Washburn University is 1 of 10 colleges/universities in the entire United States who is a member of the Bonner High-Impact Institute!

The purpose of the High Impact initiative is to:

  • integrate academic work and community engagement
  • establish community partnership practices
  • develop higher-level student and faculty engagement to integrate public policy research, networking, and capacity building capabilities

This is clearly an initiative that will greatly serve our students and can serve and enhance a number of the majors and programs on our campus!

If you or your department are interested in learning more about how high-impact practices (HIPs) and high-impact community engagement practices (HICEPs) can drive deeper learning, engagement in the community, and change for campus-community partnerships, institutional structures, and co-created knowledge, I urge you to contact Rick Ellis (rick.ellis@washburn.edu or 670-2117).

Currently, Washburn University is in year 2 (of 3) of this initiative.  Be sure to stay tuned for some amazing news and opportunities!


  • Randy Pembrook (VPAA)
  • Joel Bluml (Dir. SRWC)
  • John Dahlstrand (Asst Dean SS&R)
  • Kathy Ure (SoN)
  • Kristine Hart (WU Community Services Coordinator)
  • Rick Ellis (Community Service WTE Area Director, Human Services/Director)
  • Darrin Whitegon (Community Partner)
  • Micaela Sands (student)
  • Emily Juhnke (student)

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