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Pre-Pharmacy Requirements

[Students interested in the Pre-Pharmacy program should also consider pursuing the A.A. degree in Laboratory Science.]

The following requirements and recommendations are for the University of Kansas School of Pharmacy admission requirements. Other pharmacy schools have similar requirements, but inquiry should be made to ensure compliance.

First Year

Fall Semester

Course Number  Course  Credit Hours
CH 151  Fundamentals of Chemistry I  5
BI 102  General Cellular Biology  5
EN 101  Freshman Composition  3
WU 101 Washburn Experience 3

Spring Semester

Course Number  Course  Credit Hours
CH 152  Fundamentals of Chemistry II  5
BI 255 Human Physiology 4
MA 151 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I 5
SO 100 Introduction to Sociology 3

Second Year

Fall Semester

Course Number  Course  Credit Hours
CH 340  Organic Chemistry I  3
CH 342  Organic Chemistry Lab I  2
BI 301  General Microbiology  4
EN ---  Course in Literature 3
PS 261 College Physics I 5
Elective 1

Spring Semester

Course Number  Course  Credit Hours
CH 341  Organic Chemistry II  3
CH 343  Organic Chemistry Lab II  2
BI 250 Introduction to Human Anatomy 3
MA 140 Statistics 3
AN 112 Cultural Anthropology 3
CN 150 Public Speaking 3

Other Requirements

The plan provided assumes a student enters Washburn University with a Math ACT score of 28 or higher to satisfy the prerequisite requirements for MA151.  A lower score will most likely require additional coursework.  It is strongly advised that you visit with the Pre-Pharmacy (AA in LS) advisor to work through your individual situation.

Associate of Arts in Laboratory Science (AA in LS)

Students will complete all requirements for the AA in LS which will automatically satisfy the KU General Education Core Goals 1-3.  The courses SO 100 and AN 112 are needed to satisfy the KU General Education Core Goal 4.

All goals and learning outcomes of the KU Core, must be satisfied as a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree requirement.

General Studies

A minimum of 68 credit hours of eligible Pre-Pharmacy coursework must be completed prior to matriculation into the professional curriculum of the KU School of Pharmacy.  Activity courses in physical education or the arts (music, theater, etc.) may not be counted as part of the 68 hour minimum.

Please Direct Questions to

Dr. Shaun Schmidt, Pre-Pharmacy Advisor, 785-670-2265

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