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Library Instruction Request Form

Please complete all sections of this form to request a library instruction session. Once your request has been scheduled, a librarian will contact you to discuss specifics. In order to best serve you and your students, library sessions must be scheduled at least a week in advance. If you have any questions about scheduling, contact Cal Melick (x1276).
* = required information

Part I. Your Class Information

* Instructor

* Today's Date

* Phone

* Email

Date/Time Requested for Session

Course Number and Title

Number of Students

Day and Time Class Meets

Is there a particular librarian you would like to request?

Part II. Your Assignment

Please describe the type of library research you are requiring of your students and what you are hoping your students will learn from this session. Students should be familiar with the requirements of the assignment before they come to a library instruction session. Success of any library instruction session is based on students having an actual research assignment and knowing what that assignment is before they come for the library session.

Part III. Instruction Session Options

Please mark the type of instructional session you are interested in. Be sure to notice time constraints!

1. Library Research Basics - 50 minutes
(no hands-on practice).

    1. Basics of library research
      Defining a topic
      Which sources to use when
      Developing a research strategy
    2. Finding books in ATLAS - demo only
    3. Finding articles - demo only

2. Searching Basics - 50 minutes
(includes some hands-on activities).

    1. Finding books in ATLAS
    2. Finding articles
    3. Ordering articles through Interlibrary Loan services (ILL)

Sessions 1 and 2 may be combined to accommodate longer class sessions.

3. Web Searching - 50 minutes
(includes hands-on activities).

    1. Finding useful Web pages
    2. Evaluating pages

4. Library Basics and Web Searching - 1.5 hours, min. (may occur over 2 sessions).

    1. Basics of library research
    2. Finding books in ATLAS
    3. Finding articles
    4. Ordering articles through ILL
    5. Finding useful Web pages
    6. Evaluating pages

5. Specialized sessions - (time requirements vary).

    Instructors work directly with a librarian to create sessions geared to specialized library assignments, to learn only a specific database, or to review unique resources.

Once you send the form, Cal Melick (x1276) will schedule the class and refer your request to the appropriate librarian. The librarian will then contact you to discuss your particular assignment and session. Give us a call if you have questions.