Thomas Prasch (WU 1997- )

Professor and Chair
BA 1974 University of Nebraska; MA 1977 University of Nebraska; PhD 1995 Indiana University
Teaching fields: Europe, Victorian Britain, World Survey
Research fields: Victorian England
Department Office/Phone: HC 311-A: (785) 670-1892

"All the Strange Facts": Alfred Russell Wallace's Spiritualism & Evolutionary Thought (excerpt from "Perplext in Faith" Essays on Victorian Beliefs and Doubts)

A Strange Incongruity: The Imaginary India of the International Exhibitions

Eating the World: London in 1851

Ethnicity as Marker in Henry Mayhew's London Labour and the London Poor (from "Fear, Loathing, and Victorian Xenophobia)

"Oy, Have You Got the Wrong Vampire" Dislocation, Comic Distancing, and Political Critique in Roman Polanski's The Fearless Vampire Killer (1967) [from The Laughing Dead]

"Radiation's Rising, But One Mustn't Grumble Too Much" Nuclear Apocalypse Played as Farce in Richard Lester's The Bed Sitting Room (1969) [from The Apocalypse in Film]


Rachel Goossen (WU 2000- )

BA 1982, Bethel College; MA 1984, University of California (Santa Barbara); PhD 1993, University of Kansas
Teaching fields: Modern US History, US Women, Secondary Education (History & Social Sciences)
Research fields: U.S. Women's History; Peace History, Conscientious Objection; Mennonite History
Department Office/phone: HC 311-D; (785) 670-1762

Rachel Goossen CV
Defanging the Beast: Mennonite Responses to John Howard Yoder's Sexual Abuse
Disarming the Toy Store and Reloading the Shopping Cart: Resistance to Violent Culture
"Like Entering an Armed Camp" Peacemaker Teams and the Language of Violent-Toy Protests

Mennonite Bodies, Sexual Ethics: Women Challenge John Howard Yoder

Kim Morse

Kim Morse (WU 2003- )

BA University of Kansas; MA 1995 Indiana University; PhD 2000 University of Texas, Austin
Teaching fields: Latin American history, Latin American Indigenous and Religious history, Borderlands, World survey
Research fields: 19th-century Venezuela
Department Office/Phone: HC 311-B; (785) 670-2059


Alan Bearman (WU 2003- )

Professor and Dean of University Libraries
BA 1998 Murray State University; BS 1999 University of Kentucky; MA Murray State 2000; PhD 2005 Kansas State University
Teaching fields: Colonial and Revolutionary America, History of Christianity, American Religious History, Reformation
Research fields: Anglo-American Christianity, Colonial America
Department Office/phone: HC 311C; (785) 670-1855


Kerry Wynn (WU 2006- )

Associate Professor
BA 1998 Bradley University; PhD 2005, University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana)
Teaching fields: Women, Native-American, U.S. Survey
Research fields: Women & Gender
Department Office/Phone: HC 311-P; (785) 670-2062


Bruce Mactavish (WU 1998- )

Assistant Professor and Associate Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences
BA 1983, Furman University; MA 1988, PhD 1993; University of Mississippi
Teaching fields: Civil War, African-American, US survey
Research fields: 19th-century South, rural communities
Department Office/Phone: HC 311-F; (785) 670-2063
CAS Associate Dean Assignment: beyond his regular teaching duties, Dr. Mactavish also serves as an Associate Dean in the College of Arts & Sciences


Kelly Erby (WU 2011- )

Assistant Professor
BA 2004 The Ohio State University; MA 2007 Emory University; PhD 2012 Emory University
Teaching fields: U.S. history; social and cultural history; race and ethnicity; gender; urban-development
Research fields: nineteenth-century social and cultural history
Department Office/Phone: HC 311-O; (785) 670-2018


Anthony Silvestri (WU-2008- )

BA 1987 Loyola Marymount University; MA 1992 University of Southern California; PhD 1995 University of Southern California
Teaching fields: World history survey, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Medieval Europe, Traditional Japan
Research fields: Medieval Manuscripts, Intellectual History, Ancient Religions
Department Office/Phone: HC 311-C; (785) 670-1862

Department staff

Robin Shrimplin
Senior Administrative Assistant
Department Location/Phone: HC 311 main office; (785) 670-2060

Adjunct Faculty

Sara Tucker (WU 1975-2009)

Professor Emerita
AB 1968 Oberlin College; MA 1975; PhD 1982 Indiana University (Bloomington)
Teaching fields: China, Middle East, Women, World Survey.
Research fields: 19th-20th century women; teaching and computer technology
WU Contact Information: email preferred, or leave message at (785) 670-2060 

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Emeriti Faculty 

William Wagnon (WU 1968-2008)
Professor Emeritus 

Kennett Cott (WU 1969-2003)
Professor Emeritus

Marilyn Geiger (WU 1962-2000)
Professor Emeritus

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