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May 2013 News Releases

Shawnee County area students receive scholarships to Washburn

Students residing in Shawnee County have been awarded scholarships by Washburn University. Students, who were able to attend, were recognized for their achievements at a recent scholarship banquet.

Students are listed below by their school and the scholarships they have been awarded.

Cair Paravel-Latin School: Joshua Copp, Academic, Garvey and Presidential; Rachel Orr, Academic and Presidential

Hayden High School: Austin Basso, Academic; Caroline Crawford, Academic; Kyndall Eakes, Academic; Marya Feldt, Academic and Presidential; Brittany Jarvis, Academic; Mark Konrade, Academic; Derek Meier, Academic; Jakeb Radmacher, Academic; Eric Schmar, Academic and Bryden, Sydney Schmidtlein, Academic; Lara Shufflebarger, Academic; Luke Smith, Academic; Skylar Smith, Academic; Tanner Triggs, Academic; Mariah Valdivia, Academic

Highland Park High School: Desiree Abbott, Presidential; Derek Harvey, Presidential; Claudia Hernandez, Academic; Aliyah Lacy, Wiseman

Home school: Lydia Gibson, Academic; Chloe Mooraadian, Academic

Rossville High School: Nathaniel Jelinek, Academic; Rebecca Sage, Academic; Taylor Tomson, Presidential; Alexandra Zlatnik, Academic and Presidential

Seaman High School: Meghan Budt, Academic; Jacob Chinn, Academic and Garvey; Garrett Greenwood, Academic; Anne Haskell, Academic; Sean Higley, Academic; Zachery Johnson, Academic; Ryan Kelly, Academic and Presidential; Emily Kyle, Academic; Brian Madeira, Academic; Lacy Miller, Academic; Corey Perkins, Academic and Garvey; Hannah Poort, Academic; Katelyn Rollins, Academic and Presidential; Shelby Ronsse, Academic; Tatiana Schafer, Academic and Shaw; Kennedy Schnieders, Academic; Nathan Stanley, Academic; Julie Ungerman, Academic; Mikayla Weible, Academic; Baylee Wells, Academic

Shawnee Heights High School: Camille Cortez, Academic; Julie Deshazer, Academic; Austin Dodds, Academic; Kendall Golder, Academic; Talin Golightley, Academic; Paige Hetrick, Academic; Treshon Ingram, Academic; Zachary Macke, Academic, Garvey and Presidential; Katherine Mathews, Academic; Edrea Meza-Zerlin, Academic; Breyana Miller, Academic; Katelyn Peele, Garvey; Reba Snyder, Academic; Casie Spangler, Academic; Catherine Steuart, Academic and Presidential

Silver Lake High School: Ian Kalas, Academic; Megan Lockwood, Academic; Peter Pfannenstiel, Academic and Presidential; Caitlin Renfro, Academic; Megan Warren, Academic; Ashley Webb, Academic and Presidential

Topeka High School: Miranda Figgs, Wiseman; Jessica Griffin, Academic and Wiseman; Sarah Horn, Wiseman; Kelsea Kirmer, Presidential and Wiseman; Rebekah Rogers, Wiseman; Cheyenne Rouse, Wiseman; Jasper Shrake, Academic, Presidential and Wiseman; Robert Zimmerman, Wiseman

Topeka West High School: Regan Barrow, Wiseman; Jasmine Brown, Academic and Wiseman; Maria Cabello, Academic and Wiseman; Antonio Camargo, Wiseman; Anna Carson, Wiseman; Brittney Childers, Academic and Wiseman; Kaitlyn Evans, Wiseman; Kelsey Farley, Wiseman; Cody Frost, Wiseman; Kelsey Hackett, Wiseman; Heather Hathcock, Academic and Wiseman; Isaac Hockenbarger, Academic and Wiseman; Joshua Karimi, Academic an Wiseman; Michaela Lewis, Academic and Wiseman; Marissa Mannell, Academic, Garvey, Presidential and Wiseman; Tyler Martinak, Wiseman; Bianca McClure, Wiseman; Danielle Phelps, Academic and Wiseman; Deborah Phelps-Davis, Academic and Wiseman; Gabriel Phelps-Roper, Academic and Wiseman; Kheryssah Resendez, Wiseman; Jannell Scheck, Wiseman; Matthew Seymour, Academic, Presidential and Wiseman; Clarae Simmons, Wiseman; Karlee Stallbaumer, Wiseman; Yun Hao Tu, Wiseman; Lana Turner, Wiseman;

Washburn Rural High School: Kerra Allen, Academic; Kelsey Anderson, Academic; Jared Barnes, Academic; Meghan Bitter, Academic; Eric Boman, Academic; Samantha Carson, Academic and Presidential; Marissa Dake, Academic; John Funk, Academic; Brendan Funk, Academic; Dalton Hane, Academic; William Hesse, Academic and Garvey; Adam Hunter, Academic; Ryan Johnson, Academic; Connor Kean, Academic and Garvey; Jordan Massey, Academic; Richard McDermott, Academic; Amadna McGuire, Academic; Luke Miltz, Academic; Rachel Payne, Academic; Brynn Riveland, Academic and Presidential; Krystin Rodriguez, Academic; Megan Roth, Academic; Mallory Shipley, Academic; Karson Slattery, Academic; Benjamin Stratton, Academic; Sarah Victory, Academic; Shelbi Wagner, Academic; Jennifer Wessel, Academic

Scholarship Descriptions:

Bryden – The Bryden Scholarship is a $2,500 scholarship awarded to one freshman who is a Presidential Scholarship recipient. Students submit an essay in partial application for this scholarship, which replaces the Presidential Scholarship. To renew the Bryden Scholarship, students must maintain a grade point average of 3.25. 

Freshman Academic Scholarship – To qualify for Academic Scholarships, students must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

Garvey Competitive Exam – Garvey Scholarships, awarded to students with the highest scores on the Garvey Competitive Exam, range from $500 to $2,000. Students must have a minimum high school grade point average of 3.25 to register for the exam, which Washburn administers in the fall of students’ senior year. To renew the Garvey Scholarship, students must maintain a grade point average of 3.25.  

Presidential – Awarded to select students from each Shawnee County high school, the Presidential Scholarship is a $1,000 award. A student must have minimum grade point average of 3.5 and be nominated by their guidance counselors by February 15. To renew the scholarship, students must maintain a grade point average of 3.25. 

Wiseman – This $1,000 scholarship is awarded to select students who graduate from Topeka High School, Topeka West High School or Highland Park High School with a minimum grade point average of 2.00. To renew this scholarship, you must maintain a grade point average of 2.00. 



Admissions office, 785-670-1030

Amanda Hughes, university relations, 785-670-2153