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Jinging Wu

Jinging Wu


C'est La Vie

            “What? You are going to France? You should watch “Taken” at least before you go!”  My best friend was freaking out when I told her that I was going to study in France for half a month. At the same time, my dear study abroad advisors were recommending various French sites they had been to, and the delicacy they were longing to. However, I was so occupied with my summer classes at Washburn that I did not learn enough surviving French. As shown in Picture 1, my destination didn’t look that dangerous to live at.

           As soon as I deported the flight, my panic started. Struggling with my dignity and poor French for two hours, I finally arrived at the train station by asking no less than ten people. I was exhausted of walking with my luggage and tiered of the jetlag, so I stopped at a seafood restaurant for a rest, and of course French delicacy. Who knew it was not a rest at all? All dishes in menu were in French! The “worst” and the most challenging part was the served oyster that I ordered was raw! Oh God, forgive me! I could even hear the poor oyster’s heartbreaking sound, as well as mine.

The Business Study Program did not start until the weekend that all of us had arrived at the château. I believed the château must exist in a fairy tale; however, we stayed there for 10 days somehow. During this weekend, we visited Dinan for traditional crêpe, cider and cappuccino. We also boated on the city river, toured in an oyster rising farm, hiked barefoot for nine-thousand meters to Saint-Malo, fought and played with quick sand, which could swallow anything. And the most important, we enjoyed talking with all the participants in the program. We laughed until tears were coming out. We remembered each other’s names until the smiley faces of those name owners were carved in our heart. We splurged the intense happiness as if Mr. Time quit his job forever until the first day of the program began.   

The program week went even faster than the weekend because our schedule was packed with surprise and joy. We had mystery business lessons every morning, painted on paper pizzas and doodled on those of others. We talked open with our partners, played Prisoner’s Dilemma and an England card game. In the last two days, we developed promotion for a silver box with two CDs in, and performed our presentations for it. It was a presentation contest but it seemed nobody cared about the result. We enjoyed the process of completing and polishing the final projects and cherished the last day we could spend together.  

Whenever I review those program pictures, mist always comes to my eyes with smile on my face. Someone softly whispers in my ear, "C'est La Vie. Times like these, are memories, to hold deep down inside of you..."


Photo 1Saint-Malo after Sunset


Photo 2


Photo 3
9K Hiking & Quick Sand Fight


Photo 4
The Full Family


Photo 5
Jump After Final Presentation

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