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April 2013 News Releases

The Fabulous Jules Verne Film Festival set for May 3-4 at Washburn

The visions and talent of Jules Verne, a pioneer of the science fiction genre, will be showcased at The Fabulous Jules Verne Film Festival set for May 3 and 4 at Washburn University.

All events will take place in room 112 of the Henderson Learning Resources Center. No admission is charged.

Jules Verne (1828-1905), a 19th century novelist, the futuristic concepts of space travel and exploration under the sea in Verne’s work continue to make him the second most translated author in the world.

The festival schedule includes:

Friday, May 3:

7 p.m.:  “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” (1954), starring Kirk Douglas and James. Mason. This spectacular Technicolor version follows the tale of a group of men investigating the sinking of several ships at sea, only to discover that a gigantic undersea iron ship and its formidable captain are responsible.

Saturday, May 4:

10 a.m.:  Short Films by George Melies:  An examination of Verne books adapted for film by French magician and early filmmaker Georges Melies, such as “Trip to the Moon” (1902), “The Conquest of the Pole” (1912) and “An Impossible Voyage” (1904). Denise Morrison, Kansas Silent Film Festival mistress of ceremonies, will also show a clip from “Hugo” (2011), which profiled Melies and his studio.

1:30 p.m.  Salute to special effects fantasy filmmaker Karel Zeman (1910-1989), followed by his film,
 “The Fabulous World of Jules Verne” (1961), which deals with a young adventurer swept into an espionage plot involving the ultimate secret weapon being manufactured by devious characters on a remote secret island.

3:30 p.m.: “Journey to the Beginning of Time” (1964), follows a group of boys who are on an outing at a natural history museum when they discover a lost world of prehistoric creatures.

7 p.m:   “Mysterious Island” (1961), Verne’s sequel to “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.” The film follows a group of Union soldiers escaping a Confederate prison camp in the basket of a hot-air balloon. On the adventure, they discover a remote, uncharted island, populated by gigantic creatures, all the results of the experiments of a mysterious, unseen benefactor.

The event is presented by Washburn University with support from the offices of international programs and of multicultural affairs. For more information, contact Bill Shaffer at or call 785-670-1111.