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Constitution Day Streaming Event in Mabee Library

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Mabee Library is streaming two Constitution Day presentations on Monday, September 18th at 11AM and NOON.

"Toward a More Perfect Constitution" presented by Dr. Larry J. Sabato
Two-time Emmy Award winner, political scientist and professor Larry Sabato will discuss how the three branches of government are interacting during the first year of the Trump presidency. The political process is in flux but the Constitution remains the constant rule of law. He may also address ways in which our local, state and national legislatures craft legislation that honor the Constitution while sometimes offering different legal interpretations of the Constitution based on different judicial interpretations.

"Grading the Framers: What the Constitution Got Right and What It Got Wrong" presented by Henry William (H.W.) Brands
Pulitzer Prize nominated historian and author Bill Brands will address the historical impact of decisions made by 18th century Constitutional framers and how the Constitution and decisions made then, impact present day society. He will also explore ways that the Legislative and Executive branches continue to pass legislation that requires interpretation of the Constitution by the Judicial branch. While there is no way to predict the future, he will demonstrate the ways in which the writers framed personal and civil liberties and the rule of law that continue to be relevant to issues that were unforeseen by our nations’ founders.