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June 2012 News Releases

Students inducted into the National Technical Honor Society at Washburn Tech

Washburn Tech has inducted 43 students into the National Technical Honor Society for the spring 2012 semester.

The National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) recognizes career and technical students who display outstanding academic achievement, meet high attendance standards, participate in service to the community, demonstrate leadership, and exhibit good citizenship.  To qualify at Washburn Tech for NTHS membership, students must have earned all A’s and B’s as grades, have at least 95 percent attendance, demonstrated leadership and community involvement, and be in the last semester of their technical program.  

The following Washburn Tech students inducted into the NTHS this spring are listed with their technical program and hometown. (If they are also a high school student, their home school is shown.)

Michael Annis, Auto Collision, Topeka

Kayla Arvidson, Child Care, Topeka (Seaman)

Jenna Bausch,  Graphics Technology,  Hoyt, Royal Valley

Kwaneka Bennett,  Medical Office Specialist, Topeka

Vicky Bergman, Medical Office Specialist, Lawrence

Kendra Besenyi,  Practical Nursing, Topeka

Jennifer Burkeen, Practical Nursing, Topeka

Justin Coffman,  Auto Service Technician, Berryton

Bethany Curtis, Graphics Technology,  Topeka (Washburn Rural)

Holly Dawson, Practical Nursing, Lawrence

Cair De Luney, Child Care, Silver Lake

Elizabeth Ditch,  Practical Nursing, Meriden

Joseph Gonzalez, Graphics Technology, Topeka (Topeka High)

Yvonne Griffin, Practical Nursing, Topeka

Angela Hall, Practical Nursing, Topeka

Lindsey Hinkle, Practical Nursing, Topeka

Jessica Hodson, Electricity, Heating and Air, Topeka                  

Benjamin Jackson, Advanced Systems Tech, Topeka

Andrew Jenkins, Automotive Service Tech,  Topeka

Kaitlyn King, Child Care, Topeka (Shawnee Heights)

Ashley Koch, Surgical Technology, Topeka

Jerry Lentz, Advanced Systems Tech, Valley Falls

Eugene Lillo, Advanced Systems Tech, Topeka

Nicole Mattox, Practical Nursing, Topeka

Brenda Montgomery, Medical Office Specialist, Valley Falls

Luke Parnell, Computer Repair and Networking, Topeka

Alicia Phillips, Business Administrative Technology, Topeka

Amber Poe, Practical Nursing, Topeka

Preston Robertson, Technical Drafting, Topeka

Keval Shah, Computer Repair & Networking, Topeka (Washburn Rural)

Montana Stapel, Medical Office Specialist, Topeka (Royal Valley)

Jamie Stauffer, Practical Nursing, Holton

Jason Sullivan, Advanced Systems Tech, Topeka

Brie Sutton, Child Care, Topeka (Topeka West)

Adela Tallent, Medical Office Specialist, Topeka

Brittany Tefft, Child Care, Topeka (Royal Valley)

Brian Tessmer, Automotive Service Tech, Topeka

Melanie Tucker, Surgical Technology, Topeka

David Vincent, Graphics Technology, Topeka

Abby Walker, Practical Nursing, Tecumseh

Michael Watson, Automotive Service Tech, Topeka

Allison Wilkes, Legal Office Professional, Topeka

Katelyn Winrick, Practical Nursing, Topeka

Washburn Tech offers 25 technical programs, most of which are about 48 credits in length, in one of five divisions – Construction, Health Care, Transportation, Human Services, and Technology.  In addition, short-term continuing education and custom courses are offered.  Washburn Tech serves post secondary students as well as students from 16 consortium high school districts in Northeast Kansas.  Through the Washburn Tech Consortium, area high school students have the opportunity to begin preparing for the technical career of their choice.  Washburn Tech students have the option of continuing for their Associates Degree and beyond.

To inquire about technical programs or future courses please contact Washburn Tech at (785) 273-7140 or visit our website

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Jonathan Wimer, Washburn Tech, coordinator of continuing education and marketing, (785) 228-6390