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Scholarly Creative WTE: Funding information and applications

Funding is limited and grant applications are reviewed on a first come, first serve basis.  Apply as early as possible!

 2018-19 funding figure

STUDENTS:  Students who are completing a Scholarly or Creative WTE are eligible to apply for funding support.  The funds can be used to help a student complete their project (e.g., supplies).  Funds can also be used to pay for expenses related to travel, such as when a student attends a conference to present their Scholarly or Creative WTE project.  Students can apply for funds that would allow them to travel so that they can complete their project (e.g., traveling to an archive in Chicago).  Funding is meant to pay for things; students cannot apply for funds to be used as if they were getting paid to complete a WTE.

Maximum award amount = $1,000 (assuming funds are available)

Students are only eligible to receive WTE funding support once.  That is, if you previously received funds for an International Education WTE can not obtain funds for a Scholarly or Creative WTE project.

Need money only for a poster?  No problem.  Students can receive up to $85 for a poster printed at UMAPS (located in Morgan Hall, room 113).

  • Even if you have received any kind of WTE funding before, you are still eligible to receive money for a poster. 
  • Received poster money before?  No problem.  You can receive poster money for every WTE project you do.

FACULTY: Faculty may receive funds to cover their own personal travel expenses when they are accompanying a student who is presenting their Scholarly Creative project or when accompanying a student who is traveling so that they can complete a Scholarly or Creative WTE project.. If you are receiving funds from another source (e.g., your School or College, department), you may also obtain funding from the WTE to cover your travel expenses.  Faculty may only receive WTE travel support once per academic year.

Maximum award amount = $1,000 (assuming funds are available)

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