Conference and Guest Access

If your department is planning a campus conference/event requiring wireless access to the Washburn network please follow the procedures below. (Student organizations need to have the faculty sponsor make the request.)

For short events, guests only need to connect to the WashburnGuest network. Once connected they will need to open a web browser to register their device. Following registration your guests will have access for three days. After the three days of access they will not be allowed to connect for another three days. The WashburnGuest network has Internet access restrictions as well, only the following services are supported:

  • HTTP and HTTPS (Web Access)
  • SSH
  • FTP and SFTP
  • Most VPNs

If your guests will need access beyond three days for the event or additional Internet access, please contact ITS to get a ConferenceID. The ConferenceID will allow for full Internet access and will last until the time specified. Please contact ITS at least two weeks in advance of the conference/event by sending an email to wireless@washburn.edu. In the email, include:

  • The title of the conference/event
  • The starting and ending date/time of the conference/event
  • The name and email address of the person organizing the conference/event
  • An estimate of how many people will be using the wireless network

We will include instructions for using the ConferenceID in the response to the request.