May 10, 2000


I. Call to Order

Chairperson Blair called the meeting to order at 7:06 p.m. in the Kansas Room of the Memorial Union.

II. Roll Call

Present were: Mr. Blair, Mr. Craig, Mr. Dick, Mr. Engel, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Parks, Mr. Roth and Mrs. Wagnon.

III. Approval of Minutes of April 8, 2000 meeting as circulated

Chairperson Blair declared, in the absence of any motion for corrections or additions, the Minutes of the April 8, 2000 meeting were approved as read.

IV. Officer Reports

A. Chair's Report

Chairperson Blair said his only report was to note that the meeting for June has been re-scheduled from June 14 to June 21 and, secondly, that current intent for the July meetings is to combine the two July Board meetings currently scheduled into a single meeting to occur following the Public Budget on July 26.

B. President's Report

President Farley reminded members of the Board that graduation ceremonies will be occurring on Saturday with lots of activities scheduled and noted that it should be a festive occasion. He urged members of the Board and others to attend the ceremonies to support the students and their families. He said the University will be recognizing three persons as honorary degree recipients at the commencement. Noting also that there will be a dinner honoring the recipients Friday, May 12.

President Farley announced that the formal dedication of the Kansas Millennium Grove will occur on the campus Monday, May 15. He reported that the Governor has designated the Washburn campus as the site for the Kansas Millennium Grove in connection with our own tree planting efforts. He said there will be 100 distinct variety of trees planted. He said the Governor will be present on Monday for the ceremony and there will be a ceremonial tree planting.

Dr. Farley advised the members of the Board that this June will mark the 14th season of the Sunflower Music Festival. He said there will be a series of chamber concerts over approximately a ten day period. He noted that a Washburn alum recently featured in the Alumni Magazine, Lee Lassiter, appeared on the game show Jeopardy as a champion and he has been invited to participate in the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions which will be aired on May 11th.

In Athletics, Dr. Farley reported that the Lady Blues softball team finished first in the MIAA conference but suffered defeat in the second game of the double elimination final tournament game and finished second in the tournament. He reported that the women's tennis team also was the conference champion but unfortunately did not prevail in the regional tournament. Finally, he noted that Ron McHenry who has been an assistant men's basketball coach and golf coach at the University for the past 11 years recently was named as the new head coach for the women's basketball program following the retirement of Patty Dick. He said Mr. McHenry rose to the top of a pool in a comprehensive search process involving members of the University community and Topeka at large and was chosen from a field of more than 60 applicants.

He also announced that Dean Alice Young, Dean of the School of Nursing, has announced her retirement. She has been on the University's campus since the early 1970s and is to be credited with the successes of the Nursing program.

He recognized and introduced the new president for the Washburn Student Association, Greg Youatt. Mr. Youatt introduced himself by noting he is a junior with a double major in marketing and management, coming to the University from St. Petersburg, South Africa. He said part of the focus of the W.S.A. administration this year will be to increase communication between the W.S.A. and all of the students on the campus as well as communication with faculty and administration. He said it's not that communications have been poor but that they could be improved.

President Farley also recognized former president of the Washburn Student Association, Tara Cunningham, who was recognized by the President as having done a wonderful job.

Finally, Dr. Farley reported that the Dancing Blues recently participated in a national contest and placed tenth nationally.

C. Treasurer's Report

1. Living Learning Center Progress Report

Vice President for Administration and Treasurer, Wanda Hill, updated a report on the project contained in the Board packet when delivered. She reported that the residential wings of the project are receiving the most attention and effort presently. The East/West wings are the furthest along with the first floor poured and piers for the second floor have been poured and the forms for the second floor level are being placed. The basement wall on the East has been put up and the North/South wing is following along. They expect to pour concrete for the North/South wing beginning on Friday. She said the project is approximately two weeks ahead of schedule.

Dr. Farley reported that a change order was recently approved by the Chair and Vice Chair of the Board. The change order was for the removal of four piers remaining from the former Carruth Hall project. The change order amount was $2,000. Chairperson Blair reminded members of the Board that any change order item below $25,000 required approval of the Chair and Vice Chair, with any above that amount requiring approval by the Board as a whole.


Vice President for Administration and Treasurer reported that an RFP for banking was released on Thursday, May 4. She said there will be a pre-bid conference held on Monday, May 15 and the bid opening to occur on June 16.

Vice President for Administration also introduced the new University Controller, Mary Lou Herring, noting that she has come to the University with very impressive credentials including an MBA and JD.

She next then moved to a discussion of items C.2. through 4. It was moved and seconded to accept items IV.C.2. through 4. Motion passed unanimously.

2. Depository Security Transactions

3. Liquidated Claims Approval - April, 2000

4. Public Fund Investments

It was moved and seconded to ratify the change order approval. Motion passed unanimously.

V. New Business

A. Action items

1. Budget

Chairperson Blair recognized Regent Dick as Chair of the Board Budget and Finance Committee.

