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Chelsea Newman

This is the picture I am going to use to show me. I love this picture because this also shows my host parents standing beside me. They took care of me for a whole month. Cleaning, cooking, and driving me to the bus on the day I left. I miss them every day. (I gave my host dad the Ichabod shirt. He never wanted to take it off).


A Summer To Remember

Coming to Washburn last year I never thought I would ever be able to go to another country. I went to the Study Abroad fair and sign my name down to find out more information on studying in Spain. Not too long after I found myself on a plane heading to Madrid. We landed in Madrid, Spain and took a bus to Salamanca. When we got off the bus we were greeted by our host parents. They took us home and got us unpacked.

Over the weeks I attended classes and was able to explore the city. Every weekend our month-long tour guide took us on excursions to different places. We were also able to visit different cities close to Salamanca. We learned about the towns’ history and background. One of the biggest historic sight is the Plaza Mayor, historically comparable to Topeka’s Capital building. The Plaza Mayor wraps around the middle of the city and holds different stores such as ice cream shops, tobacco stores, and different restaurants. In the past it use to be used as an arena for bull fights.

I concurred things in Salamanca I never thought I would be able too. I had so many people help me in getting to Spain that I felt obligated to do things that I found very difficult. I am not a type of person that someone would call, “physically fit” and on the first day I was challenged by choosing to climb up an 18 story cathedral or to stay on the ground and miss the beautiful city from above. Needless to say I faced the cathedral and seen the most amazing sight I have ever seen, I felt like I could overcome any difficult activity that my class was able to do. This trip made me grow up as a person and a student in ways I cannot explain. I enjoyed every moment of this trip and I light up whenever I get the chance to share my trip with anyone who wants to listen.

I hope whomever sees my essay and pictures gets a glimpse of what I was able to see when I was really there. Even though these pictures show the parts of Salamanca, Spain that I thought were the best, no picture can come close to bringing the experience any justice.



On one of the hottest days in Salamanca the children got together to cool off in the park. I passed this fountain on the walk to my host house every day after class.

This picture was taken at the cathedral of me and my entire group and our teacher that went to Spain with us. This is the cathedral I spoke about in my essay with 18 stories.

This picture was taken during the last week of the trip when we went to the top of a smaller cathedral on the opposite side of the town.

This is a picture of what the Plaza Mayor looks like today. I spoke on the Plazas history a little bit in my essay.

This is a castle in the city of Segovia, which is a city near Salamanca. This castle is the same castle that Walt Disney used while illustrating Cinderella’s Castle in the Disney movie Cinderella.

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