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Lon Talbert

Lon Talbert


Healthy, Hopeful, and Hurting

Cuba is a land of healthy, hopeful, and hurting peoples. Free health care and education is available for all citizens. There is hope in the hearts of the people I met, for an open relationship with the people of the United States. Most Cubans are hurting for basic needs and turn to the underground black market for goods. The embargo dose not just hurt the economy of Cuba but all the residents of Cuba.  I was able to visit the hotel where Ernest Hemingway stayed and most assuredly wrote a poem or two. I also felt the craving to write my feelings.

The Place Where Hemingway Stayed

As I sit at Hotel Ambos Mundos the air is as refreshing as the open cut pineapple pina colada of which one cannot get enough. The cervezas are plenty the people are friendly. I see the most beautiful old city in all of the world for many are as if they have seen the cost of a revolution. Yet they stand proud in their history and ever hopeful in a restored future. The old fort still going strong and keeping safe a place that needs only to be protected from its history for the enemy of yesterday is a friend today. I sit in a place where I am high above men yet few if any recognize what observes them. Where only the informed enjoy and keep their secrets of this heavenly place. The longer one stays the sooner it rains but evermore the view remains, in the place where Hemingway stayed.


Photo 1
This picture represents the hope and possibilities of open travel to Cuba. (click for larger image)


Photo 2

My prayer over the entire country of Cuba as I am in hope of a flourishing economy with balanced distribution of wealth. (The Hotel National)


Photo 3
The view from atop Hotel Ambos Mundos (the place where Hemingway stayed) in Havana, Cuba.


Photo 4
Children at Escuela Primaria Angel Ameijeiras Deldado. Happy and Hopeful.


Photo 5
A picture of the desire for better US-Cuban relations.


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