Artist: Bob Keith Washburn Show

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Of Keith's work, the catalogue said:
"Because of their directness and honesty of expression, some persons find them to be a very special kind of folk art. We are not inclined to agree with this view. Unlike most folk art that we know, this is a sophisticated and wise oeuvre, knowledgeable and perceptive. It is most pleasant to view such works as these. They are made without pretense, flourishes, or conceits inflicted upon us so often in exhibitions of lesser distinction. . .

(All Washburn Show photos are by Jim Bass)

Notes by Bob Keith

My sculpture filled one gallery of the Mulvane Art Center in Topeka, Kansas. The other gallery held John Gorbutt's colorful abstract constructions, fashioned out of bent tube lights.

Numbers of visitors attending this 1971 show hit new highs. Kids, particularly, loved the show; school buses piled in.
My art training has been informal. I attended evening drawing classes at Washburn and learned from artist-friends, from reading, and from frequent visits to shows and galleries.

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