ACS Full-Year General Chemistry Exam

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chemistry Department has temporarily suspended the American Chemical Society (ACS) General Chemistry Exam prerequisite requirement for students who will be taking CH 320 Analytical Chemistry, CH 340 Organic Chemistry I, or CH 350 Biochemistry I in Fall 2020.




All students who take core foundational courses in the Chemistry curriculum must demonstrate knowledge of fundamental chemistry content by scoring at the 40th national percentile or higher on the full year American Chemical Society (ACS) General Chemistry Exam, as a prerequisite for the following courses: CH 320 Analytical Chemistry, CH 340 Organic Chemistry I, CH 350 Biochemistry I, CH 381 Physical Chemistry I, and CH 386 Inorganic Chemistry.  Students who are enrolled in CH 152 Fundamentals of Chemistry II take this exam for the final exam of the course.  Below is a list of scheduled dates/times below for students to take (or re-take) this exam at the Center for Prior Learning and Testing (located in Mabee Library, Rm 218) at no cost to the student.  The Center for Prior Learning and Testing can also administer the exam on an individual basis on other dates at a cost of $25.00 per exam.



To schedule for an exam date, individuals should call the Center for Prior Learning and Testing at 785-670-1227, or come by the office located in Mabee Library, Rm 218.  Students may also complete the online Testing Services Request Form to schedule an appointment. 

Sign up deadline will be two days before the actual test date.

A few additional notes:

1)     The best preparation for this exam is a rigorous, college level general chemistry course.  If this is not sufficient, a standard general chemistry textbook would be a helpful resource.  Tutoring is available both through the Chemistry Department and Mabee Library during the Fall and Spring semesters.  In addition, there are Study Guides published by the Exams Institute of the American Chemical Society available on reserve in Mabee Library.

2)     The content on the exam is aligned with the content presented in CH 151/152 Fundamentals of Chemistry I/II which is aligned with the student learning outcomes specified in the articulation agreement between Kansas Board of Regents schools.

3)     Students will be allowed to take the exam three times in a calendar year to meet the 40th percentile requirement. 

4)     The exam is 110 to 120 minutes in length (depending on the version) and will require a number 2 pencil.  Scrap paper and a non-programmable calculator will be provided.  Students will not be allowed to use their own calculator.

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