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Leadership Minor Electives

If students choose to pursue one of these tracks for the Leadership Studies Minor, they must complete two of the following courses in one track, one of which must be upper division (300 or 400 level). The elective courses chosen cannot be counted toward major requirements. For more information, check out Guidelines for the Minor.

*AN 336 / SO 336 Globalization
BI 203 Human Impact on the Environment
*CN 307 Communication in the Legal Process
*CN 361 Communication in Social Movements
*CN 364 Gender and Communication
HS 302 Social Change and Advocacy in Human Services
HS 355


IS 180 Peace, Justice, and Conflict Resolution
LE 399
Special Topics - Gender Leadeship
*MM 400 Media Effects
PH 102 Introduction to Moral Problems
PH 220 Logic
PO 352 Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
PO 395 Non-Profits Management
*PY 310 Social Psychology
*PY 325 Community Psychology
*SO 330 Crowds, Disasters, and Social Movements
*SO 338 / AN 338 Strategies for Social Change
*SW 326 Macro Human Behavior and the Social Environment 3
*SW 351 Social Policy and Program Analysis II

*Denotes courses that require completion of prerequisite course(s) prior to enrollment


AN 112 Cultural Anthropology
*AN 333 Culture and Personality
*BU 355 International Business
CJ 303 Diversity in American Culture
*CN 306 Health Communication
*CN 363 Intercultural Communication
EN 110 American Ethnic Literature
EN 133 Stories Around the World
*HI 329 The Civil Rights Movement
HS 325 Group Work in Human Services
HS 450

Multicultural Issues in Human Services

LE 399 Special Topics - Gender Leadership
PO 225 Introduction to International Politics
RG 102 World Religions
*SO 207 / AN 207 Race and Ethnic Group Relations
*SO 312 / AN 312 Culture, Health and Illness
TA 310

Technology and Society

*MM 485

International Media Systems 

*Denotes courses that require completion of prerequisite course(s) prior to enrollment

*CN 309 Political Communication
*HI 380 Women in World History
HS 445 Legal, Ethical, and Policy Issues in Human Services
*MS 301 Great Battle Campaigns
PO 106 The Government of the United States
PO 107 Kansas and the U.S State and Local Government
PO 235 Introduction to Comparative Politics
PO 245 Introduction to Public Administration
PO 321 The Presidency
*PO 337 Religions and Politics
*PO 338 Contemporary American Politics

*Denotes courses that require completion of prerequisite course(s) prior to enrollment

*BU 342 Organization and Management
*BU 345 Human Resources Management
*BU 346 Organizational Behavior
*BU 355 International Business
CN 101 Principles and Practices of Human Communication
*CN 308 Organizational Communication
*CN 309 Political Communication
*CN 330 Communication in Conflict and Negotiation
*CN 341 Persuasive Speaking
*CN 342 Small Group Communication
*CN 351 Interpersonal Communication
*CN 361 Communication in Social Movements
CN 363 Intercultural Communication
CN 365 Business and Professional Presentation
*CN 366 Nonverbal Communication
*CN 370 Training and Development
*MM 300 Mass Media Law
*MM363 Promotions Writing
MM400 Media Effects
MM 411 Entrepreneurial Media
*MM 420 Public Relations II
*MM485 International Media Systems

*Denotes courses that require completion of prerequisite course(s) prior to enrollment

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