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Public Administration and Certificate of Non-Profit Management

Degrees and Certificates

The Bachelor’s in Public Administration (BPA) emphasizes Public and Non-Profit Management. The Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA) degree leads to employment in state or local governments, non-profit agencies, the national government, or certain aspects of business relating to human resources management, government relations or government regulations. The BPA degree requires 24credit hours of cognate courses 15 of which fulfill general education requirements, and not more than 40 political science and public administration credit hours as described below. The Department is active in seeking internships in public and non-profit agencies for Juniors and Seniors, leading in many cases to full-time employment.

I. Required Courses for the BPA Major (27 to 30 credit hours):

     PO 107 American State and Local Government

     PO 245 Intro to Public Administration

          (sometime within the first 12 credit hours of the major)

     PO 305 Public Policy

     PO 307 Internship (3 or 6 credit hours)

     PO 390 Applied Political Research

     PO 391 Public Personnel Administration

     PO 393 Public Budgeting

     PO 394 Public Management Techniques

     PO 401 Program Evaluation


     HS 495 Admin. And Eval. Of Human Service Programs

 II. PO Electives for the BPA (9 to 12 credit hours): 

     PO 306 Urban-Metropolitan Government

     PO 308 Federalism and Public Policies

     PO 343 Administrative Law

     PO 346 Special Topics ( 3 to 6 credit hours total)

     PO 395 Non-Profits Management

III. Non-PO Cognate Courses for the BPA:

Students must take the following courses in the General Education Curriculum: EC 200, EC 201, PY 100, CN 101, and SO 101. These courses also count towards fulfilling the General Education and elective requirements of the University. Students must also take CM 101, AC 224 Financial Accounting, and CN 300 Organizational Communication OR CN 350 Persuasion (Prerequisite CN 101).

The Certificate of Non-Profit Management is offered jointly with the Department of Human Services. The Certificate of Non-Profit Management is valuable for individuals who seek manager positions or advancement into the field of non-profit agencies (United Way, YMCA, etc). The Certificate is offered in three ways: A. ON-LINE, B. to any on-campus student with any Major, or C. with fewer required hours as a Major in Public Administration who Minors in Human Services, or a Human Services Major who Minors in Public Administration.

Option A. Available ON-LINE to working adults in any outlying location by the Internet, or through campus courses (see list of 9 courses in the Option B paragraph immediately below)


Option B. Add to any Major or graduate program, with the following courses: English 100. HS 100 Orientation to Human Services; HS 445 Legal and Ethical Issues; HS 302 Social change and Advocacy; PO 245 Intro to Public Administration; PO 393 Public Budgeting, or PO 346 Non-Profit Fundraising; PO 395 Non-Profit Management; PO 401Program Evaluation, or HS 495 Admin and Evaluation of Human Services; PO 307/HS 481 Internship 3 to 6 credit hours.

Total of 27-30 credit hours (9 courses)

Option C. 6 courses (18 hours). For any Majors in Public Administration who Minor in Human Services, or any Majors in Human Services who Minor in Public Administration, as follows:

Any Human Services Major with this Minor in Public Administration: 

     PO 245 Intro to Public Administration

     PO 346 Non-Profit Fundraising

     PO 391 Public Personnel Administration

     PO 393 Public Budgeting and Grants

     PO 394 Public Management Techniques

     PO 395 Non-Profit Management

Any Public Administration Major with this Minor in Human Services:

  • HS 100 Orientation to Human Services
  • HS 300 Prevention in Human Services
  • HS 302 Social Change and Advocacy
  • HS 305 Case Management
  • HS 330 Theories of Intervention
  • HS 445 Legal and Ethical Issues in Human Services

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