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October 2012 News Releases

Women in Science Day at Washburn University, Oct. 9

The annual Women in Science Day is Tuesday, Oct. 9 at Washburn University.  The Women in Science Day brings 7th-grade girls to the Washburn campus for a day of science filled activities to inspire young women to continue taking math, science and technology classes throughout junior high and high school, so they are prepared to tackle college level courses in these subjects. Studies have shown that girls perform as well as boys in math and science throughout elementary school, but they begin to lose interest in these courses in junior high and high school.  In order for our country to be successful in the decades ahead, we need a talented and diverse group of people working in science, engineering and technology fields. Studies have also shown that the wage gap between the genders shrinks or disappears in science and technology fields.


9 a.m. “Matter, Mammals and Molecules: Adventures in Science Education,” Speakers: Theresa MacDonald, director of education, University of Kansas Natural History Museum, and Bekkah Lampe, museum educator and summer camp lead, University of Kansas Natural History Museum. (More information available upon request)

9:40 a.m.  Morning labs (details below)

10:45 a.m. “Mammals on Mountaintops,” Speaker: Hayley Lanier, mammalogist and postdoctoral fellow at the University of Michigan (More information available upon request)

12 p.m. Afternoon labs (details below)

Labs (more details available upon request):
Lab 1 – Who Dunnit? – A hands on look at forensic chemistry (rooms 108/134, Stoffer Science Hall)
Lab 2 – Volcanoes! (room 118, Stoffer Science Hall)
Lab 3 – Am I Related to THAT? Tracing our evolutionary history in the fossil record. (room 216, Henderson Learning and Resources Center)
Lab 4 – What’s in that Dirty Mouth? (room 124, Stoffer Science Hall)
Lab 5 – What Lies Beneath? (room 110, Stoffer Science Hall)
Lab 6 – Would You Drink That Water? (room, 130, Stoffer Science Hall)
Lab 7 – Everyday Super Powers! – Investigate the amazing world of reflexes (room 16, Stoffer Science Hall)
Lab 8 – What’s the Fate of that French Fry? (room 128, Stoffer Science Hall)
Lab 9 – Synthesis of a Frozen Colliod (or, Making Ice Cream)! (room 205, Stoffer Science Hall)
Lab 10 – Game Show Math (room 176, Stoffer Science Hall)
Lab 11 – Why Do You Run So Fast? (room 104, Petro Allied Health Center)
Lab 12 – Backward Archaeology (room 7, Stoffer Science Hall)
Lab 13 – Brr…It’s Cold Outside! (room 105, Stoffer Science Hall)
Lab 14 – Mussel Power (room 122, Stoffer Science Hall)
Lab 15 – Oceans, Weather and Climate (room 22, Stoffer Science Hall)


Karen Camarda, associate professor, physics and astronomy, 785-670-2145
Amanda Hughes, university relations, 785-670-2153