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Academic History

Ph.D.  University of Michigan, Business Administration (Statistics and Management Science) 1973
M.B. A. Northwestern University 1968
B.S. University of Notre Dame

Professor, School of Business, Washburn University 1987
Associate Professor, School of Business, Washburn University 1983-1987

Scholarly Interests/Activities
Inventory Theory, Economic Order Quantity
RFID chips
Sustainable Development and Wireless Technology in Rural Kanas
Medieval Studies (hobby)Horatio Alger, Jr
Service Interests/Activities
LGBT issues in Diversity
Faculty Senate
Emergency Management
Career Accomplishments
Herrick Award for University Service (2005)
LGBT Award for Community Service (2010)  
“Brewster Revisited” with Mary Roach, Dime Novel Round UpVol 71, No. 2 April, 2002 (April, 2002), pp 39-53
“High Eccentricity EOQ Total Cost Function Yields JIT Results” FACES Vol. 9, No. 2 (April/June, 2010)
"A Cost Model for Offshore Outsourcing: TLCM" w. Thomas Clevenger  Operations Management Education Review No. 5 (2012)
Contributions to the Theory of Life Insurance Reserves  by August Zillmer (1863) (translated by Bill Roach and Gunnar  Alksnis) ARCH 2002,   (
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