Regent Dick reported that the budget for fiscal year 2001 is the most reviewed budget in his memory in his five years service to the Board. He said the process began last fall in discussions and subsequent meetings with the auditors and that the work began in earnest in the spring. He noted the committee had met four times this Spring with more than 12 hours of total time expended.

Regent Dick indicated the committee was guided by three principles. One, fiscal prudence and achievability; two, ensure strategic thrusts are in fact funded; and, three, focus on process for developing budget in the future in a manner which is prudent and appropriate but also avoiding micro management. He noted that because of scheduling problems, the last meeting of the budget committee in advance of presentation to the Board was scheduled for Friday last. He said members of the committee were anticipating a somewhat perfunctory meeting but after they began to discuss it there were some substantial changes made, not in substance but in efforts to make the budget more understandable. He said part of the problem is the institution has been bound by a legacy of its computer system and hampered in part by multiple reporting systems which make the budget look more like one of a municipality than a higher education institution and also being guided by the GASB reporting requirements. He said there is a six-month quiet period between the closure of the budget process and the beginning of a new budget which he would recommend the committee use to develop an annual budgeting schedule and to work with the administration to develop a budget format which would be intelligible to persons who are not trained accountants. He then turned the floor over to Vice President for Administration Hill.


As outlined in the PowerPoint presentation, Vice President Hill said the general fund budget for FY '01 is $46.55 million, an increase in revenue from the current fiscal year of $3.05 million and an increase in expenditures over the current fiscal year of $3.15 million. Tuition as a part of the revenue package is $18.5 million, an increase of approximately 4% over the current tuition rates. As shown in the PowerPoint presentation, tuition rates for fiscal year '01 would be: for undergraduate resident resident, $107; non-resident, $241; for graduate students - resident $145; non-resident, $298; School of Law - resident $274, non-resident, $427; and Plan 2+2, $140. There would be an increase in W.S.A. activity fee for students enrolling in six hours or more to $28, and for students five hours or less to $14 and a new $20 application fee.

The major items identified in the expenditures for fiscal year 2001 are an increase in the salary pool of $687,000; additional faculty salary merit increase pool of $300,000; OOE increase of 2% of $187,000; employee benefit cost of $616,000, all offset by permanent budget reductions, $424,000.

Strategic priorities identified in the expenditure section for fiscal year 2001 are: marketing/recruiting of $203,500; School of Business, $195,000; schoalrships, $140,000; leadership program, $100,000; student life, $100,000; web technicians, $80,000; and other programs, $156,660. In response to questions, Vice President Hill noted that the increase of $195,000 for the School of Business is largely intended to assist the school in its accreditation efforts, notably to faculty members. In the event the school is not successful in its accreditation efforts, these positions will be removed through attrition.

President Farley noted that several blue pages were circulated and inserted in the members board books and directed their attention particularly to page 122 of the new blue pages. He noted that the salary line for Ron McHenry as the new head coach for the women's basketball program shown on the newly inserted pages is $51,000. He then circulated a distribution range of the salary program for the faculty, noting there is a distribution and differentiation among the faculty. These were based upon the recommendations of department chairs and the vice president. He said it's a very good distribution and noted that there were a number of tough decisions to be made. He noted that the total pool awarded amounted to 6.27%. He also circulated pages showing the distribution for the non-academic increases, noting again there was a distinction and differentiation based upon the merit evaluations. It was moved and seconded to approve the Budget and Capital Projects from the Debt Retirement and Construction Fund agenda items. Motion passed with Regent Engel voting no.

Included in part by the adoption of the proposed FY '01 Operating Budget as presented is the proposed classified compensation schedule effective July 1, 2000 included as Exhibit 5 to the FY '01 Budget agenda item and change to the proposed increase in salary levels for University family premium contribution shown in Exhibit 6 to the agenda item. As part of the approval of the "Capital Projects from the Debt Retirement and Construction Fund" agenda item is a list of capital improvement projects for FY '01 appended to the agenda item captioned 'Washburn University list of Capital Improvements as of March 17, 2000'.


2. Ultrasound Certificate Program

It was moved and seconded to approve the Ultrasound Certificate Program. During discussion of the item the Dean of the School of Applied Studies, Dr. Willie Dunlap, noted that the school has a dozen hospitals with which the University is partnered which are providing $110,000 in funding for the first three years of the program. He said this is a program which fits very well with two of the other programs in the School of Applied Studies: radiation technology and radiation therapy. Motion passed unanimously.

3. Tenure and Promotion Recommendations

It was moved and seconded to award tenure and promotion as recommended in the agenda item. Motion passed unanimously.

