An alternative program to the Bachelor of Science described above is the Bachelor of Science in General Science. A student may elect this program by substituting the following requirements for the major and minor requirements listed above. The candidate must take at least eight hours of course work in each of the subject areas of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Information Sciences, Mathematics and Physics/Astronomy. These hours must be in courses that would count toward a major in each of the respective departments. Also, an additional 20 hours of course work that would be appropriate for majors in the listed departments must be completed by the student, at least 12 hours of which must be in upper division courses. Students desiring middle school teaching certification in General Science should contact the certification office in the Department of Education for specific requirements relative to that certification. Candidates for this program should meet with the chairperson of the Natural Science and Mathematics division no later than their third semester to complete a declaration of major card.

For additional information contact:

Dr. Susan Bjerke, Associate Professor of Biology,Chairperson of the Natural Science and Mathematics Division
Stoffer Science Hall, 203F

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