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May 2013 News Releases

Faculty granted tenure, receive promotions at Washburn University

The Washburn University Board of Regents granted tenure and approved a slate of promotions to several faculty at a recent meeting.

Granted tenure:

Rory Bahadur, School of Law

Sharla Blank, sociology/anthropology

Jeanne Catanzaro, School of Nursing

Carolyn Carlson, education

Erin Chamberlain, English

Liviu Florea, School of Business

Andrew Herbig, biology

Lori McMillan, School of Law

Gaspar Porta, mathematics

Susie Pryor, School of Business

Jennifer Wagner, mathematics

Mary Dorsey Wanless, art

Kerry Wynn, history

Promotions went to:

Rory Bahadur, School of Law, to professor

Alan Bearman, history, to professor

Carolyn Carlson, education, to associate professor

Liviu Florea, School of Business, to associate professor

Lori McMillan, School of Law, to professor

Tom Morgan, music, to professor

Kim Morse, history, to professor

Gaspar Porta, mathematics, to associate professor

Susie Pryor, School of Business, to associate professor

Bassima Schbley, social work,

Shaun Schmidt, chemistry, to professor

Azyz Sharafy, art, to professor

Ann Marie Snook, music, to professor

Lee Snook, music, to professor

Jennifer Wagner, mathematics, to associate professor

MaryDorsey Wanless, art, to associate professor

Kerry Wynn, history, to associate professor


(Dena Anson, 785- 670-1711)