As approved by the Board of Regents: Tenure was awarded to Barbara Bowman, Gloria Dye, Ross Friesen, Patricia Joyce, Diane McMillen, Cecil Schmidt and Bradley Siebert. Promotions were awarded as follows: Steve Angel to Associate Professor; Barbara Clark to Associate Professor; Donovan Cook to Associate Professor; Gloria Dye to Associate Professor; Donna LaLonde to Associate Professor; Marie Luce-Parker to Professor; Kevin McCarter to Assistant Professor; Judith McDonnell to Professor; Diane McMillen to Associate Professor; Kirt Saville to Professor; Russell Smith to Professor; and, Lee Snook to Associate Professor.

4. KBOR Equipment Grant Proposal

It was moved and seconded to approve the KBOR Equipment Grant Proposal as proposed in the agenda item. Motion passed unanimously.

5. Law School Asbestos Abatement, Project No. P-0020

It was moved and seconded to approve the award of contracts to Clean Air Environmental in the amount of $153,528; Bob Florence Contractor Inc. in the amount of $30,427; Heartland Electric in the amount of $25,790; Samco Inc. in the amount of $6,867; and, META Inc. in the amount of $4,240(estimate) for the asbestos program in the Law School, Project No. P-0020. Motion passed unanimously.

6. Posthumous Bachelor of Social Work

It was moved and seconded to approve the award of the Bachelor of Social Work degree to Ms. Charita Christian posthumously. Motion passed unanimously.

7. Faculty Personnel - Levine

It was moved and seconded to award the title of Professor Emeritus to Professor Bruce Levine. Motion passed unanimously.


8. Nursing Curriculum Revision, and

9. Population-Focused Cerficate Program in Public Health Nursing

It was moved and seconded to approve agenda items V.A.8. and 9. Motion passed unanimously.

C. Information Items

1. Mulvane/Art Building Committee

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ron Wasserstein, who has been serving as the Chair of the Mulvane Art Museum Capital Project Committee, made a PowerPoint presentation on the work of his committee in the past several months which depicted current art facilities in the Mulvane and Garvey complex as well as the Mulvane current office and use spaces in the same area.

Dr. Wasserstein said the committee's recommendation is for the construction of a new building to house the entire art program and for the Mulvane to use space vacated in Mulvane and Garvey primarily for use of the Mulvane Art Museum. He said the project would contemplate a new facility of approximately 20,000 gross square feet and 10,000 square feet of space in Garvey to be renovated for use by the Mulvane for an estimated total project cost for building and renovation equipment of approximately $4 million. Highlighting the capital projects planning process, he noted that the next stage of the process is for the Washburn Endowment Association to test the viability of fund raising for the project. Circulated during his PowerPoint presentation were two floor plans of the Mulvane/Garvey complex showing on one the current usage and on the other the proposed future usage.

2. Housing Committee

Board Chair Blair recognized Regent Dick as Chair of the Board's Housing Committee for the report.

Regent Dick noted that at the October meeting of the Board the Board voted to close Washburn Terrace as of the end of June 2001 and for the committee to assure adequate type of housing for family students are available. He said the committee and administration hired an outside consultant, which is Campus Housing Solutions Inc., who prepared a report based on housing demands. He noted that Campus Housing Solutions Inc. is engaged in the business of building and operating apartment style housing on University campuses. He said it was the consultant's conclusions that the real need of the University will be for an additional 200 beds for single students and availability of approximately 35 apartments for students with families and noted that the consultant's report recommended the placement of the additional 200 beds for students be placed as a 200-bedroom apartment complex in the current location of the Washburn Terrace. He said following the committee's discussions, it felt that the 200-bedroom apartment complex could be better located in the center of the campus which is perceived to be in the area of the Living/Learning Center and that that need would be in non-LLC type units.


Regent Dick said the committee essentially has four recommendations. The first is that the administration needs to plan proactively for additional housing in terms of more apartment style housing; second, the administration needs to proactively work with the surrounding community, particularly with respect to zoning, to expand housing availability off or adjacent to the campus; third, the administration needs to be working with the Greek system as an integral part of housing of traditional students; and, fourth, to ensure the affordability and accessibility of housing for students. He said in the context of the latter is that the Washburn Terrace is not representing on-going and future opportunity for affordable accessible housing and that the committee prefers that the private sector work with the University to solve these problems.

It was moved and seconded to recess to Executive Session for the purpose of discussing employer/employee negotiations and to reconvene in open session in the Kansas Room of the Memorial Union at 9:20 p.m. Motion passed unanimously. The Board recessed to Executive Session at 9:05 p.m.

At 9:20 p.m. the Board reconvened in open session in the Kansas Room of the Memorial Union.

It was moved and seconded to recess to Executive Session for the purpose of discussing the personal matter of not-elected personnel and to reconvene in open session in the Kansas Room of the Memorial Union not later than 10:30 p.m. Motion passed unanimously. The Board recessed to Executive Session in the Kansas Room at 9:20 p.m.

At 10:30 p.m. the Board reconvened in open session in the Kansas Room of the Memorial Union.

It was moved and seconded to adjourn. Motion passed. The meeting adjourned at 10:30 p.m.


Kenneth P. Hackler

Secretary, Board of Regents