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Shawnee County students receive scholarships to Washburn

Students residing in Shawnee County have been awarded scholarships by Washburn University. Students, who were able to attend, were recognized for their achievements at a recent scholarship banquet.

Students are listed below by their school and the scholarships they have been awarded. Information about each scholarship can be found below.

Cair Paravel-Latin School: Zoey Brandt, Academic; Bridgett Cornwell, academic and Presidential

Hayden High School: Bridgette Befort, Academic and Garvey; Jared Bishop, Academic; Blake Hunter, Academic; Hayley Meier, Academic and Presidential; Breann Penrod, Academic; Ryan Spellman, Academic, Garvey and Presidential; Brandon Stewart, Academic; Rebecca Townsend, Academic; Joshua Tryon, Academic; Blaine Wells, Academic

Heritage Christian School: Kosten Ward, Academic

Highland Park High School: Maria Avila-Dominguez, Wiseman; Makayla Babcock, Academic, Presidential and Wiseman; Monica Beltran, Wiseman; Melody Gage, Wiseman; Jesus Gallegos, Academic and Wiseman; Destini Gillian, Wiseman; Amber Hollenbeck, Wiseman; Corey Jackson, Wiseman; Esperanza Johnson, Wiseman; Abbiegale Jordan, Presidential and Wiseman; Alexus Lacy, Wiseman; Sara Montoya, Wiseman; Isaiah Nance, Wiseman; De’Janaya Praylow, Wiseman; Nancy Raska, Wiseman; Violeta Retana, Wiseman

Home school: McKenzie Butcher, Academic and Garvey; Rose Klaske, Academic

Rossville High School: Sydney Marney, Presidential; Karey Sublett-Nichols, Academic;

Seaman High School: Chandler Bush, Academic; Kailee Calhoun, Academic and Garvey; Justin Carson, Academic; Tate Emert, Academic; Christopher Etzel, Academic; Benjamin Etzel, Academic; Jaimie Hayes, Academic; Emily Kobzar, Academic and Garvey; Patrick Orton, Academic; Garrett Pepper, Academic; Paul Priddy, Academic; Todd Rilinger, Academic; Breanna Schmidt, Academic; Madeline Schreiner, Academic and Presidential; Kenton Schuh, Academic, Garvey, Presidential and Wiseman; Reagan Shore, Academic; Brooke Stueve, Academic; Kara Tanner, Academic; Cody Thompson, Academic; Teagan Thompson, Academic; Dawson Wienck, Academic

Shawnee Heights High School: Shelby Dodds, Academic; John Fitzgerald, Academic; Joshau Habig, Academic; Leandra Hamm, Academic; Zairilys Herrera, Academic and Presidential; Austin Haggins, Academic; Brittany Lang, Academic; Brett Lytle, Academic and Garvey; Jayson Maendele, Academic; Victoria McManus, Academic; Sarah Morgan, Academic; Audrey Mott, Academic; Shawn Oliver, Presidential; Jenna Reed, Academic; Gabriela Rodriguez, Academic; Taylor Selk, Academic; Ashley Tabon, Academic

Silver Lake High School: Morgan Athon, Academic and Presidential; Noah Cross, Academic; Dawson DeShazo, Academic; Paige Hallacy, Academic and Garvey; Caleb Kampsen, Academic; Ashlyn Lane, Academic and Presidential; Travis Thayer, Academic; Nicolette Womack, Academic; Carney Ziegler, Academic and Bryden

Topeka High School: Jayme Apodaca, Wiseman; Parker Arnold, Academic, Presidential and Wiseman; Randy Bailey, Wiseman; Molly Brace, Academic and Wiseman; Ailyn Castillo Najera, Wiseman; Dylan Cox, Academic and Wiseman; Ryan Ewing, Wiseman; Joshua Hanika, Wiseman; Jackson Hishmeh, Wiseman; Makynna Johnson, Academic and Wiseman; Zerul Kutina, Academic and Wiseman; Brenda Lopez Sanchez, Wiseman; Tiara Miller, Academic and Wiseman; Tyler Rodriguez, Academic and Wiseman; Yalitza Sanchez, Presidential and Wiseman; Leyla Solis, Wiseman; Maria Stanley, Academic and Wiseman; Austin Tillman, Academic and Wiseman; Jackson Woods, Academic, Garvey and Wiseman

Topeka West High School: Olivia Banzet, Academic, Presidential and Wiseman; Claire Bartels, Academic and Wiseman; Caitlyn Brucker, Wiseman; Andrew Dickes, Academic and Wiseman; Stephen Hockenbarger, Academic, Garvey, Presidential and Wiseman; Alexander Horvath, Academic and Wiseman; Andrew Horvath, Academic and Wiseman; Danielle Locey, Academic; Jaron McConnell, Wiseman; Reegan Miller, Academic and Wiseman; Audrey Steves, Wiseman; Andrea Suarez, Wiseman; Bailey Turner, Academic and Wiseman

Washburn Rural High School: Michael Anschutz, Academic and Garvey; David Artidiello, Academic; Braden Beal, Academic; Christian Book, Academic; Tyler Fiest, Academic; Malin Ferre, Academic and Presidential; Amelia Flores, Academic; Jessica Galvin, Academic and Garvey; Ethan Glendening, Academic; Connor Hess, Academic; BriAnne Hothaus, Academic; Talisa Hughes, Academic; Aaron Hung, Academic and Presidential; Petra Kleinschmidt, Academic; Melanie LaCasse, Academic; Jerid Ladson, Academic; Abigail Miller, Academic; Hannah Moeller, Academic; Savannah Moore, Academic; Kaitlyn Mummey, Academic; Dante Overbey, Academic; Tyler Palmer, Academic; Thomas Passow, Academic; Adam Rankin, Academic; Elisabeth Towns, Academic; John Wright, Academic

Scholarship Descriptions:

Bryden – The Bryden Scholarship is a $2,500 scholarship awarded to one freshman who is a Presidential Scholarship recipient. Students submit an essay in partial application for this scholarship, which replaces the Presidential Scholarship. To renew the Bryden Scholarship, students must maintain a grade point average of 3.25. 

Freshman Academic Scholarship – To qualify for Academic Scholarships, students must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

Garvey Competitive Exam – Garvey Scholarships, awarded to students with the highest scores on the Garvey Competitive Exam, range from $500 to $2,000. Students must have a minimum high school grade point average of 3.25 to register for the exam, which Washburn administers in the fall of students’ senior year. To renew the Garvey Scholarship, students must maintain a grade point average of 3.25.  

Presidential – Awarded to select students from each Shawnee County high school, the Presidential Scholarship is a $1,000 award. A student must have minimum grade point average of 3.5 and be nominated by their guidance counselors by February 15. To renew the scholarship, students must maintain a grade point average of 3.25. 

Wiseman – This $1,000 scholarship is awarded to select students who graduate from Topeka High School, Topeka West High School or Highland Park High School with a minimum grade point average of 2.00. To renew this scholarship, you must maintain a grade point average of 2.00. 


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