Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Rehabilitation Science

The Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Rehabilitation Science is for students desiring to pursue graduate or professional school in healthcare of exercise related fields such as athletic training, exercise physiology, physical therapy, nutrition science/dietetics, occupational therapy, chiropractic and cardiac rehabilitation. This degree is designed to prepare you to meet many of the prerequisite courses necessary for application to graduate level professional degree programs.

For a complete description of the individual classes, go to the course catalog at:

Academic Catalog

(Note, this link opens a pdf file of the entire undergraduate catalog in a new window.  When it opens, if you click on the ribbon icon in the upper right corner, it will open a page index.  If you click on any of the arrows, it will open a sub-menu for that section.  If you click on College of Arts and Sciences, you can then scroll down to the Mass Media Department and click on that link to open the course listing for Mass Media.)

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