Description of Sociology

Sociology is the “study of social life, and the social causes and consequences of human behavior” ( Sociologists study topics from welfare to health care reform, from organized religion to cults, from poverty to concentrations of wealth, from war to natural disasters, from aging to population change, from social media to music and film, from deviance to social order, from law to crime, from divisions of race/class/gender to shared cultural meanings. Students may go on to careers in areas such as social services (juvenile justice system, battered women shelters, disaster planning/relief), administrative support (information technology, human resources, employee training), social science researcher and/or analyst, law, education (graduate school, professor), marketing (copy writing, technology or software), and law enforcement.


Departmental Requirements

SO 100 (Introduction to Sociology)

SO 101 (American Social Problems)

AN 112 (Cultural Anthropology)

SO 360 (Sociological Theory)

SO 362 (Methods of Social Research)

SO 207 (Race/Ethnic Group Relations) or SO 310 (Social Class in the U.S.)

SO 304 (Family) or SO 306 (Law and Society) or SO 314 (Organizations) or SO 315 (Sociology of Sport)

or SO 318 (Sociology of Religion) or SO 377 (Sociology of Education)

SO 305 (Criminology) or SO 309 (Deviance)

SO or AN elective

SO upper division elective

SO upper division elective


- Need 33 semester hours in the department, 18 must be upper division

- Students majoring in Sociology may minor in Anthropology

- All major and minor courses must be “C” or better

- Students interested in graduate study are strongly encouraged to take a statistics course


Minor in Sociology

The minor in Sociology consists of 15 credit hours. SO 100 (Introduction to Sociology) is required, along with 12 other hours, 6 hours of which have to be upper division. One of the upper division courses must have been completed at WU.


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