; since 1997 Series sponsored by Topeka Shawnee County Public Library

Humanist and Discussion Leader for 1999 American Library Association Book Discussion series organized through Topeka Shawnee County Public Library (Grant included attendance at three-day ALA Washington DC book discussion workshop)

Kansas Humanities Council Speaker's Bureau Member: Presented over 300 speeches across Kansas , 1989 - 2004

Kansas Humanities Council Consulting Humanist for Oral History projects

Textbook/Teaching Resources Reviews 1990-present, frequent reviewer of partial and/or complete manuscripts for the following history textbook publishers: ABC-Clio, Greenwood Press, Harcourt Brace, HarperCollins , D.C. Heath, Houghton Mifflin, Longman, McGraw-Hill, Prentice-Hall, and St. Martins. 2000-2001 reviewer for an online world history textbook for Digital Learning Interactive.

National Endowment for the Humanities National Grant Review Panelist (1997 and 1999)

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