A bachelor of arts degree in economics from Washburn combines a broad general education with a strong foundation in economics. You will achieve this by taking courses from the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Business. A Bachelor of Arts in Economics is a strong stand-alone degree or an excellent choice for double-majors, based on your interest and goals.

In the economics courses you will learn to:

  • Find facts and interpret them consistent with economic thinking;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how decision-makers allocate scarce resources to achieve economic efficiency;
  • Apply economic tools to analyze decisions made by consumers, firms and policy makers; and
  • Use economic models to analyze the impact of various fiscal, monetary and trade policies on a nation's economy.

Specific coursework for the BA in economics will include:

  • University requirements (WU 101, English 101 + 300, Math 112/116) and Math 141 (Applied Calculus I) or higher
  • 24 credit hours must be in economics courses and must include Economics 201, 202, 211, 300 and 301
  • 15 credit hours in economics will be at 300 or 400 level
  • 84 credit hours will be outside your major
  • 45 credit hours will be 300 or 400 level courses
  • 15 credit hours will be in arts and humanities
  • 15 credit hours will be in the social sciences
  • 12 credit hours will be natural science and mathematics
  • A 102 level language course or the equivalent
  • A minimum grade point average of 2.0 earned in the 200-level economics courses is required before continuing to the 300-level courses.
  • undergraduate catalog


  • Courses in mathematics, political science, history, sociology, psychology and philosophy are encouraged.
  • Consider a minor in mathematics if you’re planning graduate study in economics.
  • Always work with your advisor to ensure you are meeting all degree requirements. 

Honors in Economics:

Students seeking a bachelor of arts in economics who meet the following criteria can earn Honors in Economics:

  • Earn a grade point average of at least 3.50 in all economics courses applied to the BA degree
  • Demonstrate superior research and/or independent study skills while enrolled in Economics 405 
    • Be prepared to share all requested academic data and copies of written work for Economics 405 with the School of Business
    • Be approved for honors designation by a two-thirds vote of the School of Business faculty. 
      • Remember to submit written notice of intent to graduate with honors to the dean’s office early in your final semester.

Minor in Economics

Any Washburn student can earn a minor in economics by completing:

  • Economics 200 and 201,
  • 9 hours of economics coursework at the 300- and 400-level and
  • an approved course in statistics.

For help in determining your degree track please make an appointment with an advisor every semester. Freshman and sophomore students should visit with Stacy Woltje, School of Business advisor.

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