Requirements for Construction of Official University Home Pages and Web Sites

  1. Information accessible from the home page must not infringe copyright. Any material provided (a) must be original, (b) must be in the public domain, or (c) you must obtain written information from the copyright holder to provide the material via the Internet.  State the copyright permission for materials other than your own.  Protect your original material by including copyright symbols in your documents. 
  2. The top level page of your website must include:
      a.  the full name of the person responsible for the page.
      b.  an email address link for the person in item a. for sending comments about the page.
      c.  the official Washburn University crest on the page.
      d.  a title (using the TITLE tag) which ends with ", Washburn University". Note that a trailer containing links to Washburn's homepage will automatically be added to the bottom of each of the pages on your site.
  3. Each page of your web site must meet ADA compliance standards for access by persons with disabilities.
  4. Each page of your web site must have a descriptive title (using the TITLE tag).
  5. If there is content on your web site that is date or time specific, it must be kept current.
  6. Filenames of files placed on university web servers must not contain spaces.