Degree Works FAQ

Processing the Audit

What will my audit look like on Degree Works?

Degree Works opens automatically to the Student View of your degree audit. Your audit is organized into blocks (sections) of requirements based on your degree program(s). Hover your mouse over the requirements to determine areas that you can click on for more information such as course numbers and attributes. If you see an * that means there is a prerequisite (a course you need to take and pass first); click on the course subject and number to view the prerequisites. As you register for courses and complete requirements, they are tracked on the audit. Refer to the legend that’s located at the left and bottom of the audit.

How often should I review the Degree Works degree audit?

At least four times a term. You should review your worksheet at the following times:

  1. Before you meet with your advisor.
  2. After you register to ensure the courses apply to your requirements as you expected.
  3. After your grades are posted.
  4. Any time you make changes to your schedule.

It’s important to review your audit frequently, especially before and after you schedule courses or receive grades. This helps ensure you are taking the correct courses and are on track to graduate on time.

*Remember: Changing your registration or completing a course with a grade lower than the minimum required for a requirement may impact your degree progress.

If I think my audit is incorrect, whom do I contact?

Your academic advisor is your primary point of contact. If your advisor determines that your audit is incorrect, he/she will contact the Registrar for assistance.

Where can I see my audit for my second degree?

Degree Works is designed to show a listing of your degree programs in the grid of student information near the top of your degree audit. Additionally, each program is broken out into individual requirement blocks within the audit. Students pursuing simultaneous degrees will need to click on the Degree drop-down box at the top of the audit in order to view additional audits for each type of degree being pursued.

Multiple degrees of the same type will appear on one audit. For example, all in-progress BA degrees will show on one audit. However, if you are also pursuing a different degree type, a BS for example, it will appear on a separate audit. Click the Degree drop-down arrow at the top of your first audit screen to see additional audits for multiple degree types.

How do I know what courses I need to take?

Your audit will outline for you courses that are still needed to meet degree program requirements within each specific block. You may then use this information to discuss your plan with your academic advisor.

What do the symbols in Degree Works mean?

@=represents a wildcard; it means “any”


EN @=Any English (EN) course

@ 300=Any SUBJECT but the course number must be 300.

A colon (:)=represents a range. For example, instead of writing every course number between 200 and 499, a colon is used to show this in a more simple way.

MA 200:499=Any Mathematics (MA) course with a course number between 200 and 499.

Can I see the description of a course, its prerequisites, or its co-requisites from within Degree Works?

Yes. Click on the desired course on the audit and a portion of the catalog will open up with the course description, credits, prerequisites, and co-requisites (if they are required). Hovering over the course will display the title and credits of the course. Any class that has an asterisk (*) has a prerequisite.

Why isn’t there a check mark next to a requirement I’ve already completed?

Your academic advisor is your primary point of contact. If your advisor determines that your audit is incorrect, he/she will contact the University Registrar's Office for assistance.

Is there an easy-to-view list of all classes I have taken?

Yes. On the degree audit, click the Course History link located near the top of the audit. Degree Works uses the information that is current for your transcript. You will be able to view any courses that have been completed/registered for/transferred by the date your audit was last refreshed. (Data is refreshed nightly.) Keep in mind that any transfer work or grade changes that have not been formally submitted and accepted will not appear on your audit.

Where can I find my degree program GPA?

Your degree program GPA is a calculated GPA based on coursework used to fulfill just the program requirements. This GPA will appear on the title ribbon of the program block (section). Additionally, depending upon your college, the program GPA may also include courses that potentially could have been used within the program block but were not needed to fulfill specific requirements.

I see several special blocks at the bottom of my degree audit. What are those?

Any or all of the following may appear at the bottom of an audit:

Electives: Courses that are counting as additional electives toward your degree. Courses here are above the minimum requirements of your specific program but are still used in earning your degree. 

Not Counted: Coursework that is not being used toward earning your degree.

Insufficient: Courses that have grades insufficient for meeting either general education requirements, University requirements, or specific program requirements.

In-Progress: A list of any courses currently being taken or that the student is pre-registered for. These courses will also be listed in other blocks (sections) throughout the audit.

Why isn’t my transfer work meeting a requirement?

There could be several reasons, as follows:

  1. The course did not meet the minimum number of credits required.
  2. The course did not meet the minimum grade requirement for your program of study.
  3. The requirement may state that the course must be taken at WU.
  4. All requirements have been met and this course is simply not needed.
  5. The course may not be equivalent to the WU course.

*Contact your academic advisor if you need further help.

If I withdraw from a class, will that be reflected in my audit?

Yes. Courses from which you have withdrawn will appear in the Insufficient block toward the end of your audit.

Degree Works placed one of my courses in two different places on my audit. Is that okay?

In most cases, yes. It is programmed to recognize that some courses may be used to fulfill more than one requirement. Contact your advisor for further confirmation.

My advisor told me that a course I took would be substituted to fulfill a requirement. Why doesn’t this information appear on my audit?

You should contact your advisor to resolve any substitutions, waivers or exceptions.

If all of the boxes are checked on my audit, does that mean I’m graduating?

Not necessarily. If you have applied to graduate, the University Registrar's Office will perform a preliminary audit of your coursework prior to the add/drop period of your final semester and a final audit after all final grades have been submitted to determine if you are eligible to graduate. Missing requirements will be communicated to you via your Washburn email.

Why are some pages not showing on my PDF view of printout?

Degree Works relies on your internet browser and its Adobe plug-ins for the PDF view and printout. Please make sure you are on the latest version available for both. If you need assistance, please contact the Technology Support Center at: Phone: 785-670-3000, email:, Location: Bennett Computer Center room 104. See their website for their hours.