Advertising Pin-back Buttons [title graphic]
Abe Lincoln Memorial
Abe Lincoln
Advertising pin-back  buttons are a colorful & entertaining way to study the last 100+ years of American history.

     Celluloid-wrapped paper-over-metal buttons were patented by Whitehead Hoag Manufacturing Co. of Newark, New Jersey in 1894 and 1896. Many buttons manufactured more recently still show these patent dates. 
     In the 1940s buttons also began to be manufactured with paint applied directly to metal. Such buttons are more susceptable to surface damage than those encased in 
clear celluloid.
     "Pin-back" also refers to stick-pin buttons, and a variety of other types of buttons which attach with some sort of pin from behind.
     Most old buttons were "give-away" items when new. Today, some of these buttons sell for hundreds of dollars each. 
     There are tens-of-thousands of buttons still being manufactured.
     Collecting buttons is big business. On any given day you may find over 2000 of them for sale on ebay if you type "pinback" into their search engine. 
     Tour these pages to enjoy a small sampling of the variety in pin-back buttons.

cultural icons

Buttons shown at these links are displayed at 100% of their actual size--if your screen is set to 800 x 600 lines of resolution. 

Each small button is a hot link to an enlargement showing finely printed details you might miss in the smaller version.

Enjoy !!

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